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Frequently Asked Questions

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What other products does your company promote, apart from gates, doors and windows?

We promote digital locks, door frames, slide and fold doors, bi-fold doors etc.

Do your products come with warranty? 

Yes, there is 1 year warranty against labor and manufacturing defects for gates and doors; 5 years warranty against labor and manufacturing defects for windows and grilles.

What are the materials used for your products? 

Doors are FULL SOLID Timber, with laminate finish. Gates are made from mild steel, with powder coating finish. Windows and grilles are made of aluminum.

How do I determine the size of my main door and/or gate when I want to request for a quote?

You may take a photo of your main door and/or gate and send it to our sales team. We will advise you accordingly. For HDBs, majority of the main doors and gates are either 3×7 feet or 4×7 feet.

Are your products ready-made?

No, they are not. All our products are customized.

Can I buy my own ironmongery or customize the products?

Yes, you may! Kindly speak to our sales team to find out more.

Can I change the opening position of my main door or gate or request it to be a single panel?

It depends. Kindly check with our sales team and we will advise you accordingly.

Do you have pets friendly bedroom doors, gates and window grilles? 

Yes, we do have customized bedroom doors, gates and window grilles that are pet friendly.

What are some of the additional costs, or special items that owners can add on for? 

For doors, owner may request for special laminates, handle bar, special lock sets etc. For gates, owner may request for kick plate, side panel, additional digital lock backing etc. For windows/ grilles, owner may request for powder coating, additional tracks, special materials etc.

What is included when I place my order?

Your order is inclusive of delivery, supply, installation, as well as, removal and disposal of the existing doors / gate / window / window grilles. There are no hidden charges unless there are special requests. All necessary ironmongery are included as well.

What is the lead time for your products? 

Lead time usually ranges from 7 to 10 days. It may be extended due to peak period or unforeseen circumstances. 

Can I request for a specific day and time for my installation to take place? 

Yes, we will do our best to arrange the installation slot at your convenience. Our installers’ schedule is however based on locations to increase efficiency, we may not be able to give you an exact timing for the installation.

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