Social media, magazine issues and many other platforms are rife with designs that are in trend at the moment. This includes door designs, which should not be overlooked as they can make a striking first impression on your home, especially when it comes to your main door. If you’re in need of inspiration for your HDB gate and HDB main door, check out this article ‘Trendy HDB front door and gate themes‘.

Painting can give you a quick and easy method to add a sense of personality to your home, and one way to upgrade the look of your house is to paint the HDB main door.

Here are some current door design trends that you can consider when designing your home.

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Personalise your design.

Whether it’s a classy glass door, a uniquely patterned wood door or a gigantic door, you should be given the option to create a dream door that is accurate to what you want. There are plenty of ways you can personalize a door to make it such that you can uniquely call it your own.

As doors are the first part of your home’s design that guests see, it can create a deeply lasting impression. As such, large doors have become part of the trend right now to make a grand entrance. If you are looking to add more lighting to your space, as well as add a bit of colour to your surroundings, you can consider adding a decorative glass option that has glass with colour.

With over a thousand options to choose from and plenty of customisable designs available, any homeowner is sure to find the right fit of door design for their own personal taste.

Don’t be traditional.

Multi-functional door designs such as slide and swing doors are becoming more popular recently. Compared to the less exciting design of a traditional door that swings out, unique designs like sliding doors and pocket doors are gaining popularity.

They can be used in different parts of your home, from your bedroom door to the washroom toilet door, and can help to add your personal style and charm to the design of your home. In modern designs, a pivoting door located at the entrance has also become rather popular.

Emphasise clean and sleek lines.

Contemporary interior design is fluid and flexible to change. However, one aspect that stayed in the design is the emphasis on clean lines. Flush doors are an example of this design aesthetic and can provide your home with a clutter-free and unique look and complement your window grille design choice. You can go for materials such as aluminium for your window grilles or kitchen doors!

You can personalise your flush door by picking the type of wood that goes into the design. This includes different layouts or incorporating multiple wood textures to create a door design that is truly one of a kind.

Wood is Good

Wood doors are a classic design choice for almost any home. Just like snowflakes, which are unique in each of their designs, each wood door design is unique and natural – a perfect addition to your home. Wood doors are also extremely durable and versatile in their design uses. There are even timber fire-rated door variants.

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Wood doors are available in a variety of colours and can be stained to take on a darker colour based on your preference. Whether it’s a barn-like aesthetic or a grand double door, wood doors can fit into several different types of homes.

Factors that Can Affect the Overall Condition of Your Doors

The performance of doors may not solely depend on their material, but it is a huge contributing factor to their service life. Doors that are made to be durable have material that can withstand and resist heat, moisture and blunt force. Dust, dirt and stains may also compromise the structural integrity of doors.

Poorly maintained doors have their security aspect compromised. This affects their quality and usability. That being said, no amount of cleaning and maintenance can help doors challenge the test of time and prolong their service life indefinitely. 

Ageing of doors weakens their durability and function, making it an immediate priority for homeowners to make the change.

Installation of doors, if done poorly, can also lead to a poor condition of your door. Consider hiring a reliable and professional door installer to assure your installation needs are carried out dutifully. A perfectly installed door can grant homeowners better cost savings, lesser worries and longer service life for your door.

Replacing Your Door

Whether you are replacing the HDB main door due to aesthetics or functionality, it is important to know that your next front door should be a huge upgrade.

Here are five things to consider when hiring a handyman to replace your front door:

  • Material – The choice of which material you want to use is a crucial decision when you change your door. The exterior door will usually be made of either wood, fibreglass or metal. Each material comes with its own benefits and costs.
  • Lock. Doors locks are commonly overlooked and forgotten. You have to consider – do you need to change your digital lock? Re-install the same one? Or upgrade to a keyless digital lock? Do you need an additional aspect to your door security? Your door also has to provide you with sufficient privacy. Pay extra attention to the material and door openings that might affect this aspect of your door.
  • Aesthetics – What first impression do you want your home to give your visitors? Does it mix well with your window grille? Customised front doors can give your home a different unique vibe to your home. You can consider changing the design of your toilet doors to complement the main door too. Embrace and dive into the various colours, frame designs and materials available for you.
  • Budget. There are so many different types and options for homeowners. However, they will float at different price points. Take a few moments to assess the flexibility of your budget before making a purchase.


A front door should add value to your home. Together with the metal gate of your choice, homeowners should utilise its material to give their home the best value in terms of security, aesthetics and durability.

Of course, aesthetics matter but make sure the above are ticked off your list before making a purchase. With so many different types on the market, choosing the right design will definitely be tough – homeowners may face decision paralysis! After all, the front door is one of the first things people see and a wrong choice can ruin curb appeal or even take a chunk off your home’s selling price.

Hopefully, this article helped narrow down your choices.

Talk to our professional door suppliers at GateDoorWindow to help you with any further enquiries. We’ll offer you advice and more design ideas to build your dream house!

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