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Our products are compatible for pet owners who are looking to customise them for their homes. This includes doors, gates and windows, with various features and designs available.

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We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.


From mesh gates to pet access door, our products are pet friendly and fully customisable. We put pet owners into consideration and integrate them into our products which are available for majority of the household pets. Please feel free to enquire our team for further assistance.

A Guide to Designing A Pet-Friendly Home

Some say you can’t have the best of both worlds, but it is possible to have an ideal home and a happy pet together. Keeping your home in tip-top condition amidst the company of a feline fellow or canine comrade (or both) can be hard work. With these six pet-proofing tips for the home, your furry friends can enjoy a safe and comfortable haven.

1. Ensure your front door and gate are pet-friendly

Sometimes, pets are easily aroused when they notice something enticing beyond the home. It could be a stray relative in the neighbourhood or your neighbour passing by. Such sightings get them all excitable, but this could mean potentially escaping from the home or leaving their claw marks all over your door.

Choosing a right front HDB door and HDB gate to protect your furry friend in the home is very important. To ensure compatibility of the front door and gate with your pet and home environment, have a word with your interior designer to create a custom-made, pet-friendly house front with suitable dimensions.

Consider a durable, scratch-resistant finishing for your doors. GDW’s laminate offerings include Premium and Arova High-Pressure Laminates that are manufactured to the highest standards, meaning they are both water- and scratch-proof. For the gate, select those with quality finishing for extra durability.

2. Install pet-friendly gates and sliding doors around the house

Apart from pet-proofing the front door and gate, don’t forget about the home’s interior. There are certain parts of the home you want to keep your pets away from, such as the kitchen when you’re cooking and the baby’s nursery if you have a newborn in the house.

Depending on your needs, mid-rise roller gates made of mild steel or mesh help keep your pets away from these “danger zones”. An ideal alternative to consider would be full-length sliding glass doors that allow you to be in full view of the adjacent rooms.

3. Keep things fun with pet door flaps

Do you want to give your pet the freedom to roam around the house even when you’re in a zoom meeting? Pet door flaps are the perfect solution. For chonky creatures, the pet flaps can be expanded to accommodate any type or breed of animal. These pet access doors barely sound and allow your pet to slink from room to room. More snuggles, less trouble, it’s a win-win situation for you and your pet.

4. Consider windows with narrow grilles

Suppose your pets enjoy spending time near the window while people-watching, make sure that they are as safe as possible for them. Opt for windows with narrow ceiling-high grilles and put up a layer of mesh. Not only does this keep your pets out of harm’s way, but the mesh netting also fends off unwanted bugs and pests from entering your home.

If you fancy dressing your windows in curtains and blinds, avoid those with long tassels and fringe as it can be a strangulation hazard for these free-spirited friends. Ensure that these excess cloths and adornments are tied up and tucked away in an obscure corner that’s beyond reach.

5. Invest in digital locks

Traditional mortise locks and thumb press locks might seem like fun and games for your pet as they constantly try to reach and fiddle with the handles. However, it might not be a pragmatic choice since they might be subject to mechanical wear and tear over time with their twiddling. Consider swapping out these conventional door knobs and handles with digital locks. Digital locks boast anti-sawing, prying. and collision properties and have embedded auto-lock features. These modern installations have extremely sleek and ergonomic designs, complementing your home’s aesthetic while making it more liveable for you and your fur pal.

 Browse our wide range of residential and commercial digital locks here.

6. Pick out viable and long-lasting materials for your furniture

Sometimes, removing stubborn paw prints off your freshly washed bedsheets could be a dreadful nightmare. The smallest of scratches could also leave your expensive sofa defaced. To prevent such incidences, always use removable fabrics that can be washed easily. A light, neutral sofa fabric resembling your pet’s fur colour would also mean the stray furs are less visible. All you have to do is light cleaning with a lint roller to eliminate the loose furs clinging onto your sofa.

The recommended materials for sofas and armchairs would be canvas or microfibre. These textiles are known to be highly durable and can resist scratches and tears. Stains on canvas and microfibre sofas can be removed easily. Plus, they are more affordable than their leather counterparts, which are far from scratch-proof. 

When selecting the correct bedding, pet owners should consider linen or cotton bedsheets as these can last longer and trap less fur due to the woven strength of the material. Avoid velvet or silk bedsheets as these attract and retain your furry companion’s shedding, making cleaning a big hassle.

At Gate Door Window, we focus on turning your dreams into reality. If you’d like more varieties of fire-rated doors, main gates, HDB bedroom doors, digital locks, or window aluminium grilles, talk to us by either emailing or calling our office number today. We’ll provide you with advice and more design, and material ideas to build your dream home!

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