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HDB Main Gates

mild steel gates

Mild Steel

Our gates are of high quality and sleek workmanship, reducing on visibility of wielding and uneven joints. Materials finishing focuses on mild steel, makes our metal gates extremely durable. We provide customisation options as well.

Features: Powder Coated, Durable
Material: Mild Steel
Addons: Customizable
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.

Completed Gate Projects

Here are our completed works featuring our top grading door gate designs which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more HDB gate designs from our Facebook page.

Product details

Catered to doors in both residential units and commercial spaces. We also provide HDB main doorsfire doors and non fire rated doors. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

Types of HDB Main Gates We Provide

Here we list the types of gates that we provide at GateDoorWindow:

• Wrought Iron Gate
• Mild Steel Gate
• Aluminum Gate
• Stainless Steel Gate

We provide different types of main gates that you can choose for your home. Refer to our catalogue for full product previews. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Main Gates

If your gate is damaged or old, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Gates are responsible for the security of your time. Not only does a damaged or old gate cause issues for safety reasons, but it will also interfere with and ruin the aesthetic quality of your  wooden door.

Have your gate replacement done by professional gate contractors. An HDB gate that is not installed properly will bring you back to square one with similar issues – poorer security and aesthetics.

At GateDoorWindow, we manufacture and provide gates of different sizes and variants. Be it whether you are looking for a gate, or a commercial setting gate, we have a wide range of options readily available for you.

We offer reasonable gate prices for our gates in Singapore. If you have a design in mind, feel free to contact our professionals below and we can work on bringing your idea to reality.

All our gates can fit perfectly as HDB gates and main gates. Our team of expert wielders is readily available to help you with your demands and needs. Mild steel gate, wrought iron gates, aluminium gates, customised HDB gate design – nothing is off the table.

Out of all of these options, Wrought Iron Gate is the most common option and the staple option for most homeowners and units now. HDB Gates have usually wrought iron gates and many gate contractors in Singapore carry readily available HDB gate template stock.

Mild steel gates used to be the most common option but have been replaced by wrought iron gates due to the latter’s greater resistance to rust. 

Wrought iron gate also has an aesthetic value that makes it popular. Its simplistic and modern design suits many homeowners’ interior designs, especially when considering the popular interior design options in Singapore.

Wrought iron gate has more layers in its manufacturing process, making it less prone to rust as opposed to its counterparts. However, with proper powder-coated finishing, mild steel gates can compete for that characteristics as well.

The metal gate acts as a safety barrier if the main door is open. Gates allow light and winds to come into the house, lowering your home’s overall temperature. This is suitable, especially in Singapore, where it is humid and high temperature. Additionally, door gates can protect your house from outsiders. For additional security, why not install a digital lock as well?

Unfortunately, you are unable to remove the HDB door gate. However, you may consider hiding it behind a feature wall or blending it with the surroundings. This can be done by colouring the door gate a similar colour.

We are allowed to paint the gate. Many houses, including Condominiums with doors, gates, and door frames, need a new set of paint. This is due to their constant use, such as frequent opening and closing, causing the colour to wear off quickly.


Installing HDB door gates involves several rules, and there is no need for permits if you consider changing the metal door gate for HDB flat dwellers.

New BTO HDB flats would be given a standard fire-rated door and gate. It would be ideal to replace them together when renovating. Doing so would allow the respective interior designers to suggest the best door gate suited to the design of your house. Do take note that these changes made do not need a permit.

In Singapore, the HDB flats act under different fire safety standards. A fire-rated door will be provided if needed under the Fire Code. For instance, fire-rated doors would be given to flats where the main doors are within three metres of lift lobbies or staircases.

Quality Gate Installation & Replacement

We deliver what we promise with good before and after-sales service. Our pricing is transparent with no gimmicks or hidden charges. Do check out our reviews from our past customers.

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