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Interior Door Trends for HDB Homes in Singapore: Functionality and Style 2024

A home’s interior plays a significant role in creating a beautiful and inviting ambience in the space. If you live in Singapore, chances are that you reside in an HDB home. HDB homes in Singapore can be small or big but irrespective of their sizes, there are many different ways in which you can enhance the interior’s appearance and create a beautiful and elegant space. While the interior design layout, choice of colors, and decorative elements play a major part in creating that ambience, another element just as important are the interior doors.

Singapore HDB interior doors are crucial to the HDB home design and enhance not only the functionality but style as well in HDB flats. Sometimes, you may have a small space that would require a relatively sleeker door whereas at other places, you may wish to add a classy wooden door to further accentuate the interior. In this article, we discuss some of the trending door designs for HDB homes in Singapore for 2024 that can take the functionality and style of your home to a new level. We will take inspiration from Gate Door Window’s huge selection of amazing interior doors and show how they combine functionality and style to give you the perfect interior door for your home.

Role That Interior Doors Play in HDB Homes

When we think about a door in our homes, the first thing that comes to mind is that it offers privacy and security. However, an interior door offers much more than that. The following sections discuss the role that an HDB interior door plays for a beautiful and comfortable home.

Dividing Spaces

The main function of an interior HDB door is to act as a divider between different rooms and spaces. Although in an open-concept layout, you may not have that many doors, in a traditional house with separate rooms, there are bound to be interior doors that divide the spaces.

Providing Privacy

Another important function of an interior door in an HDB home is to provide adequate privacy to the residents. Whether it is the bathroom, bedroom, or the study room, a door is crucial to provide the necessary privacy to the residents.

Adding Aesthetic Appeal

Interior doors also help to add a beautiful and aesthetic appeal to the home by working together with the other elements of HDB home design. The style, material, structure, color, and other visual factors of an interior door all can help enhance the interior’s ambience.

Creating a Barrier for Sound and Light

An interior door is also responsible for providing necessary sound, light, and temperature insulation. In the warm and humid climate of Singapore, a door can help keep the cold atmosphere created by an AC in a room inside, resulting in a more energy efficient and insulated environment. Moreover, an interior door also provides insulation against sound and light in a room where you do not want to be disturbed from the rest of the household. Thus, an interior door not only offers functional properties but also enhances the style and elegance of the HDB unit.

Functionality and Accessibility Trends

When it comes to interior door trends in Singapore for 2024, we can focus on the functionality and accessibility trends first followed by style and aesthetics trends. When we select an interior door for our HDB, it should first and foremost be functional and accessible so that it helps create a functional space.

In an HDB in Singapore, there is often less space which calls for such elements in interior design that conserve space and do not make the area appear cluttered. In the case of an interior door, often you have little space in an HDB to allow for the full swing of the door. In such cases, you would want to choose a door that offers the functionality of opening and closing while still taking less space. One such interior HDB door trend is depicted in the following image.  The following image shows a sliding door that can be used for the bathroom or for the kitchen. This kind of sliding interior door is ideal for small spaces where there is not enough room for a traditional door to swing while opening and closing. In this sliding door, one panel of the door slides over the other, conserving space while still allowing for adequate accessibility and functionality.

white toilet slide & swing door3

One variation of the sliding door is the slide and swing door. While the sliding door conserves space by not taking any space for swinging, it has the drawback of allowing very limited space to move through. With a slide and swing door, you have a two-panel door where one panel slides over the other just like a sliding door. However, you have the option of allowing or disallowing the swinging of this door as well. Thus, when you require, you can just use the limited space and use the sliding function of the door. Alternatively, you can also make this door swing if you need more space to move through. This trending HDB interior door therefore offers maximum functionality and convenience for the residents.

black toilet slide & swing door

One type of HDB interior door that offers maximum functionality and is quite in trend these days is a folding door. These bifold doors also take very less space as there is no swing action of the door involved. Through the folding panels, you can easily move across without any problem. As the following image shows, a bifold door can comprise 4 panels or even 2 if there is less space. This bifold door is made of glass, thus allowing for a stylish and elegant appearance. The door panels easily get folded over one another and then these panels slide across the top railing to create a smooth and easy access.

foldiing door

Another functional trend for an interior door that can be used in the kitchen is in the form of a cabinet door. Instead of using traditional swing doors for the upper and lower cabinet, you can opt for a sliding aluminum door. Such sliding doors can conserve space while making the kitchen look trendy and functional. As can be seen in the following image, a sliding door can be used for the cabinets under the sink. The sleek design of the door allows for smooth and convenient access while providing the kitchen with a spacious look.

stainless steel kitchen sink with a single basin and a faucet

Style and Aesthetic Trends

While the functional and accessibility properties are important while choosing an interior door for your HDB, its style, color, design, and aesthetics are also significant factors that must be kept in mind. When we talk about trending interior doors in Singapore for HDB homes in 2024, there are several trends that take the style and aesthetic properties into consideration. Let’s look at all these trends to draw inspiration to select your next interior door.

The style and aesthetics of an interior door depends on the type of its material as well as its color and the visual impact it creates. The following image shows a set of interior laminate doors that give their unique appearance because of their material. Laminate has been used for these doors that provide a durable and striking outlook. A cloudy gray appearance of these interior HDB doors help create a unique and elegant look in the space.

dark grey bedroom laminate door

One type of trending stylish interior door is depicted in the following image. It shows a glass sliding kitchen door through which you can see across towards the kitchen. This trendy door can be used for the kitchen, lounge, and the dining area to create barriers. However, the see-through nature of this door helps create an open-concept layout in the HDB that is quite in trend these days. And since the panels of the door slid over each other, it helps create a neat and sleek appearance.

black kitchen door

One style trend that never goes out of fashion for interior doors in HDB homes are the classic doors made from wood. Pure wooden doors are such a beautiful and classy structure that can do wonders to elevate the appearance of any HDB home, whether big or small. The pure wood colors, textures, grains, and builds are a beauty to watch. No matter what kind of HDB interior design style you have, a classic wooden door will fit in with any style and enhance the overall ambience of the space.

gdw gray bedroom door9

Another unique and trending interior door style is one that has been made from glass. A glass door may not offer the required privacy, but it can make a style statement that is sure to woo anyone. You can use a glass door for the kitchen, bedroom, or the living room. Alternatively, you can even choose tinted glass or fiber gloss instead of the traditional glass to offer some kind of privacy. You can choose any color of border for the glass door to match your overall interior design style.

large sliding door

The following image portfolio shows a stylish and trending door design that showcases distinct oakwood doors in a very light and soothing shade of sand. Such light colored doors are ideal for the trending interior design styles in Singapore like the Scandinavian style, minimalist style, and contemporary design theme. For smaller HDBs, these oakwood doors are well-suited since the light color helps create a spacious and uncluttered ambience. You can create such a door in pure wood or even choose laminate to give a similar kind of appearance.

gdw beige bedroom door7

Just like light-colored doors are trending these days in Singapore, black and other dark-colored interior doors are also quite popular because of their uniquely elegant and exotic vibe. These dark-colored interior bedroom doors can go along well with a light-colored interior design or even with an overall darker theme. As can be seen in the following image, black doors with a light brown wooden frame create a beautiful contrast and a striking ambience in the space, that is elegant, bright, and sophisticated. The oakwood-colored hardwood floors also help create the perfect contrast with the black interior doors.

gdw black bedroom door5

Combining Functionality and Style

The above-mentioned portfolio images of interior doors for HDB homes either showcase functionality and accessibility or style and aesthetics. However, the perfect interior door for HDB homes is the one that combines functionality and style to create a masterpiece. The trick is to strike the perfect balance in both these elements so that the door is able to serve its purpose while still enhancing your home’s ambience.

To achieve such a balance between functionality and style for your interior doors in HDB flats, keep the following tips into mind:

  • Make sure that the functionality offered by the door does not conflict with its style and vice versa.
  • If you have a small space, then first consider your options for a space conserving door and then look out for design and aesthetic elements in it.
  • If you have a large space and budget is not an issue, you may wish to choose a door depending on its style properties and then look for other functionality.
  • You can even combine two different types of doors in the same space to achieve that balance between functionality and style. As an inspiration, consider the following door portfolio where on one side you can see a traditional wooden door that showcases beauty and elegance whereas on the other side is a sliding door that focuses more on functionality.
black slide & swing door

A similar interior door selection is shown in the following image. Here, you can see traditional wooden doors that are used as bedroom doors. Whereas one sliding aluminum door can be used as a door for the store or a cupboard. This helps conserve space while providing the necessary functionality. On the other hand, the wooden doors provide a more aesthetic ambience to the space.

gdw orange bedroom door2

Expert Advice on Door Selection

When you are selecting interior doors for your HDB home, it is important to consider all your requirements for each specific place and then choose the door accordingly. The following expert advice can help make the process of door selection easy for you.

  • First of all, determine the room for which you are selecting the door. For a bedroom, your main concern may be privacy and aesthetics. So choose a material that best offers these qualities. In the case of a bathroom door, you may wish to choose a space-conserving door that offers functionality while aesthetics may not play a major role in them. For more tips on choosing a toilet door, check out this blog. Similarly, for the kitchen and lounge doors, determine what kind of functionality and aesthetics you want and then choose a door accordingly.
  • Always consider the material of construction for the interior doors. You should choose a material that is durable and is easy to maintain over the years.
  • Keep your budget considerations into mind. Some doors are very expensive which may not fit within your budget. However, there may be alternatives that may provide you with similar functionality and aesthetics at a relatively lesser cost.
  • Choose the door colors wisely. You do not want the interior doors to clash with the rest of the HDB interior design. Choose the color for your door in accordance with the interior design style, color palette, and overall theme of the house.
  • Similarly, choose the door design accordingly. Depending on your functionality and space requirements, choose a traditional swing door, sliding door, or slide and swing door. The overall size of the interior door will also depend on your personal preferences as well as available space.

The article discusses everything you need to know about trending interior HDB doors in Singapore for 2024. Interior doors are an important element in an HDB and offer the much needed functionality and aesthetics. Hence, it is crucial that you have complete knowledge about them so you can make an informed decision. Moreover, whatever kind of HDB unit you have, you should always consider the various interior door options available and choose the ones that combine functionality with style.

The article has discussed all these important pointers while drawing inspiration for Gate Door Window’s amazing door portfolio that showcases a variety of stylish and trending doors that we have supplied and installed. Gate Door Window is your one-stop solution for all your home needs and your number one gate supplier in Singapore. For more details about our wide collection of HDB interior doors, gates, and other home products for your HDB unit in 2024, contact us today.

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