A window grille is an important part of window design where you must consider several factors when choosing the best grille for the window. The main function of a window grille is security which it helps to keep the intruders out. It also helps to eliminate the risk of anyone falling outside out of the window especially if the window is on a higher floor of a house or building. When choosing it, one must consider several factors such as durability, strength, cost, resistance to external temperature, and the kind of maintenance it requires.

There are several materials from which you can choose a window grille such as cast iron or wrought iron, mild steel, stainless steel, wood, concrete, and aluminium. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of using aluminium window grilles. Aluminium is a popular material of choice these days due to its apparent advantages but like any other material, there are some downsides to it as well. So let’s discuss the different pros and cons of aluminium grilles so you can make an informed decision on whether to choose this material or not. You can also hire a competent window manufacturer and supplier in Singapore like SG Gate Door Window who will guide you through the whole process and supply you with the best possible option.

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Advantages Of Aluminum Grilles

Aluminium is a popular material of choice when it comes to window grilles because of the elegance, sophistication, and neatness it offers. It can be used not only for grilles but for HDB metal gates, locks, and frames as well. It has several advantages which are discussed below.


Aluminium window grilles can be moulded and designed into various different patterns according to your choice. You can have geometric patterns, floral symbols, and basically any pattern of your choice in this kind of window. It also comes in various different colours from which you can choose your preferred colour. Thus, you can personalize your windows according to your choice to match your home’s interior and exterior design and give it an aesthetically pleasing look.

Light Weight And Durable

Aluminium is considered to be one of the lightest metals which makes it a good choice to be used for window grilles. It does not put much pressure on the surrounding structures so ensures better integrity of the whole system including the concrete and cement. Although lightweight, it in no way compromises security since it is highly durable and strong. It is easy to install and repair if required. Hence it offers security and durability in a lightweight option.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium is a very low-maintenance metal that can easily be cleaned by simply wiping it with a cloth. Although it has the tendency of accumulating dirt and dust, it can look as good as new if it is regularly wiped with a dry or damp cloth.


Contrary to popular belief, aluminium is a relatively cheaper material for window grilles when compared to other options. At first thought, one might think that it is expensive considering the amount you pay upfront but when compared with its long-term durability and low maintenance, the long-term cost comes down and makes it a much more affordable option. Its repair costs are also less. And since its installation is a relatively easy and faster process, contractors charge less for its installation. Therefore, in the long run, you save on its cost.

Rust Proof

Aluminium is a rust-proof material making it an excellent choice for window grilles. In the hot and humid climate of Singapore, only such a material will work which does not get easily affected by moisture and humidity. Hence, aluminium proves to be a good choice since it does not get rusted in rain and humid environments.

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Fire-Resistant To Some Extent

Aluminium is a non-magnetic material which makes it chemically stable and does not get readily ignited. In the case of a domestic fire, it is not much affected and helps stop the spread of fire just like fire-rated doors.

Disadvantages Of Aluminum Grilles

Apart from the many advantages of aluminium grilles, there are certain downsides to them as well. We will discuss them here in detail so that when the time comes for you to select a particular type of aluminium grille, you can assess both the pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

Bad Insulator

Aluminium is not a good insulator, thus it can easily transfer temperature and become too hot or too cold in the summers and winters respectively. When used for window frames, this will also lead to internal heat or cold loss resulting in energy inefficiency.

No Option To Paint It In Your Choice Of Color

Although aluminium comes in various different colours, once you select a particular colour for your home, you cannot paint it ever in any other colour. Sometimes, one wants to change the appearance of the windows and they might think of painting the window grilles in some other colour to bring about a change in its appearance. However, it will not be possible in the case of an aluminium grille. You will only have the option of changing the grilles with a new one which will obviously become a costly option.

Possibility Of Corrosion And Discoloration

Although aluminium does not rust, it does have the tendency to oxidize and corrode after a certain period of time. This can be a more evident problem in coastal areas where the moisture from salt seawater can hasten the process of oxidation and discolouration. This problem can be tackled to some extent by using powder-coated aluminium grilles.

Does Not Absorb Vibrations

Since aluminium is a lightweight metal, it does not absorb vibrations very well. Thus if you live in a noisy neighbourhood with lots of traffic, you may continuously hear your aluminium grilles vibrate against those sounds. When you come back to your home after a hard day’s work, you seek peace and quiet. In such a situation with all the vibrations, this can become quite disturbing and ruin your peace.

If you’re looking for an HDB metal gate or HDB main door, some ways to narrow down your search would be to match your HDB gate colour with your door, follow the current trendy themes for your metal gates and main door and choose the type of material for your metal gate such as mild steel and wrought iron. You can also find the perfect main door color according to Feng Shui.

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