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HDB Bedroom Doors

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Wood Laminates

We provide top grade doors to our valued customers. Materials finishing focuses on laminates which are scratch resistant and water resistant. Most common choice by designers.

Features: Scratch Resistant, Water Resistant
Material: Wood Laminates
Addons: Fire Rated, Dimension Changes
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.


Here are our completed works featuring our top grading bedroom doors which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more works from our Facebook page which we update frequently.

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Catered to doors in both residential units and commercial spaces. We also provide HDB main doorsfire doors and non fire rated doors. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

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Make sure that your door is properly installed to avoid any form of disappointment or inconvenience. Talk to our professional contractors today.

Designing your doors in Singapore may not be a common theme to talk about, but you can always discuss with our team to get the door that you want.

Customise your bedroom doors according to your liking.

The opening and closing functions of doors must always be performed flawlessly. If not, your door could end up being stuck and locks the room on its own. If you find your door getting stubborn and difficult to open or close, consider consulting with a door contractor or expert.

It is never wise to delay your door’s repair and replacement. Doors act as links between rooms and hallways. The continuous usage of doors will definitely deteriorate their quality and ability to function. There are instances whereby doors should be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Cracks and Warps 
  2. Ventilation issues
  3. Gaps in doors that cause wind drafts
  4. Visible damage and blunt force
  5. Damages to door handle and hinges
  6. Outdated Design

HDB Bedroom Door Measurements

Most Singaporeans stay in HDB flats. However, each HDB flat is different in size and measurement for its bedrooms. Each frame for the entrance to the house varies in terms of measurement.

Knowing your bedroom door measurements is important. You can find out more about your HDB door dimensions by talking to your contractor, or measuring it with a measuring tape.

For HDB flats, the measurement for doors would be 33” and 84” in length and height respectively.
For BTO flats, the measurement of the frame is slightly bigger, at 36” and 84” respectively.

You can browse our catalogue for the available doors. Alternatively, you can check out our promotions and bundles.

Types of Bedroom Door Frame

Door frames are used to support the weight of the door hinges.

HDB flats these days are built with a metal door frame that is installed during the construction process. This metal frame can be replaced by wooden frames, to complement the interior design genre of the house.

The thickness of HDB door frames ranges from 34mm to 38mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bedroom Doors

It would be ideal for you to think about your budget, floor space, sound insulation needs, and individual preferences when selecting your bedroom door. You may consider having more fancy designs such as barn or french for your master bedrooms. Simple flush and panel doors would be suitable options for smaller bedrooms.

The average cost for replacing a closet or bedroom door ranges from $100 to $300 for labour. For doors, it costs between $50 and $500. Ultimately, the final HDB room door price would differ based on the type, frame, trim replacements, and fitting.

For bedroom doors, the standard size would be 32-inch in width and 80-inch in height, with one and three-eighth inches of thickness. It is usually 60, 64, or 72 inches for double doors, but there is no standard thickness.

The HDB room door price for replacement ranges from $450 to $700. If you want to select an affordable price for a bedroom door, you can consider having class doors. These doors are commonly installed in houses such as HDB flats, condominiums, apartments, and landed properties.

The ideal type of door would be solid wood doors. This is because they are perfect for soundproofing. Additionally, they have a cosy, natural look, and can easily coordinate with your furniture. Furthermore, classic wooden doors have weights not found in solid core or hollow core fibreglass doors.

There are many different bathroom designs that you can adopt in Singapore. For example, you can adopt a more minimalist look by ensuring little to no clutter in your bathroom. Other designs include Scandinavian and vintage designs.

The average cost of replacing bathroom or bedroom doors ranges from $155 to $688. For sliding cosets, French, or double doors, replacing them would be between $383 and $1,711. Typically, the prices for doors only would be from $50 to $500, and the labour costs range from $100 to $300.

How to Pick a Suitable Bedroom Door? 

1. Select The Best Material

Bedroom doors in Singapore may come in different materials. Wooden doors and timbre doors are popular options as they do not warp easily, even in a warm climate country like Singapore. Steel doors, on the other hand, introduce a modernised metallic look that is unparalleled in nature. However, being metal products, they remain prone to rust and corrosion.

2. Take the Mainstream Selection

If you are not sure what HDB door design you want for your bedroom door, choose the commonly selected options. Whether if it is a wooden or metallic door, pick a door of popular material, colour and texture. Consult our professionals and we can help you create a door that will fit into a wide variety of designs for your home. 

A bedroom should be a relaxing and safe space.

If your door design and colours are too bold and bright, it can often cause unneeded distractions and draw you away from the peaceful solace of your bedroom. Hence a classic design is almost always the safest option to fall back upon. The design of a door can be enhanced with digital locks too.

Read more: Latest Types of Home Digital Locks In Singapore [Updated 2023]

3. Contemporary HDB Bedroom Doors

Contemporary Interior Design is a popular option for Singapore homeowners. Many HDB homeowners fancy the clean and sleek lines that are usually employed in this interior design genre. For a contemporary bedroom door design, you can personalise doors with organic materials such as glass or marble tiles to create a unique and one-of-a-kind bedroom door.

Frost glass doors are another option to help increase the amount of privacy for your bedroom. They are often available in many designs and have customised patterns to help you have better control over the type of HDB bedroom doors you want.

4. Multi-use Bedroom Doors

While the traditional approach has always been a linear one, multiple application doors are becoming increasingly popular. New home designs and remodels begin to introduce various applications to the house.

Sliding doors are a common feature to be incorporated with bi-fold doors and pocket doors. Half sliding doors are becoming more of a norm in order to save precious home space.

5. Customise the Outlook of Your Door

When you choose a personalized, high-quality door from us, you can expect it to stand the test of time. Apart from the size, shape, colour, material and design of your door, you can still have a very large range of options to customise your door.

With virtually endless possibilities for door design, it can be slightly overwhelming for homeowners. You might face decision paralysis. Hence it is important for you to contact door professionals to guide you on your door design journey. You will also have to take into account the design and colours of your HDB main gates that is in front of the door. 

6. Save Space with BiFold Doors

Installation of custom bi-fold doors is a viable option for homeowners that are looking to save space and create more storage area for their home needs. Bifold doors are suitable for toilets too because they have a slim profile in the way they open and fold, which can help you optimise for an HDB home that has limited space.

Hinged doors, a common option, on the other hand, has lesser room for space-saving. However, they are easy to find and install and can hold significant aesthetic value, due to the common nature of hinged doors. They look to be in their natural habitat, no matter which interior design they are in.

Sliding doors are inspired by Japan, with the most popular sliding door being the Japanese shoji. Recent years have seen Thai and Korean sliding doors introduced into the market to revolutionise the door design industry. Sliding doors create a larger door area and space for you to move around, as compared to hinged doors.

7. Get the Right Dimensions

When choosing the best bedroom door in Singapore for your home, you must obtain the exact dimensions of your door opening and space allowance. There are instances where homeowners would miscalculate and provide the wrong dimensions of their space allowance and end up with a door that is larger than the allocated area. This could lead to disappointment and delay in project deadlines.

Without knowing the required door size, you easily risk wasting your time, money and effort. Hence, the exact dimensions of your internal doors must be considered and obtained before committing to a door purchase. 

The height of your door can be obtained by closely measuring the left, centre, and right portions of your existing door frame. The width can be investigated by measuring horizontally at the bottom, middle, and top of the door frame. Any discrepancy across the three portions is a worrying symptom of your door frame is expanded, damaged or misaligned.

The door frame could be installed poorly or the material could have to suffer from damage due to the constant opening and closing action of the door. This is extremely common for hinged doors.

8. Consider the Door Swing

For sliding doors, consider the swinging direction of the door as it can affect the space and layout of the room. Doors must swing and open without knocking into other furniture. Bedroom doors are worthy of a closer look as the bedroom is likely to be placed with plenty of furniture.

In choosing the door swing, you must consider the preferences and habits of the homeowners and inhabitants, to ensure they are able to get used to the function of the door. Doors can swing right-handedly or left-handedly. A word of caution to avoid allocating door swings to narrow hallways or crowded, furnished areas, especially for fire-rated doors.

Internal doors of home properties are designed to provide privacy and control over rooms, hallways and spaces. Almost all areas of the home are integrated with doors to effectively separate the spaces of these rooms from others. Doors exist to complement the appearance and design elements of the home and rooms that they are responsible for covering.

It is important to care for and protect your doors. For more quotations on doors, feel free to contact us today. We provide high quality doors, gates and window products to homeowners in Singapore. 

There are many more varieties on HDB main gates, HDB fire-rated doors, HDB bedroom doors, digital locks for your homes or window grilles in Singapore. Contact us via email or our office number to learn more about them. We would love to offer advice and ideas on the design and materials to create your dream home!

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