Are you building a new home or renovating an existing one? The design of the interior doors, especially the bedroom doors, should also be a top priority. Although bedroom door design may seem like a small detail you can neglect, it contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics, functionality, and privacy of your space. Install a functional and stylish bedroom door, and you can transform your bedroom from ordinary to charming.

That said, what are the best bedroom door designs in Singapore to create the right ambience in your home? This article will answer that question. At the end of the article, you’ll have no problem choosing a bedroom door design that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Top bedroom door designs

There’s a wide range of designs for your bedroom doors, from simple to bold. Some of the best bedroom door designs include:

Classic dark-coloured laminate bedroom door design

This bedroom door design uses a dark-coloured laminate door and a light-coloured frame to create a double contrast with the wall. The interplay of contrasting elements makes the space feel more visually engaging and sophisticated.

gdw black bedroom door5

The bedroom door design features a dark-coloured laminate bedroom door with a completely smooth and flat surface. The dark hue gives the door a uniquely elegant and exotic vibe. Combining this with the minimalist flush design makes the door perfect for modern and contemporary interior designs where simplicity is valued. Pairing the dark-coloured bedroom door with a light-coloured frame creates a beautiful contrast that draws attention to the elegance of the door. Creating a second level of contrast by choosing a door frame colour that stands out from that of the wall adds more visual interest and will make the space feel more sophisticated.

You can customise this contemporary bedroom door design to your heart’s desire by choosing from a variety of laminated door finishes. You can also choose from several dark colour tones for the door and light colour tones for your frame.

Modern bedroom door design with soothing light-coloured door

This modern bedroom door design uses a light-coloured bedroom door in a soothing shade of sand to create a visual expansion, making the space appear larger than it is.

gdw beige bedroom door7

Light-coloured modern design interior doors are excellent for many of the trending interior design styles in Singapore, including minimalist, Scandinavian, and contemporary designs. This bedroom door design uses flush oakwood doors that come in a light, soothing shade of sand. The natural grain patterns of the oakwood add texture and visual interest to the door, while the sand tone evokes a sense of calmness and serenity that gives the bedroom a cosy feel.

The door merges into an almost-similar-tone door frame. Contributing to a streamlined, polished appearance that makes it perfect for modern and minimalist styles. Whether you use this bedroom door design idea in condos or smaller HDBs, the light-coloured bedroom doors can create an illusion of more openness, making the room appear larger than it actually is. You can customise this stylish modern bedroom door design in different ways. For example, you can choose a door in pure wood or laminate. You may also choose different grain patterns.

“Inconspicuous door” minimalist bedroom door design

This minimalist bedroom door design blends a plain door and frame with the wall to create a clean and modern design aesthetic.

gdw white bedroom door4

In this design, a classic white-coloured bedroom door with a timeless plain design is paired with a thin white-coloured door frame, forming a visual unit that blends with a white wall to make the door and frame almost inconspicuous. The consistent colours convey a sense of elegance and sophistication, which makes the design perfect for high-end and luxury interior designs. But there’s more!

This minimalist bedroom door design helps you highlight specific aspects of your interior. This is because since the door and frame are relatively inconspicuous, they become less of a focal point, allowing other design elements (such as artwork and architectural features) to take centre stage. This “inconspicuous door” minimalist design is one of the interior styles for making a room appear larger, as it visually expands a space in two ways. First, consistent colour choices can also create an illusion of continuity, reducing visual interruptions to make the space appear larger. Secondly, the design comes in white, and light tones create an illusion of more openness.

The door and frame are available in a variety of materials, allowing you to customise your “inconspicuous door” minimalist bedroom door design. You can also choose from a variety of light colours (whites, creams, or light greys).

Simple but stylish bedroom door design with straight-line carvings

This bedroom door design is a good example of the “simple yet stylish” trend, as it is a classic/flush door that adds visual interest using clean, straight lines. You want a more interesting flush door. But you don’t want the door to lose its classic smooth, flat surface. What you seek is this simple yet stylish bedroom door design.

It features a compact flush door with three clean and straight lines (a horizontal line about 150mm off the top, another horizontal line about 150mm off the bottom, and a vertical line about 150mm off the edge of the handle side). The simple straight lines add visual interest to the otherwise plain door, giving it a sleek and modern look. Also, the lines appear dark in the light-coloured door and (together with the dark handle and thin frame) create a beautiful contrast that further enhances the door’s beauty.

There is no end to customising this simple yet stylish bedroom door design to match your taste. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and finishes (know that many wood materials and finishes come with unique grain patterns that will add more visual interest to the door). You can choose how many lines the door features and where they should be positioned.

Classic Victorian design with panel doors

This classic and timeless design adds more details to your door, giving it an elegant and traditional look.

victorian bedroom door

Victorian design became popular during Queen Victoria’s reign in the UK. Design elements like panelling, moulding, glass insets, and carvings characterise it. Know that it is a timeless design, as it can easily be adapted for a modern look. This Victorian design (pictured above) is a wooden door design for a room with four graceful panels. The panels are flat, giving you a sleek look, and the top of the two upper panels tapers to form acute angles, adding visual interest to the design.

Though the panels are simple, they add more detail to the door, making it more visually appealing and contributing to the bedroom’s overall aesthetic. The white colour of the door and frame adds to its elegance and makes it even more luxurious. You have many options to choose from when customising panelled doors. Besides the type of material, you can choose raised panels for a more traditional look. You can also experiment with the number of panels, their configuration, and detailing options.

Modern bedroom door design with top-hung sliding door

This modern bedroom door design uses a sliding door instead of the traditional swing door, creating a sleek aesthetic and allowing for a smooth and effortless operation when opening or closing the door.

sliding door

Modern inventions are about making life easy, right? In the world of doors, the sliding door is one of those inventions, as it effortlessly glides when opened or closed.

This top-hung bedroom door is suspended from a track mounted on the top of the door frame, so it glides horizontally along the track instead of swinging open. The tracks are hidden from sight, allowing for a clean look, and the door has an elegant teak finish, enhancing the beauty of the bedroom. The sliding door design for bedrooms is excellent in areas with limited space, where the swing of a traditional hinged door may be obstructed. This makes it a popular HDB bedroom door design idea in Singapore.

In fact, the bedroom sliding door design is becoming very popular in Singapore in contemporary interior designs to create a clean and minimalist look. You can customise your sliding door design by choosing from various door wood materials, finishes, and lock types.

Double-door bedroom door design with laminated finishing

This double door design uses a solid double door with laminated finishing to offer a wider entry space, allowing you to make a grand entrance into your bedroom.

black bedroom door

If you’re looking for the perfect master bedroom door design, here it is—the double door design. A double door is exactly what it sounds like—a set of two doors hinged on opposite sides of a door frame that meet in the middle. This allows for a wider entry space than a single door.

This double-door bedroom door design (pictured above) features a laminated double-leaf door, meaning the two doors of the set are equal in width and have an elegant laminated finish. The door is smoky-black, which makes it look even more elegant, while the smokiness adds visual interest. If you want an elegant entry into your master bedroom, this bedroom door design is for you! When settling for two doors for your bedroom, customising options include using wood material, different colours, louvred double doors, and more.

Solid classic door with fluted glass panel

This design adds glass insets and panels to the classic double door, creating a classy bedroom door that allows for a grand entry.

classic bedroom door with glass panel

If you want an even more classy and functional design with a double door, look at this bedroom door design idea! Each door in the set adds visual interest with one smooth panel and one inset of fluted glass above it.

Interestingly, you won’t be sacrificing privacy because fluted glass has vertical grooves that give it a textured look to provide privacy. Moreover, the glass’ textured look adds visual interest to the door, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the bedroom. The fluted glass also diffuses light entering the room to create a soft illumination that contributes to a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. To customise this modern bedroom door design, you can experiment with the material and colour of the door, the number and arrangement of panels, or the number and size of glass insets.

Factors to consider when choosing a bedroom door design

Now that we’ve seen some of the best bedroom door designs in Singapore. How do you choose a bedroom door design? The following factors will help you choose the best interior doors for your bedroom in Singapore.


Bedroom doors in Singapore come in different materials. So, one of the first things you should consider is the door’s construction material. Choose a durable and easy-to-maintain material. Some of the most popular materials for interior doors in Singapore are wood and MDF.


Bedroom doors also come in different finishes (such as natural wood, painted, or laminate surfaces). Each finishing creates a distinct visual effect that determines how the door looks and contributes to the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. So, as you consider your bedroom door’s material, consider its finishing. Ensure that your door’s finishing matches your personal taste and complements your room design style.

Bedroom design style

Know that your bedroom door is just one element in your interior design. So, the bedroom door design should harmonise with the overall design theme of your bedroom.

The last thing you want is for your bedroom door to clash with the rest of your interior design. So, consider the overall style of your bedroom (whether modern, traditional, eclectic, or rustic) and choose a door that matches it to create a more coordinated and visually pleasing space.


Bedroom door designs offer different levels of privacy. For example, solid doors and opaque glass provide 100% privacy, while privacy reduces as you move from textured glass to clear glass. So, when choosing bedroom doors, go for an option that provides your desired level of privacy.

Space constraints

Another important consideration is the available space around where you’ll install your bedroom door. In certain situations (especially for small rooms in HBD buildings in Singapore), the available space may not allow traditional doors to swing.

Consider modern bedroom door designs with sliding doors or slide-and-swing doors where space is limited.


The cost of a bedroom door in Singapore varies widely, depending on factors like the material of the door, level of detail, and installation efforts. So, when choosing a bedroom door, it’s important to establish a budget and explore options within the range to find a door that meets your practical and aesthetic requirements.

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There are different bedroom door designs, each one giving a distinct aesthetic. Some of the best bedroom door designs in Singapore are discussed in this article (including simple flush doors with laminate finishing, stylish doors with carvings and panels, modern sliding doors, and double doors).

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