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We provide top grade HDB wooden doors to our valued customers. Materials finishing focuses on laminates which are scratch resistant and water resistant. Most common choice of door by designers.

Features: Scratch Resistant, Water Resistant
Material: Wood Laminates
Addons: Fire Rated, Dimension Changes
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.

Completed Solid Wooden Door Projects

Here are our completed projects featuring our top grading wooden doors, made from high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more of our works from our Facebook page.

Services Provided

Make sure that your doors are properly installed to avoid any form of disappointment or inconvenience. Talk to our professional contractors today. If you are looking a door supplier in Singapore, check out our homepage. 

Designing HDB main doors in Singapore may not be a common theme to talk about, but you can always discuss with our team to get the door that you want.

Customise your bedroom doors according to your liking.

The opening and closing functions of doors must always be performed flawlessly. If not, your doors could end up being stuck and lock the room on its own. If you find your door getting stubborn and difficult to open or close, consider consulting with a contractor or expert.

It is never wise to delay your door’s repair and replacement. Doors act as links between rooms and hallways. The continuous usage of doors will definitely deteriorate their quality and ability to function. There are instances whereby doors should be replacement as soon as possible.

  1. Cracks and Warps
  2. Ventilation issues
  3. Gaps in the door that causes wind drafts
  4. Visible damage and blunt force
  5. Damages to door handle and hinges
  6. Outdated Design

Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Wooden Doors

High-quality products for your HDB main doors. Fireproof or non-fire-rated, we have it as well. In addition to residential units, we cater to commercial spaces as well. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

Wooden door bundlesPrice range
Main Wooden door & gate$1,188
Solid Wood door, Gate & Philips Digital Lock$2,188 ~ 2,888
Wooden door, Gate & Hafele Digital Lock$2,088
Main Wood door, Gate & Schlage Digital Lock$1,999
Wooden door, Gate & Kaadas Digital Lock$2,088
Wood door, Gate, Bosch & Hafele Digital Locks$2,488

Solid wood is strong by nature with a firm feel, therefore sturdy and weather resistant. A solid wood door is known to add value to a home according to buyers due to its ability to provide a high level of security and long-lasting composition. Note that wooden doors are unsuitable for toilet doors as they will be affected by water.


  1. Very strong, solid and sturdy
  2. Adds value to the resale value of your home
  3. Good fire resistance
  4. Good insulation


  1. Expensive
  2. May go out of shape due to the changes in humidity level

Solid core wood doors such as timber doors are also known as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). They are engineered wood products made with wood fiber from breaking down hard and softwood. Following this, the fiber is glued together with wax and resin adhesive. Compared to plywood, MDF is a level above it. They are denser, stronger, and more durable. Thus, it has mostly characteristics similar to a solid wood door and can be found in many households.

MDF wood doors are heavier in weight and cut to provide a high level of privacy, noise control, and a touch of elegance. They can be used for HDB main doorsbedroom doorstoilet doors, kitchen doors to fire rated-doors. Thus, solid core doors can be your best pick which fits perfectly in between the other two alternatives. Looking for door designs to match your your home’s aesthetics? From HDB door design trends, to the best feng shui colors for your door and even trendy themes for your main door and metal gate, we have everything you need to know before choosing the ideal door.


  1. Cheaper price point than plywood
  2. Smooth surface throughout without any woodgrains and knots
  3. Consistent surface, without splinters or voids
  4. Good fire resistance
  5. Good insulation
  6. Vast design selections


  1. Heavy in weight

Hollow Vs Solid Core Door


Hollow core wood doors are made of plastic or paperboard core with wooden shells. Mainly used for interiors only such as bedroom doors. They can be commonly found in new Build-To-Order flats in Singapore as they are light in weight and easy to install. One way to know if it’s a hollow core door would be knocking on the door and you can hear a distinct difference when you do it on solid core or wood doors.


  1.  Least expensive
  2.  Light in weight, easy to install


  1. May feel cheap/ low in quality
  2. Does not provide enough insulation against elements and is easy to break
  3. Poor resale value
  4. Low in fire resistance


One of the most common woods in interior and exterior doors production is oak. Its noble light brown color with a yellow tint is optimal for producing residential and office doors. Oak is a durable wood resistant to decay; hence, it retains a presentable appearance for decades.


Hornbeam is distinguished by its high hardness and resistance to decay. Light wood with a characteristic greyish-yellow hue has optimal viscosity and an unusual pattern. Hornbeam products look impressive, and such doors will be appropriate for offices, conference rooms, and luxurious living rooms.


Natura beech can be mostly seen in the production of elite interior bedroom doors. Its delicate pink shade with small dark patches fits into almost any interior. To achieve high performance of the doors from beech, they should be thoroughly dried and treated with protective compounds.


Another popular type of hardwood used for door production is ash. Its beautiful natural pattern allows it to produce mass-produced products and exclusive models. This type of wood has high hardness, strength, and pleasant yellow-white color. Ashwood doors are often covered with colored lacquers, which makes it possible to emphasize the unique texture of the wood. Ash is resistant to decay and abrasion, which makes it very practical and durable.


Maple is also another common hardwood used in door making. Its characteristic brilliance and light shade with pink spots can be easily distinguished. Maple is quite resistant to scratches and requires little maintenance. Its durability and niche look make it quite expensive compared to other woods.


A popular material for making doors is walnut. It attracts buyers with its original natural pattern and wide tint palette, which includes light and rich dark tones. Walnut wood is durable and resistant to abrasion.


Cherry wood is considered inexpensive and beautiful. The wood has a reddish-brown color, a distinct natural pattern, and medium hardness.  It is often used in the production of interior doors for residential premises. Cherry doors will look great in country style and eclectic interiors.


Traditionally, doors for saunas and baths are made from linden. They are highly resistant to moisture and have unique properties to purify the air, it is characterized by low thermal conductivity. Using such doors in residential premises is possible only after applying surface treatment with certain protective compounds.


This type of hardwood, according to experts, is the least suitable in door making. However, it can also be found in the domestic market. Its soft texture requires long-term treatment with various chemical compounds though poplar wood doors are considered one of the cheapest. When it comes to their service life, it usually does not exceed 10-15 years.


Cedarwood doors are expensive and are very limited on the market. This is because its unique natural pattern and noble shade of texture make cedar doors exclusive. Cedar tends to purify the air and has high decorative properties. Cedardoor is usually covered with transparent varnish to emphasize its natural beauty.


Larch is considered one of the most durable tree species. Doors made of it are resistant to scratches and high humidity and do not require special care. The creamy brown shade of this wood will look lovely on the modern interior.


Many types of pine are used to produce entrance and interior doors – especially varieties with a classic light yellow tint. Exclusive models are made from ore pine, which has an unusual red color with orange veins. Pinewood doors are reliable since they can resist well to decay and moisture. The low cost of wood and its availability makes it possible to manufacture doors on an industrial scale.


Spruce wood has a noble pattern. The wood is suitable for producing interior doors that require the application of protective varnishes and other coatings.

Types of rare wood

Let us take your attention to rare wood types. It does not mean that if they are unique, they will be expensive. There are affordable options too.


Ebony wood’s black or dark green shade attracts exclusive door producers. Ebony doors will organically look in baroque and modern interiors. When working with ebony, special attention must be paid to processing. If done so, the ebony door will serve you long with its durable and strong properties.


The solid light brown or pinkish shade of this tropical plant can be used in almost any interior. Its durability makes it one of the best woods for making doors.

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