The main HDB gate is the entrance to your home. They are a literal introduction to space. But with the clever and creative use of colours, they can also serve as an introduction to your mood and emotions. Different colours leave an impact on your brain. Colours can provoke a certain range of emotions in viewers and leave an everlasting impression on your mood.

Hence, the colour of the gate will have a direct and large impact on your livelihood and lifestyle. It is a common trend now to install digital locks with colours that complement the gate itself. You can find articles about trending HDB front door and metal gate themes, HDB door design trends, HDB gate materials and many more on our blog.

Here is what effect we think the respective colours can have on you.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design


Grey adds maturity to its surroundings. The colour grey is commonly associated with industrial and contemporary designs, adding aesthetic value to the home by bringing a shade of maturity into the house. From a design and aesthetic point of view, grey exhibits the colour and vibe of the old. That is why it is best to avoid getting grey aluminium for your window grills and aluminium for your HDB gates or it will make your house look old from the outside. 

Grey is commonly associated with age and grey hair. If you are considering investing in a grey-themed door, it is important to consider the effects it may have on your interior design.

However, grey also carries the advantage of being associated with futuristic designs, giving interior designers more room to play with when matching colours and design themes together. For an HDB gate that is grey, it is important to keep the remainder of the house busier with colours. This allows grey to open up the room for other warmer colours to gain the spotlight. Grey is also a suitable colour for interior doors such as slide and swing doors, sliding doors and laminate doors.

In terms of its effect on mood, grey is commonly considered a neutral colour. Grey is also, however, associated with sadness and depression, due to its common usage and depiction in media.

Hence, when paired with brighter colours, it brings down the intensity of brighter colours. This can be used to your advantage, as most gates are grey in colour. Hence, it gives homeowners more choices to choose from when choosing the colour of their HDB main door.

Some homeowners believe in the more positive side of grey as a colour. Toying with the tone and intensity brings grey to a darker shade and can have more empowering emotions, such as mystery.

These little decisions will affect the impression that your main door gives to your visitors and guests.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design


Blue, we feel, is a very versatile colour when it comes to design. The colour blue is commonly linked with royalty. Hence it can represent elegance and upper class. A blue front main door can play well into any interior design theme that is more modern and luxurious.

The light blue colour added can enhance the elegance of the entire house and create a striking contrast against darker tones and shades of colours. Having an HDB gate of a darker colour, such as black and dark grey can help bring out the brighter shade of blue as well. Learn to play the contrast of colours to your advantage.

From an emotional perspective, it can cause you to feel special and different. The colour blue often reflects serenity and abundance, due to its association with water and the sea. A blue main door would be able to bring these emotions to life. Having a lighter shade of blue can function as a source of happy reminders and positive emotions.

Hence, having a blue main HDB door can help improve your mood when you return home from a tired day or embark to start off your day.


Brown brings out words that are akin to reliability and warmth. Introversion is also commonly associated with brown, particularly dark brown. It is commonly used as an HDB bedroom door color.

Brown, like grey, has intuitive tones of age associated with it. Brown is also the colour of wooden doors and laminate doors. Hence, is often described as natural and conventional, due to its association with wood, and by extension, with mother nature. Brown can bring an emotionally strong presence into the house that can trigger the memories associated with the wild or forest areas.

This can be a huge plus for nature lovers or camping enthusiasts. This is also a common fire-rated door colour used by Singaporeans for their main doors. 

main door with gate and lock2


Choosing the correct colour for your home’s front gate is a very important decision.

Before making a decision, you should consider the design features of your house, the interior design genre, the vibe you want to receive and the emotional aspect of your lifestyle. After settling on a colour, you can choose the material for your HDB metal gate such as mild steel gates and wrought iron gates.

We concentrate on turning your dreams into reality. If you’d like more varieties of fire-rated doorsmain gates for HDB homesbedroom doors for HDB homesdigital locks or window aluminium grilles, talk to us by either emailing or calling our office number today. Our professional door contractors will provide you with advice and more design, and material ideas to build your dream home!

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