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Ten years ago, when technology was not yet so mature, digitalized locks for the home were considered futuristic technology that only the rich and powerful could afford. Today, things are very different: smart locks have become mainstream and more common. They have countless advantages. Read on to find out why they are a must-have for your home.

Multiple access modes available

Forgot your keys? You’ll never have to keep yourself out of your home again! Different locks have different access mechanisms, ranging from fingerprint sensors, PIN codes, and Bluetooth-enabled keys to RFID or card identification. Most have multiple access modes, so over time, you will find one or two methods that work best for you.

Fingerprint sensors

main door with gate and lock4

Fingerprint sensors are considered the most secure access method and are arguably the most convenient – you always have them with you. As fingerprints are unique to each person, you can rest assured that your home is always secure. You no longer have to worry about forgetting (and resetting) another password! One consideration is that initial enrolment can take some time as the biometric details of all members of the household need to be registered. Also, this access mode may not be helpful for people with sweaty palms or health problems where fingerprints cannot be taken.

PIN codes

If you thought digitalized locks could only set a single, standardised six-digit code PIN, you are wrong. Many can set temporary PIN codes that work for a set period of time. Recurring PIN codes that work on a specific day of the week are extremely useful if you have regular visitors to your home, such as a part-time cleaner.

Are you afraid of password peepers? The Philips EasyKey 5100 has enhanced its capabilities with a Fake PIN Code function. It allows you to enter random number combinations as long as you enter the correct password after the other to protect it from being read by others.

Bluetooth-enabled keys

Want to unlock your door for a friend who is picking up something from your home? You can unlock the door via your smartphone app even if you are out and about. Apps have undeniably made our lives much more convenient; the same goes for Bluetooth-enabled smart locks. You can access the many functions and customisations via the app.

RFID or key card identification

Instead of rummaging in your pocket for a bunch of house keys, a physical card or RFID sticker that you can keep on your phone or in your wallet is much more convenient. They allow easy one-touch access, but be careful not to misplace these items.

Enhanced speed and security

Detractors of smart locks will argue that these systems are easy to crack. However, this is not the case, as many implements advanced anti-hacking technology. Also, you can easily change the pin code or fingerprint if your home or property is at risk. You do not have to replace the entire system. This is helpful if the property has been compromised or you simply want to restrict access to certain people.

These super-secure mechanisms reduce the likelihood of a break-in to virtually zero. Alarms are triggered when suspicious activity is detected, such as unusual tampering or prying movement on your door. Most also have an automatic locking mechanism with the deadbolt once the door is closed.

With a digitalized lock, you can enter and leave your home or office more quickly. This is because electronic keys have a certain degree of autonomy. This is good, especially if you are in a hurry. That is because most are automatic. Electronic RFID locks, for example, open when you approach the door. The RFID tag in your key card will be recognised from a short distance away and opens the door.

With a Super C grade lock cylinder that uses sophisticated anti-theft technologies, the Philips EasyKey 6100 is able to provide better reliability and peace of mind against pickers.

Convenience at your fingertips

Since most of them can be monitored and controlled via an app downloaded to your smartphone, you have access to them at your fingertips!

As humans, we have an endless amount of information to process and store in our brains every day, but by nature, its capacities are limited and can let us down from time to time. Sometimes we forget to take our keys out, or they might accidentally fall out of our pocket if we are not careful. That is where electronic locks come in – accessing your home now becomes a seamless process with fast and accurate recognition via biometrics or PIN. Say goodbye to the days when you had to unlock with a physical key.

They are very adaptable to your lifestyle. If you have many friends and receive many deliveries, you can authorise access remotely. It depends on the type you use. Systems such as pin code systems are particularly convenient when granted remotely access.

This convenience does not only apply to homes. Business premises can also become more convenient. Commercial spaces, such as offices, to which several people have access, benefit from a system that does not require keys.
In addition, you can set up temporary access codes. Temporary codes are essential, for example, when hosting parties, waiting for deliveries, etc. This is both a security and convenience feature.

Simple yet modern designs

This may seem superficial, but for homeowners seeking a consistent interior design concept, even the smallest details must match the rest of the house. Compared to bulky metal locks, electronic locks have sleek, fashionable curves that enhance the elegance of your front door. They are available in various colours for you to choose from. Browse our wide selection of electronic locks.

Also, traditional padlocks tend to rust over time, leading to mechanical problems, such as the key breaking off while unlocking. This can be frustrating, especially if you are stuck outside your house and have no other way to open your door.

Without sacrificing functionality, smart locks are the preferred choice for many homeowners looking for something secure, convenient, and stylish. Before choosing, consider which model best suits you and your family. You will not regret the switch once you have experienced the wonders they bring for your home.

Digital locks are durable

Their popularity can also be attributed to their durability. Most manufacturers invest a lot in quality as they improve the security and style. It is necessary to consider the style while maintaining the functionality.
Digitalized locks are less likely to wear out. For one, they are made of durable materials to enhance security. In addition, these materials, such as metals, do not rust and are scratch-free, making them ideal for front doors. The durability comes from the fact that only a small amount of force is required to open a door.
Durability is advantageous in many ways. For example, it does not need much maintenance and does not lose its value quickly. Therefore, they are the best for commercial properties such as HDB flats.

The Kaadas R6G looks stylish, and it’s also durable and highly secure for your front gate.

Batteries make digital locks self-sufficient

As you can imagine, they require a power source to function. Fortunately, they require very little power, which can be supplied by 1.5 volt batteries – AAA. However, some rely on other power sources such as electricity.
These batteries are of high quality and can provide power for a relatively long time without discharging. Also, some are equipped with rechargeable batteries and will notify you when the batteries are running low.
The sustainability comes from the fact that batteries made of lithium are environmentally friendly. Lithium is considered less toxic and is therefore harmless when recycled. This means that by using digitalized locks, you are contributing to a sustainable environment.

Combined multiple locking and unlocking options

One of the beauties of electronic locks is the availability of multiple locking and unlocking mechanisms.

The Hafele PP8100 has Fingerprint, Card, PIN, and Key access modes

A pin code can also be set up for an electronic fingerprint lock. Both can be used either simultaneously or in parts. Such a function increases security and offers convenience at the same time. So you can either activate both mechanisms to increase security or the one that is most convenient for you.
This is one feature that makes them perfect for homes with many occupants, especially children. You can activate a less complex locking mechanism for your children. This ensures that the children can enter the house without making it vulnerable to outsiders.

Built-in intelligent functions increase security

The possibilities are endless. The industry is constantly evolving and adding new features to improve security and style. Smart functions are a good example of these locks’ handy and practical smart features.

They can be equipped with cameras to record background activity and an intercom to talk to the people inside. Using mobile apps also allow you to control them remotely. These features increase suitability and security.
Another practical, innovative feature is the emergency call. This function is located on the lock or in the mobile app. You don’t need to be told how helpful such a feature is for your home.

The security of home is an important element that you consider when designing or renovating your home. But gone are the days when there used to be traditional locks on your main doors and other doors of the house. This is the era of digitization and technology and this has been implemented in terms of door locks into digital door locks. A digital lock ensures a keyless entry where there is no hassle of looking for the keys around you and no fear of the keys getting lost. A digital lock also has many advanced features such as remote locking and unlocking. And it is just as safe as a traditional lock. Instead of a key, you need a pin code, fingerprint, remote, smart phone, or any other similar option to open it depending on its make and model.

When it comes to digital locks in Singapore, Philips EasyKey can be considered one of the best options out there. If you want to change the locks of your home to the Philips EasyKey ones, you can contact a premium supplier in Singapore like SG Gate Door Window Supplies who will give you the many different options of digital locks that you can select from. In this article, we will be discussing the various different options in Philip EasyKey digital locks along with their different features in detail. This will give you an idea of what each lock’s pros and cons are so you can select the one which best suits your requirements.

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Philips EasyKey 5100

The EasyKey 5100 model features a simple and compact design which can be fit on any type of door. You don’t even have to remove the previous handle of the door. The lock is aesthetically pleasing since it is thin and compact made of a zinc alloy. It can be installed and fixed easily by replacing your older one whether it is a split lock or the spherical lock. This lock uses three types of identification methods namely fingerprint, card, and password. It takes less than 0.5 seconds for the identification process to be completed. For the fingerprints, it takes into account the human skin temperature and capacitance value making it almost impossible for any kind of forging or imitation. This lock also features the fake PIN code which allows you to enter random number combinations when you may feel that someone is trying to peep and steal your actual password. But you have to enter the real password as well along with the fake PIN codes to grant access.

Lock 2

Philips EasyKey 5100K

This lock is essentially for gates where it offers many types of identification methods including fingerprint, PIN, key tag, remote control, mechanical key opening, and through app in the smartphone. It also features a thin and sleek design that can enhance the appearance of any interior. You can also find the fake PIN code feature in this lock where you do not have to worry if someone tries to see what code you are inputting. There are indicator lights on the lock for low battery, mute status, loc status, and other notifications. It has a human voice guide which can be muted if you want no such disturbance. It comes in only one black colour.

Lock 1

Philips EasyKey 6100

The EasyKey 6100 is a push-pull door lock that combines style and elegance with functionality and convenience. Now, you do not need to worry about keeping your keys safe since apart from the mechanical key, you have the option of fingerprint, card, and PIN code identification. It features a fully automatic mortise which allows the deadbolt to pop out automatically when the door is closed. It also features an alarm that notifies you if the door is not locked properly. This lock is extra convenient since its fingerprint sensor is directly on the push-pull handle so that when you hold the handle, your finger automatically falls on the sensor and it identifies you in less than a second. It has several alarm modes such as anti-prying alarm, outside forced lock alarm, and anti-theft mode alarm.

Lock 3

Philips EasyKey 7300

The EasyKey 7300 looks like a typical door handle with a number keypad on its upper part. It employs 4 proof durable mortise with anti-prying, anti-dismantling, anti-sawing, and anti-collision functions. It is made of stainless steel which offers durability and strength. It comprises a C-grade lock cylinder with an indoor fast opening mortise ideal for an emergency escape. It employs all the usual digital locks verification methods including fingerprint, PIN code, and mechanical key. It works in the manual as well as automatic mode. It can be installed on any type of door whether wooden, copper, or security doors. It comes in two different colors: black and copper.

Lock 4

Philips EasyKey 9100

If you want an even more stylish lock that can create a statement in your interior, then the EasyKey 9100 is just the right option for you. It is a push-pull lock where you simply push or pull the door instead of rotating the handle, thus ensuring a fast and intuitive experience for you. The best part about the 9100 is that the lock is in rest mode, however, when it senses human presence through heat, it automatically wakes up and the keypad gets lit. Therefore, you don’t have to manually activate the system; the system automatically senses you and allows you to get identified within seconds without any hassles. It features automatic mortise with the spontaneous deadbolt popping out when the door is closed. It allows fingerprint, PIN code, card, bluetooth, and mechanical key identification.

Lock 5

Philips EasyKey 9200

The EasyKey 9200 is all about its ergonomic design and streamlined body. Combining these aesthetics with the state of the art dual verification and Bluetooth cloud unlock, this lock is the lock of the future. The 9200 is perfect for the main door since it offers two-step verification in which you can choose any two of your preferred options from fingerprint, password, and card. Although this increases the verification time a few more seconds but ensures foolproof security. The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the push-pull handle at the most convenient position. It also features the safe handle function which you can enable when you lock the door when going outside. This will, then, not allow the door to open from the inside resulting in better security and anti-theft performance. It has alarms and indicator light options to make your experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

Lock 6

Philips EasyKey 9300

The EasyKey 9300 is a highly convenient smart lock that features instinctive fingerprint verification, a fully automatic switch, and an infrared sensor. It is also linked with the IoT gateway that enables you to view unlocking records remotely along with giving you the option of giving out a one-time PIN over the gateway. Its smart app also takes photos or videos from the door viewer which are then uploaded on the app from where you can view them from any place. Through the touch sensor and infrared sensor, you can conveniently open the door with just a touch of your fingertips. The usual features of a fake PIN code, super C grade lock cylinder and a fully automatic mortise are also present in the 9300. It has a human voice guide that can be muted as required. It comes in black and copper colours.

Lock 7

Philips EasyKey DV001

The Philips EasyKey DV001 is a 170° wide-angle lens camera that has state of the art features such as noise cancellation, infrared night vision, and artificial intelligence human body detection that records and enables you to see the visions in front of your home to ensure greater security and safety. It can be magnetically fixed on any wall from where the images are uploaded on your app through a 2MP camera. The unit has a 5.0 inch IPS LCD screen with a touchscreen option. It features a body induction alarm and an anti dismantling alarm which will give a voice alarm if the subunit is removed from its position. With built-in storage of 4GB along with cloud storage, you need not have to worry about making space for new videos and images. There is also a built-in high sensitivity microphone which allows for two-way communication. Thus, it is a must-have for your home if you seek ultimate security and safety.

Lock 7

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