Mild steel is considered a popular choice of material among HDB gate manufacturers in Singapore. With a wide range of construction materials to choose from, ranging from iron to wood, the process of selecting a particular material for a gate or door may become overwhelming.

However, this guide discusses everything you need to know about the most popular material in the market today: mild steel. Gate Door Window in Singapore offers a wide selection of mild steel gates. But you may wonder what mild steel is and why you should choose it.

After going through this guide, you will know exactly what mild steel is, how it is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the reasons why it is a good choice for HDB gates. All this information will put you in a better position to make the right decision when choosing gates for your home.

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What is mild steel?

Mild steel is one of the major types of steel used in construction, the others being stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and others. Mild steel is composed mainly of iron with very few percentages of manganese, carbon, copper, sulfur, silicone, and phosphorus. The carbon in mild steel enhances the properties of pure iron.

However, as compared to other types of steel, mild steel has much less composition of carbon and other alloys, making it more weldable and machinable. Because of its machinability, affordability, and weldability, this type of steel has increasingly been used in construction, agricultural and automotive equipment, gates, plumbing, poles, and machinery parts.

How is mild steel made?

Mild steel is made by heat-treating pure iron to increase its carbon content. As the carbon content increases, the steel becomes harder but less ductile. Mild steel contains less carbon, making it more ductile and weldable. It is made by first mixing coal and lime with iron ore followed by adding alloy elements to further reduce carbon contents. The steel is then ready to be molded into the desired shape.

Properties of mild steel

Mild steel is considered one of the best options for gates and doors due to its following properties:

  • Because of its low carbon content, mild steel is highly machinable. It can easily be cut and molded into any shape or design.
  • By adding certain alloy elements such as chromium, cobalt, phosphorus, and manganese to mild steel, its weldability can be increased.
  • It has a high tensile and impact strength.

Why choose mild steel for gates?

Mild steel is widely used in construction and for the manufacturing of machines, pipelines, poles, cutlery, cookware, fences, gates, doors, and others. Although there are other materials that may be used for gates and doors, homeowners in Singapore now prefer mild steel gates to other materials. Why? The following advantages make it clear why it is a good choice of material for HDB gates.

Advantages of choosing a mild steel gate

There are several advantages of choosing a mild steel gate when you are choosing a gate for your home.


Compared to other steel forms, mild steel is relatively less hard because of its lower carbon content. However, this lower carbon content does not compromise the durability of the product. Lower carbon content makes it easier to form and shape the element according to your requirements and the result is a highly durable and customized door. Mild steel is also resistant to rust and can withstand extreme temperatures and climates, making it highly durable and long-lasting.

Greater options to customize

Mild steel allows you to create intricate designs and shapes for your gates and doors because of its high ductility and malleability. It can easily be welded without much resistance. You can customize it according to your choice to create attractive and elegant designs that can help your door stand out. With new and innovative laser cutting technologies, a mild steel door can offer you with greater flexibility to create jaw-dropping gates and doors.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Although the main purpose of a door is to provide safety and security to a home, nevertheless it is prudent that the door is of such a material that does not require lengthy and sophisticated maintenance. Mild steel is the perfect answer in this regard. Not only does it not absorb dirt and dust, but it is also much more resistant to stains and smudges. Moreover, you do not need over-the-top cleaning supplies to clean it. Just the usual cleaning supplies and equipment will do the trick in effectively cleaning and maintaining it for years to come.


Mild steel gates are also quite cost-effective as compared to their counterparts. The low carbon content makes it quite lightweight and malleable. Hence, it cuts down the price of manufacturing as the gate can easily be molded and welded in the desired shape with lesser effort. Also, since it is easily cleaned and maintained, the cost of maintenance also decreases. So not only are these gates affordable in terms of manufacturing, they are also extremely cost-effective in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Recyclable material

Another important advantage of mild steel is that it is 100% recyclable. That means it can be recycled again and again into the same material to create different products. So when you buy a mild steel door, you not only get a high-quality door that provides safety and security but also plays your part towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Other properties

Mild steel has a high tensile strength that provides ample flexibility for it to be designed, cut, and shaped according to preferences. It is a lightweight material, so it becomes a good choice for doors. Moreover, the light weight puts less pressure on the hinges, resulting in lesser maintenance over time. The high durability and longevity of this material make it quite convenient for homeowners in Singapore to choose it for their HDB gates and doors.

Disadvantages of mild steel

Although the pros of mild steel doors conveniently surpass the cons, there are a few disadvantages that one must be aware of before making a decision of whether they want a mild steel door or not.

  • Mild steel gates can become dented if something hits them with force which can result in their outer coating or paint being chipped off. This exposed part of the gate can then start to rust, especially in high-moisture and humid areas like Singapore and cause damage to the gate.
  • Mild steel is heavier than wood and PVC, so its gate is definitely heavier than the other types.
  • Mild steel gates can be more expensive than wood, laminate, or PVC gates.
  • Mild steel has lower carbon content, so it is relatively less hard than other types of steel. When compared with them, mild steel gates provide lesser strength and durability.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is mild steel good for gates?

A. Yes, mild steel is one of the best choices for gates because of the strength, durability, and affordability that it offers. It is the cheapest form of steel, so a mild steel gate is less expensive than other types of gates.

Q. Can mild steel gate rust?

A. Since it is a form of steel, it is prone to rusting. Although a protective coating of paint can offer considerable protection from rusting and corrosion, if the paint gets chipped off, the gate can start to rust.

Q. Is mild steel stronger than wood?

A. Mild steel doors can be considered stronger than wood doors and timber doors because of their inherent strength and durability. Although wood can also be treated to withstand enormous amounts of stress and compress under pressure, it can be affected more by weather changes. This makes steel stronger and more durable than wood when compared in the long run.

Q. Which is stronger: wrought iron or mild steel?

A. Mild steel gate is stronger than wrought iron gate because of the alloy carbon added to it. Mild steel doors can resist damage and withstand extreme pressures. However, if the wrought iron is damaged, the break occurs gradually over time, giving you enough time to repair it before it damages completely. Mild steel, on the other hand, breaks immediately without any warning in case of a powerful blow. Hence, you end up paying much more for repairing all the damage. You can also check out our other article that compares the differences between mild steel gates to other materials like stainless steel.

Q. What type of gate is best for entrance?

A. HDB doors serve various purposes, the number one of which is providing safety and security to prevent any intruder from breaking into the house. Hence, strength and durability is the first requirement for an entrance door. Moreover, an entrance gate or door is also the first impression that one gets when entering the house, therefore, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive. The second requirement for an entrance door, therefore, is to be designed beautifully and attractively. Both these major requirements can be met by mild steel since it offers the required strength and durability as well as allows users to customize it in any color, shape or design. Hence, a mild steel gate can be considered the best type of gate for entrance.

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