Windows are an important part of any house or building since they not only play a part in the exterior appearance but also the interiors. In terms of exterior appearance, the windows’ colour, design, architecture, and size all play a role in making the house appear beautiful and trendy. In terms of interiors, windows can help enhance the interior design of any room. They also serve as the most important factor when it comes to providing the house with proper sunlight and ventilation. Therefore, the windows of any room should not only be architecturally beautiful but also functional.

There are several aspects of creating a functional and beautiful window. Here, we will discuss some of the trending window designs of 2023 which will help enhance your home’s appearance and make it more comfortable and cosy. A trusted and reliable window supplier, SG Gate Door Window excels in customizing windows according to your preferences and requirements to provide you with the best possible results.

Black Window Frames

Black window frames are the newest trend these days as opposed to white frames from the last decade or so. Black colour creates a dramatic effect whenever it is used in interior design and this is what happens when it is chosen for the windows as well. Black or any other darker colour for the frames creates a bold and elegant statement making it look dramatic. They work well with neutral as well as warm shades of walls. If your interior design is Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, contemporary, or mid-century modern, black windows will create the perfect harmony in the interior.

Full-Length Windows

Another trending design these days is to incorporate full-length windows that run from the ceiling to the floor. They not only make the area look spacious but add a grand effect to the design. Through such huge windows, sunlight floods in to illuminate the room’s every corner making it appear brighter and cleaner.

You can choose to keep the HDB window grilles just like that of a door or add grilles and stiles. If you have a beautiful view overlooking the windows, then these types of windows are the way to go since you would be able to enjoy the beautiful view from those full-length windows.


Another trending window design is to add them as sidelights with a door, especially with a front door. A sidelight is a thin vertical window that is added next to a door to allow light to pass through and enhance the door’s appearance. You can keep the sidelight as a fixed feature or can even make its design in a way so it can be opened to allow fresh air to flow inside. Usually, the sidelight’s frames are the same as that of the door but you can play around with different colour and design options and choose the one which best stands out.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary interior design features stark contrast in colours such as black and white or any dark shade with neutrals. It also features clean, strong lines that enhance the functionality of the interior. Combine all these elements in a window and you will get contemporary windows for your home! If your interior design is modern and contemporary, then this type of window is the best option. Add dark bold frames for the window and keep the walls neutral. Or you can add a dramatic effect to such a design by flipping over the colours: keep the walls dark and the window frames neutral or white. Make the frames strong to enhance their clean lines. Keep the exterior neutral in tones of grey or beige and they will work perfectly well with black or darker window frames.

Mix Different Finishes Of Windows

Another trending design of windows is to add depth and character to them by choosing different finishes for a single window. A single finish in a window makes it look dull and washed out. On the other hand, if you choose different finishes for the sash, stiles, and frames, it will add depth to the design and make it look much fresher and more beautiful. You can choose different stains and wood grains for these elements, or choose different colours for them. Mix and match different textures and colours to see what goes well with the walls and the rest of the room’s interior. Just by making these elements of the windows different, you would be able to create a unique and dramatic effect.

Custom Neon Colours in Design

Another trending design these days is to make them appear bold and beautiful by choosing neon and bright shades for them. Imagine a room where you want to create a funky and fun interior. You choose the right kind of bright furniture and fabrics that will make the room pop. However, instead of opting for a bright-coloured wall, keep the wall neutral or warm and make the window frame bright and bold. This will create the right amount of colour pop that you need while also clearly defining the boundaries of the window and making it stand out.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Windows

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There are many different aspects of home maintenance and care, but we seldom consider one of the essential elements of the design that need our attention: the windows. Try to think about the last time you had your windows checked and maintained correctly. We guess that you may have difficulty remembering if you ever did it! But the truth is that windows need to be maintained and properly taken care of regularly to ensure that they cause no mishap or accident. Every year in Singapore, there are so many cases of fallen windows in high-rise buildings, with almost 43 cases in the first 11 months of the year 2021 alone.

The Building and Construction Authority in Singapore (BCA) urges all homeowners to take care of their buildings and maintain them to avoid such accidents and damages. The homeowner can also face a fine of up to $10,000 or a jail term if one of their windows falls. These factors encourage every homeowner to become socially responsible citizens and regularly maintain their windows. Here we will discuss the critical reasons and technicalities of keeping one’s HDB windows.

The Three C’s: Check, Clean, And Change

Just remember the three C’s for window cleaning and maintenance: check, clean, and change. You should clean your windows once every two months and check them for maintenance at least twice a year. During checking, if you feel there is some problem with the window, take immediate action to repair or change your window. If you think the window is working fine, cleaning them will make them suitable for the next six months. If the window needs to be changed, it is a good idea to hire a BCA-approved window contractor so they can carry out the replacement process keeping in view all the correct rules, regulations, and standards.

Types Of Windows

According to the news report on fallen windows, there were mainly three types of windows that resulted in those accidents. We will discuss the maintenance of all three of these types of windows below:

Casement Windows

The first thing to check for each kind of window is whether there are cracks in the glass. In the case of casement windows, check to see if the window is opening and closing smoothly. Check the screws to see if they are loose or rusty. Lastly, the window hinges should be screwed tightly to the frames to ensure they do not move. If you notice any problem with any of these things, immediately call a contractor for its repair or replacement. Otherwise, clean and lubricate all the parts, joints, hinge tracks, sliding shoes, and pivot points for general maintenance to ensure smooth movement.

Sliding Windows

Again, check the glass of the window for any cracks or breakage. Then check to see if the window slides smoothly without any resistance. There are safety stoppers in sliding windows that should be checked to ensure they are securely in place. If not, then replace them with new ones. Also, check the aluminium angle strips at the bottom of the windows to see that they are in place; otherwise repair or replace them. If your window has window gaskets to seal the window, make sure that they are not brittle and are installed tightly into the inner frame.

Louvered Windows

Check whether the glass panes are securely placed within the clamps and are not cracked for these windows. The lever locks through which the louvered window moves should also be checked to see that they are working correctly. The wooden frame of the window should be securely fixed. In case of any problem, make sure you repair it immediately to avoid any accident.

Changing Windows And Window Grilles

HDB window grilles are also an essential part of a window that ensures the safety of the inhabitants. If you find some problem in the window during checking and maintenance, or you feel that the window grille is worn out, take immediate action so that any kind of accident can be avoided. It is always a good idea to hire a BCA-approved contractor for this purpose to ensure that your task will be carried out according to the country’s standards and regulations.

Choosing different design elements for one’s home during a renovation can be an exciting yet daunting task for any homeowner. On the one hand, there is the excitement of choosing stuff for your dream home whereas, on the other hand, you are cautious of avoiding any mistake or wrong choice, so it doesn’t cost you time, effort, and money.

While there are several areas of interior design in which you should do your homework before making a choice, one crucial aspect is knowing all the reasons and factors in choosing a window design and its material. This may seem relatively trivial, but once you think about it, there are so many factors to consider: what kind of functionality you want from the window, what will its size be according to the room’s size, what sort of decorative design you want according to the house’s theme, etc.

Once you know what kind of window you want, you can get it from an approved HDB window supplier in Singapore like us, who will take care of all your window and door needs. However, before doing that, you should be aware of the things you should consider before choosing a particular window. These are discussed below.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Window Design

When you design a house, there is a particular design theme and style that defines the overall architecture of the house. The windows should match that design and aesthetics, so they don’t look out of place. Apart from that, there are undoubtedly other factors that you should consider before choosing a particular window design which is discussed below.

  • The first step to consider is to choose types of windows for each room separately according to functionality. In the living room, you may be looking for a larger window to give you a panoramic view of the outside, whereas, for a smaller bedroom, your requirement might be to get a smaller window.
  • Another consideration is how much light you want in a particular room. You may not need so much light in a bedroom, but for a kitchen and living room, you may be looking for window styles that ensure the maximum amount of light to flow through.
  • Just like light, the amount of airflow you want in a particular room also sets the ground for what kind of window you want. For example, your main requirement for a kitchen and bathroom would be to get a window that ensures maximum ventilation.
  • Next comes the aesthetics of the window and how it matches the overall design theme and color palettes. Different window materials can be painted to stained in colors of your choice, whereas some may not be possible. To see what kinds of colors you want and then choose from the possible options available.
  • Different windows come in different accents, shapes, and expansions. See which ones can you install in your given space and plan the architecture accordingly.

What You Need To Know About Window Materials

Choosing a window design is not the only decision that you will have to make. You will have to select the material of the windows alongside as well. Consider reading about all the pros and cons of window frame materials so you can make an informed choice. The most common window materials include wood, aluminium, fiberglass, and vinyl. Some of the essential things to know in this regard are discussed below:

  • A wooden frame looks classy and is an excellent insulator for heat and noise. Nothing can surpass the beauty and class of a wooden frame. But it is poorly affected in humid environments and may need to be replaced after a few years.
  • An aluminium frame is a cost-effective material for windows that is durable and easy to maintain. However, it is not a good insulator for heat.
  • Fiberglass window frames are considered exceptionally durable and can withstand extreme weather. However, they are a costly option.
  • Vinyl window frames are gaining popularity these days because they are affordable and show excellent insulation properties. They come in many colors, styles, patterns, and other personalized options. They are easy to clean and maintain. However, they may pose a problem in hot weather and require regular maintenance.

If you’re looking for an HDB metal gate or HDB main door, some ways to narrow down your search would be to match your HDB gate colour with your door, follow the current trendy themes for your metal gates and main door and choose the type of material for your metal gate such as mild steel and wrought iron. You can also find the perfect main door color according to Feng Shui.

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