Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home? Perhaps you forgot to take the keys while going out? Or you thought someone else had the keys while you went your way, and they didn’t have it either.

It is the worst-case scenario. Imagine being left outside and then hurriedly calling the locksmith. Nothing is worth that much hassle!

If you have ever been in the above situation, GDW has you covered. We sell revolutionary, smart access solutions, like digital locks and Biometric Gates. Chuck those keys away and elevate home security with digital locks for HDB Living. Say goodbye to bulky keys. You can open doors with the click of a button or a voice command on your phone. Who wants to waste time frantically searching for keys when you have digital access to your home?

Imagine you never have to worry about forgetting your keys again. Ever! GDW understands the importance of reassurance and peace of mind. We have cutting-edge gate solutions catering to the different needs of HDB residents. These solutions offer convenience and security for everyone.

Singapore is moving towards a more digital future and has embraced digital technology. GDW is proud of providing cutting-edge gate solutions that cater to HDB residents. The digital locks for HDB living will allow you to experience the convenience of a connected living space. Buy digital locks from brands like Phillips, Schlange, Hafele and more for the smart access solutions you deserve.

From mechanical locks to digital locks for HDB flats- Advantages of Digital locks

Homeowners in Singapore have come a long way. Initially, all HDB flats had mechanical locks. However, all that has changed with the help of keyless entry systems available at GDW. 

Digital locks have many advantages:

  • Digital locks are convenient and do not require physical keys.
  • Digital locks offer better security when compared to traditional mechanical locks. Burglars can tamper with mechanical locks. Digital locks protect your home from theft and vandalism.
  • It allows remote access for cleaning services and deliveries. Now, you no longer have to worry about being home in time just because the maid or the cleaning service is showing up.
  • Digital locks integrate with smart home systems, providing a seamless and convenient experience. You can sync the locks with a mobile application and operate the doors remotely.
  • Technical locks have diverse authentication methods that work with the help of number codes or passcode authentication, biometric authentication, and RIFD authentication.
  • The keyless entry system is cost-effective and easy to maintain, making it perfect for convenient HDB living. The locks are available at different prices to suit every budget and requirement.
  • The digital locks work with AA batteries that last a year and do not require maintenance. Whenever you schedule a maintenance, the experts will check the batteries for you.
  • Keyless systems are available in elegant designs and complement all HDB homes. You can check out the variety of products from GDW’s product catalogue.
  • Nothing offers total control over accessibility like the digital locks available at GDW. These locks are programmed to allow access to specific individuals, and homeowners have complete control over the accessibility.
  • It offers flexibility to residents by creating customized excess permissions unique to the needs of the residents. People can use pin codes or virtual keys on specific days or times.
  • HDB residents can experience several benefits while using keyless entry systems available at GateDoorWindow. The technology, safety, and convenience add value to the property. 

Types of digital locks for HDB flats in Singapore

Digital locks are convenient and provide secure access methods. The various types of digital access locks are

Keyless entry systems

There is no need to use keys, it’s a convenient and secure method for all HDB residents. The keyless entry system comprises fingerprint access with biometric sensors such as fingerprint readers, a highly secure access method. Users need to devise a unique code to gain access to their homes. Bluetooth technology enables smartphone access.

 There are certain drawbacks of the keyless entry system

  • Digital locks are expensive when compared to traditional mechanical locks
  • Digital locks rely on technology and require regular maintenance and updates
  • Keyless entry systems become useless during power outages

 Smartphone controlled locks

 Smartphone locks allow HDB owners to unlock the door with the help of smartphones and are highly convenient and flexible.

  •  It is easy to unlock the door with the help of dedicated smartphone apps
  • Bluetooth keys are also a smart solution

RIFD based solutions

RIFD cards use radio frequency identification technology and are convenient and secure.

  •  HDB homeowners can swipe their cards to gain access to the home
  •  Smartphones are used as RIFD cards as well   

 RIFD-based solutions are convenient and eliminate the need for mechanical keys. They offer a better level of security when compared with traditional locks, and users can grant remote access to other individuals, their cleaning services, or deliveries. RIFD cards are integrated with the smart home system to provide a seamless experience

Selecting the right digital lock solution for your HDB

Homeowners want to ensure their homes are safe. If you are worried about the security of your loved ones, you must be on the lookout for a high-quality digital lock.

· Consider compatibility with HDB doors. Go for a lock system compatible with your kind of HDB door. Not all doors and gates are the same. If you are unaware of the requirements for lock systems, contact a reliable door installer in Singapore to guide you in making the right choice.

· Purchase a lock system with innovative security features. Consider factors such as encryption, two-step authentication, and tamper-proof mechanisms.

· Instead of going with something completely tech-heavy, you might want to consider a more user-friendly solution that is easy to manage and use. Choose a lock with an intuitive interface and synce it with a user-friendly app.

· Always get a numeric access code for your digital lock. It is easy to install, though it might not offer extra security. You may have to opt for two-way authentication.

· Choose a lock customized according to your requirements. The system is compatible with other devices for future use. Digital locks are available in various designs, a lock that matches the design of your HDB gate.

· Always purchase a digital lock for HDB from a reliable door installer in Singapore. Check out the reviews and testimonials of previous clients.

· Always consider the price of the digital lock before purchasing it. The price range is anywhere from $200 to $1000. Instead of going for a low price, choose a durable lock with the right security features.

What are the best digital locks to buy in Singapore?

These are some of the most popular brands of digital locks available at GDW. You can either choose to go for a bundle deal where you get a gate/door plus lock of your choice or you can only purchase a digital lock. They are also offering a three/two-year warranty with the locks.

Samsung digital locks

Samsung locks are popular and have different locking mechanisms: push-pull, mortise, deadbolt and rim locks. These locks come with access codes, smart app integration, RIFD cards and a mechanical key. Some Samsung locks also have a built-in alarm system that deactivates the system in case of multiple attempts. 

Pros of Samsung digital locks

Samsung locks have sensors that can detect high temperatures and send alerts to the mobile app in case of a fire. The Samsung digital lock price can vary anywhere from $300 to $1000 and above, depending on the features they offer.

  1. Samsung locks are a good choice because they offer good value for money and have innovative and stylish features.
  2. The locks work with a number code and help keep your homes safe from burglars and vandals.
  3. Samsung locks offer better control, you can restrict access to who is allowed to enter your home.
  4. The locks come with automatic locking features

Phillips digital locks

philips digital lock

Phillips is a trusted brand in digital locks and provides a convenient way of securing your HDB apartments. Phillips offers its users a plethora of choices. You can unlock your doors with a passcode, fingerprint, and mechanical key. The locks are available in various finishes: black, polished black or satin nickel. Phillips series can store up to 200 fingerprints for easy access. An automatic locking mechanism allows the door to be locked easily. Popular Phillips Easy key models are 5100, 5100K, 6100, 7300, 9100, 9200, 9300, and DV001.

Pros of Phillips digital locks

1. Unlocks doors via fingerprint, code or key. The locks are quite easy to install. In fact, you can install it on your own instead of asking a professional to do it for you.

2. Available at different prices to suit every budget. The cheapest option starts from $299. It’s convenient and cost-effective.

3. Even the cheapest model can store up to 50 fingerprints or 20 pin codes. There is an option for voice commands, which help walk you through the process of adding codes.

4. It is touch-sensitive and responds well to even the slightest finger presses.

5. It can be linked to Alexa, you can have your lights turned on, once it is unlocked. It can be controlled remotely and can be connected to Google Assistant as well.

You can avail promotion package bundles from GDW that allow you to purchase a Phillips Easy Key and a Phillips door viewer for just a top-up of $350. You also get a three-year warranty with the purchase.

Kaadas locks

Kaadas Digital Lock

Sleek designs, easy installation and various access modes set Kadaas locks apart from other digital locks. With its cutting-edge biometric technology and Swedish FPC fingerprint sensors, These locks provide enhanced security for your home. Despite all these features, the locks are pretty much affordable, starting from $700 and above for a bundle of door + locks. Kaadas k30, kaadas k30 digital lock, Kadaas M9 and Kadaas K9 are great options. Although slightly more expensive than Phillips’s digital locks, Kadaas offers premium security and is a good choice when budget is not an issue.

Pros of Kaadas Locks

1. Multiple access modes enabled. Can be unlocked using fingerprint, passcodes and facial recognition. 

2. Unique combination of exceptional design and advanced security features. Durable and resistant to physical tampering. Casings are made from aluminium and alloy making it resistant to forced entry attempts.

3. Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries which have a longer shelf life. The facial recognition models however have a chargeable lithium battery to ensure optimal performance.

4. Convenient entry for individuals with faint fingertips. 

5. Kadaas locks are easy to install on all types of doors without requiring major modifications.

6. Can also be unlocked with a mechanical key

Hafele Locks

main door with gate and lock4

A well-known name in digital technology, Hafele is a renowned brand. Hafele locks utilize Bluetooth technology for its Hafele access mobile application. The locks are known for cutting-edge technology. Popular Hafele locks include Hafele lock GL5600, Hafele lock7600, Hafele PP9900

Pros of Hafele digital locks

1. Four types of access modes available- Keypad, RIFD card, Mechanical key and Blue Tooth enabled key.

2. Works with WIFI and has a hacking prevention system. It has five password settings- Permanent password, Period password, One-time password, Schedule password and Blue tooth key sharing

3. Four types of locking modes- Auto-locking, Manual locking, Privacy locking and Defense locking

4. Low battery warning. Now, you don’t have to fear being locked out during power outages because your battery life won’t desert you. 

5. Sleek and innovative designs available in attractive colours

Schlage locks


Schlage locks are technologically advanced and have an enhanced security system. The Schlage locks support deadbolts and levers, making them compatible with several HDB doors. The illuminated numeric touchpad makes it easy to enter code in the dark. It is easy to set up and operate with voice control. You even get an optional wireless remote key.

 Pros of Schlage digital locks

1. Voice guide for set-up. Easy to install with the help of a screwdriver. Can be installed directly over a variety of doors.

2. Intrusion alarm to ward off break-ins and theft attempts. 

3. Known for its durability and quality craftsmanship. Comes with a long battery life. You get to upgrade your doors without extensive modification.

4. Fingerprints swift unlock enabled

5. Can be integrated with a smart home system. Allows you to control the locks with the help of Voice commands or mobile apps.

6. User-friendly boarding pass feature allows guests to receive their entry codes in advance.

How much do digital locks cost       

Brands                                     Cost                                     Features
Phillips    Bundles from $998-Locks from $499 Available with three-year warrantyExtraordinary design, convenient, multiple protection
Kaadas           Bundles from $739-Locks from $299  Available with three-year warranty  Fingerprint sensor, parabolic design, automated lock body
Schlage                         Locks from $299             Available with two years warrantyBuilt-in voice guide, auto lock function, built-in alarm sensor
Hafele                         Locks from $549              Available with three years warranty Password enabled, fingerprint sensor, mechanical key available

Common misconceptions about Digital locks and security systems

Many people are wary when it comes to embracing technology. They are so used to the traditional lock method that the mere thought of a digital lock makes them think twice. 

Debunking the myths

· Digital locks are easy to hack: Digital locks are designed to prevent unlawful hacks and have an auto-lock suspension that detects intruders. The intrusion detection function is activated for multiple incorrect entries and suspends the digital lock for three minutes. It will trigger an alarm and make it difficult to force entry inside the home. A double lock function is handy and prevents intruders from opening the door from outside.

· Digital locks don’t work during power outages. Although smart locks, like several electronic devices, require power to run, it doesn’t mean they’ll completely fail when power goes out. Smart digital locks have built-in batteries that can help keep them running for months. Power outage problems don’t last that long. Even if the batteries deplete, these can be replaced with new ones or charged with a power bank.

· Smart locks look bulky. That is as far from the truth as possible. Most of these door lock systems are sleek and ideal for modern homes. Several homeowners in Singapore prefer a minimalist look that complements all door types. The Bosch digital lock EL800A and the Kaadas digital locks have classy designs and are available in various colour options like gold, bronze and copper.

· You might be locked out of your house if you forget your phone. That is so not the case. The locks have more than one way of unlocking. You don’t need a smartphone to unlock your doors. You can use a physical key to open the door. Using a PIN code, fingerprint, and a RIFD card are also options for homeowners.

· Digital locks are complicated to install. Installing digital locks is not a big deal. However, it will depend upon the smart lock technology that you have chosen. Several models are easy to install and place over the keyhole.

Digital access solutions available at GDW have enhanced HDB living. Embracing digital lock solutions allows you to experience a secure living environment. The advanced technology offers convenience and flexibility at your fingertips. Integrating a digital access system with HDB living allows residents to create a safe space for their loved ones. By implementing digital lock solutions, you can enjoy safety and security with convenience at your fingertips. If you are an HDB resident and want to upgrade to a digital and biometric gate lock system, contact us to experience the benefits of smart access.

You can also visit our website to learn more about digital locks and access solutions from different brands. Our specialists will help you choose a system that fits your budget and requirements. Don’t wait, upgrade your HDB living with help from the most reliable door contractors in Singapore.