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We provide HDB Fire Rated Doors and Commercial Fire Rated Doors of different fire rating standards.

Our doors comply with the authority’s requirement on fire rated door. We have plenty of options available, ranging from timber fire rated door to metal fire rated door.

Features: 30mins to 4 hours
Material: Timber to Metal
Addons: Customisable
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.


Here are our completed works featuring our top grading slide & swing doors which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more works from our Facebook page which we update frequently.

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Catered to doors in both residential units and commercial spaces. We also provide HDB main doorsfire doors and non fire rated doors. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

Doors are an important element of any house. Whether you have an HDB, condominium, BTO, or a landed property in Singapore, the doors in your house must be selected carefully to ensure that they not only provide you with the necessary privacy and security, but also be aesthetically appealing and functional to enhance the house’s outlook.

Gate Door Window is your one-stop solution where you will find everything you need regarding your gate, doors, and windows needs. With premium quality services that allow you to customize the products according to your needs and preferences, we offer you a hassle-free experience.

In Singapore, most homeowners are now shifting towards a minimalist lifestyle where each and every element of the house is sleek and functional. The same approach is applied in terms of doors as well where they want simple but convenient doors. One such door option is the slide and swing door. The slide and swing door is a great option for the kitchen, bathroom, or the store especially in an HDB or condo where you have limited space. It provides easy access and takes very little space in an efficient and convenient manner.

Unlike older versions of slide and swing doors as well as other swing doors, the new slide and swing doors are easy to operate and come in a variety of designs and styles. A slide and swing comprises two vertical panels with one of these panels connected to the hinges of the door frame. The other panel can slide over this panel to create a very sleek door. This door can then be swung through the hinges in any direction to easily open the door.

To close the door, it can be swung in its place where a powerful magnet at the top frame immediately holds it in its place from where the second panel can be slid back in its place.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Slide & Swing Doors

So why should you choose a sliding door for your home in Singapore out of all other options? The following benefits will help you get a better idea of why to choose a sliding door.

Aesthetically appealing

A sliding door creates an aesthetically appealing and elegant outlook that is unmatched. Normally, a sliding glass door is added for the balcony that helps increase the appearance of the space manifold. It adds a modern and stylish touch to the space and its different variations, designs, and patterns can blend well with the rest of the interior design theme to enhance the elegance vibes in the room.  

Gives a more spacious outlook

Since a sliding door easily slides on one of its panels, it takes very little space as compared to a traditional swinging door. This helps conserve space and gives an overall spacious outlook to the area. This is especially a very functional option for an HDB or condo where you have limited space and want elements that help make the area look bigger.

Lets in more light

A glass sliding door is a great way to let the natural sunlight enter the premises. Just like a window is used for the same purpose, a sliding door can be used in a similar way. But the sliding door can be as big as a complete wall, hence it gives you the advantage of letting even more light come inside.

Allows for increased ventilation

Since a sliding door can be of a bigger size, it allows for more ventilation when it is opened. Hence, it helps to keep the interior refreshed and ventilated by allowing maximum air flow.

Enables you to enjoy outside view

When a sliding door is used as a balcony door, it allows you to enjoy the outside view with a much vaster viewpoint. You can place planters and artificial grass on the balcony and enjoy this beautiful view from the comfort of your living room through these sliding glass doors.

Increased security

Contrary to common belief, sliding doors have become quite safe and secure. With the technological advancements in this field, sliding doors are becoming more and more strong and secure. With break-proof glass that is used in the door and highly efficient and technologically advanced locking systems, you can rest assured that the sliding door could not be tempered with to jeopardize your home’s security.

Slide and swing doors are available in a variety of design options and styles. Hence, you do not have to worry about them not looking good in your interior or not matching the general theme of the house. You can always customize this door and have it in your own choice of color and design style.


The main material of construction for this kind of door is aluminum. Even if some other material like frosted glass or fiberglass is incorporated in this door, the frame will be made from aluminum. This makes it a highly durable and versatile door that you can customize according to your requirements.

Tempered glass or fiberglass

One of the types of slide and swing doors that are becoming very popular among homeowners in Singapore are the ones that have an aluminum frame with tempered glass, frosted glass, or fiberglass in the middle. These glass sections can have any particular pattern, texture, or color of your choice; thus giving you the option to design your door as you prefer. You can also define sub sections in the door panels to give them geometric shapes and choose different materials for these subsections to create a unique and creative door.


Laminate or vinyl is another material that can be incorporated into a slide and swing door inside the frame. You can choose any particular color and pattern of laminate and use it in different settings of subsections in the door panels to create an elegant door.


Another popular design variation of a slide and swing door comprises a louver door design. Because of its unique design that allows ventilation and maintains air flow even when the door is closed, this style is a good option for bathroom, kitchen, and pantry as it helps keep the humidity at bay. These louver panels can be added as complete panels in the door or in smaller sections in the slide and swing door to create unique designs. You can even combine louver and fiberglass sections with an aluminum frame to create a beautiful door that helps enhance the aesthetic vibes of the room.

PD doors usually refer to sliding doors that slide along a track to open and close. On the other hand, a slide and swing door can be slid along a track as well as be swung along the hinges. A PD door usually requires a larger space since it comprises panels that can slide over one another. However, slide and swing doors are usually installed in smaller spaces as it allows for one panel to slide over the other and then this sleek door can be swung in any direction. Slide and wing doors offer much more convenience especially in smaller spaces whereas PD doors offer a large view across the room. Since PD doors are much bigger, they are also more expensive than slide and swing doors. Similarly, their installation is also relatively more complex.

Since most people live in HDB flats and apartments in Singapore, their bathrooms are also small and therefore, require simple and sleek bathroom doors. A slide and swing toilet door made from aluminum can be considered a good choice in Singapore since aluminum creates a durable and strong structure and the slide and swing design consumes very little space and acts as a much more convenient and functional option for a bathroom door. Since Singapore has a very hot and humid climate, a wooden door may not be a good choice as it will be prone to warp, crack, or expand in humid conditions. Aluminum serves as a good choice because of its water-resistant and low maintenance qualities.

A slide and swing door can last for as many as 30 years if they are maintained and cleaned regularly. Usually, these doors are made from aluminum which itself is a highly durable material. Furthermore, high quality materials are usually used for making the sliding mechanism that comprises roller wheels and tracks that ensures that the structure remains in good working condition for years. However, dirt and grime can easily get stuck in the guiding track and rollers. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure that the door lasts for years and you do not need to replace them.

Regular maintenance is required for any kind of door that you have but this becomes absolutely necessary in the case of a slide and swing door. As there are many moving parts in this door, one can understand how much dirt and grime can get accumulated in its tracks. In the absence of regular cleaning, this dirt can hinder the smooth movement of the door panels and they can get stuck. If the panels are tried to move forcibly, it can even damage the track and roller mechanism permanently which will cost you much more in repair and replacement. Therefore, its regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to ensure that the sliding door keeps working smoothly.

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