Chances are, you might have heard about these 3 different materials that are used for main metal gate making and you are pondering over which is the best fit for your HDB gate. Before choosing a suitable metal gate, it is best to know its properties in order to pick one that fits your home. Well, let us break it down for you to digest and help you with your selection!

Why Mild Steel?

Mild Steel gates are most commonly found and used in Singapore. It is increasingly popular amongst homeowners as they are known for its durability, strength and relatively cheaper price point. Why is it so? They are made from steel and carbon (0.005 – 0.30%) which is more malleable compared to other steel alloys, and easy for reshaping (lesser work!). Thus, it can be laser cut to customise to your preference and an option to powder-coat colour to your liking. It is the quintessential material for your ideal gate creation! 

No doubt, it is the perfect option for homeowners that are looking for sleek and affordable HDB gates as its characteristics land in the sweet spot between wrought iron and aluminium. More importantly, gates made of mild steel are strong enough to withstand any environmental conditions. This could be the best option to create an excellent first impression of your home.

Mild Steel Gate

main door with gate8

Why Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron gates are known to add an incredible touch of detail to your gates. They are made entirely out of iron. Usually known to be durable, heavy-duty. However, it is prone to rust if installed in outdoor areas with direct contact with rain or sunshine. Its ability to withstand extreme heat makes it almost impossible to break open should any intruder decides to do so, offering you the utmost protection. Well, that checks off your worry about security and quality concerns.

They require a little amount of maintenance while elevating the value of your home. A simple brush and clean would do the trick to clean up a Wrought Iron gate.

This would be the perfect option for homeowners who are after visual aesthetics and unique character to be added to their comfy nest of their own. Classic detail such as ornamental works can be incorporated into the gate of your own to stand out from your fellow neighbours. You can also consult gate suppliers to customize your wrought iron gates to your liking in various designs and patterns to complement your choice of theme, adding a sweet touch to the entire home (being a minimalist is nice, but hey, gates with ornamental design are nice too). Complete the look by adding a digital lock for added security and you have a secured and beautiful front entrance.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is known to be smudge-resistant which makes it a minimal effort for cleaning purposes. Furthermore, they do not absorb dirt. A metal that is light in weight for your gate will spare the hinges as we use the gate on a daily basis which explains why this would come in handy and prolong longevity.

They do not harbour germs due to their non-porous factor, which prevents liquid or air to pass through them. Thus enabling it to resist bacteria or germs – the optimal option for kids and family members. Moreover, these gates are comparatively cheaper with quality and desired outcomes. 

We often see stainless steel gates in landed properties and commercial buildings. However, a drop in the number of homeowners choosing stainless steel due to Mild Steel gates even though they are suitable for customisations too. 

Stainless Steel Gate

Stainless Steel Main Gate

Why Aluminium? 

If you are looking at a care and maintenance-free gate, Aluminium would be your optimal choice all thanks to the nature of Aluminium’s corrosion-resistant qualities and its lasting finishing coat that ensures extended product life. This will save you the hassle of trying to maintain the gate with a fresh coat of paint to prevent corrosion. 

More often than not, these gates are used for landed properties, the better option is to have it as your home automatic sliding gate to separate yourself from the commotion outside of your house. Though Aluminium gates are light in weight, they are strong and versatile. Hence, they can attain the security barrier standard. Of course, normal public housing can opt for Aluminium windows or gates too. 

All in all, each material serves its purpose with its uniqueness and advantages. Ultimately, it boils down to what you’re after and every individual’s budget! At the end of the day, we hope this piece of information would benefit you in making your choice of the main gate.

At Gate Door Window, we specialize in turning your dreams into reality. If you’d like more varieties of HDB fire-rated doorsHDB main gatesHDB bedroom doorsdigital locks or window aluminium grilles, contact us either through email or call our office number today. Our professional gate contractors will provide you with advice and more design, and material ideas to build your dream home!

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