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Timber Laminates

We provide top grade HDB timber doors to our valued customers. Materials finishing focuses on laminates which are scratch resistant and water resistant. Most common choice of door by designers.

Features: Scratch Resistant, Water Resistant
Material: Timber Laminates
Addons: Fire Rated, Dimension Changes
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.

Completed Timber Door Projects

Here are our completed projects featuring our top grading timber doors, made from high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more of our works from our Facebook page.

Timber doors have been a popular choice of doors among homeowners in Singapore. The aesthetics and durability that a timber door offers is unmatched in excellence. Timber doors are an environment-friendly option since wood is naturally sustainable. It helps reverse the carbon footprint and can be recycled or upcycled, making it a highly eco-friendly option. Timber doors come in a variety of natural colors, textures, and grains that can be the perfect addition to your home.

Timber doors offer durability and elegance for a lifetime if cared for properly. At GDW, we specialize in providing customized timber doors in Singapore. Whether you own an HDB flat or a condominium or a planned property, our high-quality timber doors will enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Timber doors are a good choice for bedroom, kitchen, and main entrance doors as they go along perfectly with any kind of interior design theme.

At GDW, we also offer installation services for timber doors in Singapore. Because timber doors are quite heavy and sturdy, they should be installed by professionals so that there is no problem with installation at that time and later as well.

Services Provided

Make sure that your doors are properly installed to avoid any form of disappointment or inconvenience. Talk to our professional contractors today.

Designing HDB main doors in Singapore may not be a common theme to talk about, but you can always discuss with our team to get the door that you want.

Customise your bedroom doors according to your liking.

The opening and closing functions of doors must always be performed flawlessly. If not, your doors could end up being stuck and lock the room on its own. If you find your door getting stubborn and difficult to open or close, consider consulting with a contractor or expert.

It is never wise to delay your door’s repair and replacement. Doors act as links between rooms and hallways. The continuous usage of doors will definitely deteriorate their quality and ability to function. There are instances whereby doors should be replacement as soon as possible.

  1. Cracks and Warps
  2. Ventilation issues
  3. Gaps in the door that causes wind drafts
  4. Visible damage and blunt force
  5. Damages to door handle and hinges
  6. Outdated Design

Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Doors

What is the difference between mass-production doors and elite ones?

First of all, the quality of the materials used. Timbers differ in density, processing technique, and the resulting finished product at the output.

Mass-market products (low and medium price categories) can be made from budget materials (PVC with lamination, etc.) and wood, but in this case, not always a high-quality type of wood is used. Sometimes such manufacturers do not follow the correct material preparation technologies, which also affects the quality of the final product.

Another situation is with the production of timber products for special orders. Production is carried out only from elite types of timber: oak, ash, larch, alder, cherry, and walnut, but also the production process is carried out only in compliance with all technologies for working with wood: material resting, high-quality grinding, assembly, painting on the latest equipment. Therefore, the production time of such a design will be longer (up to 3 months), and the customer will receive a high-quality door that will serve him for decades.

When choosing a door, you should clearly understand what functions it will carry in the room and what it will be created from. After all, any type of timber is unique, has several advantages and disadvantages, and has characteristics. So, let’s look at the varieties.

Alder is a light, soft wood. This wood is ideal for interior doors, as it can darken and rot in the open air. The good thing about this wood is that it does not deform, which means that the finished canvas will not “shrink”.

Lacquering, made to the highest standards, allows you to achieve a graceful appearance of the final product. This is where you can achieve your door’s most elite and expensive look.

Oak is a symbol of eternity, strength, and longevity. The wood of this tree is resistant to moisture, and with the right processing technology, it does not rot at all. That is why oak products can serve for centuries.

Ash is a noble, elite wood that is valued at all times. Its beautiful texture has a variety of colors, and the wood itself is highly durable and can easily resist moisture.

Mass production of doors offers standard doors that may not always fit the desired design/style of the room, which cannot be said about the production of doors for an individual order.

Elite custom-made doors are tailored to your preference while maintaining their high quality.

In the production of elite timber doors, they goes through the ageing stage and is then processed on modern equipment (e.g., painted in specialized paint booths.)

Also, doors are varnished, emphasizing its unique texture and protecting against environmental influences and deformation.

Timber doors are usually made from solid wood using high-quality heat-insulating material. So, it allows for maximizing the thermal insulation of the front door (up to 80%).

To ensure long service life, you should only apply high-quality components and professional painting products.

ATTENTION! Good, high-quality painting can be carried out only in manufacturing conditions using special equipment.

A premium timber product is not a cheap home decoration. A high-quality design, made according to traditional technologies, in compliance with all requirements, is more expensive than budget-class products.

The main characteristics that determine the price:

  • Material. Doors made of elite wood will cost more than budget wood options and significantly differ in appearance and performance.
  • Door leaf type. A solid array will cost more than a paneled canvas.
  • Material processing method. Proper drying of timber is essential to the final result. Drying wood for high-quality shrinkage of the material naturally takes time (about 7 days), which is significantly different from the technique for manufacturing budget products. Hence the difference in the price range in these two segments.
  • Additional accessories. Additional accessories such as glass inserts, carvings and paintings affect the price. Equally important is the quality work of real masters in painting. This increases the cost of the exclusive finished product and adds uniqueness to the interior.

For your door to last as long as possible, it needs the right choice of timber and the proper care to protect it from external influences.

You should use polishing vax and special compounds to take care of the varnished surface of your doors. It preserves the structure of the varnish and allows you to polish damage or scratches.

Since solid wood doors have a considerable leaf weight, it is also necessary to ensure proper care for door hinges, locks, and fittings. This will extend its service life and operation.

There are different material doors available in Singapore, each having its own pros and cons. Depending on how strong and durable a door is, its price starts going up. In Singapore, a timber door can cost between S$700 and S$1200 because they are strong and environment-friendly. Timber doors made from solid Nyatoh timber can cost from S$200 to S$550. These Nyatoh timber doors are usually chosen for the bedroom and kitchen doors.

Timber is considered a very good choice for doors in Singapore. It is a strong material that offers protection against extreme weather. It is a secure and durable material that can last a lifetime if maintained regularly. Moreover, timber doors can make a striking statement because of their aesthetic properties. Whether you choose to paint it in a color of your choice or keep it in the natural finish, it can accentuate your interior manifold. Timber doors also offer great insulation since timber is a good insulator. This can help you save on energy bills. Lastly, since wood is sustainable, timber is an environment-friendly option that can be recycled and upcycled as and when you wish to create a variety of objects.

The common belief is that wood doors are not a good choice since they can get affected by moisture and humidity which lessen their life. However, that is not always the case. With regular maintenance, a wooden door can last a lifetime. Many people believe that aluminum or PVC doors are much more durable than timber doors but in reality, that is not true. If you take care of a timber door and make sure it goes through its regular maintenance processes, then it can last for as many as 55 to 65 years. 

Timber doors are more expensive than an aluminum door. Even the most high-quality aluminum doors will still be more affordable than a timber door. This is because timber is by itself a more expensive material than aluminum. Moreover, a timber door offers many other advantages over an aluminum door such as being much more aesthetically pleasing, strong, and durable. A timber door creates a statement which is unmatched and cannot be compared to any other material door. The high quality, natural texture and grains, and the environment-friendly nature of timber doors contribute towards their higher price.

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