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The door is the first thing that catches a person’s eye when they enter the room. It greets their vision and is responsible for the first impression any visitor or guests gets. A door may not be the foundation for your home’s interior design, but it may as well be the profile picture of your home.

An aesthetically pleasing door that can ward off sun, rain, wind and pesky pests is a must-have for all homeowners. Having a good door design that suits your home is important.

Many homeowners take their doors for granted, forgetting the responsibility and influence that doors have. The front door to your home is more than just a furniture or an entrance. It is a symbol of your home and a representation of what it means.

That’s why it is so important that it gives the right first impression to your family members and guest.

Attempting to save cost and cut corners when buying and installing a new door can be a dangerous game to play. If you are unwilling to pay the small price, you may end up paying for the ultimate price.

While a door’s main function is security, it is important to not compromise on security. 

Have your doors professionally installed by trustworthy door contractors in Singapore.

At GateDoorWindows, this is exactly what we do. We promise you quality service.
We design, build and install high-quality doors. All of our doors are guaranteed to be strong enough to provide maximum security and aesthetic appeal, and expertly installed by our professional door specialist. Your home door is in safe hands.

Be it your HDB main door, bedroom door, kitchen door or bathroom door, it is important to note that door dimensions differ. Unless you are experienced and have the required tools, it is likely that you will spend more effort than required in installing your door.

Only with professional and experienced door installers, will you know that your door will fit and function normally, without any unnecessary worries. With custom-made doors, the design possibilities are also endless.

There are several common measurements of the door frames in HDB flats. They should be within the following sizes, 2.78ft by 7ft, 33 inches by 84 inches, 838mm by 2130mm, and 83.8cm by 2.13m.

The total cost for installing an interior door ranges from $360 to $1,150. The average cost for replacing bedroom or closet doors ranges from $100 to $300 for labour, with the door costs ranging from $50 to $500.

The door suppliers in Singapore usually charge an average cost of around $650 to $950. The costs involved the dismantling and disposal of the old door frames, having new frames in place, and reinstalling existing doors if it is not required to change.

The average cost of an interior door would range from $50 to $350, depending on whether it is pre-hung or slab. On the other hand, the average cost for exterior doors ranges from $150 to $1,000, while high-end custom doors cost around $5,000 or more. It is important to note that exterior doors would need more framing, flashing, and load-bearing headers, leading to an overall increase in installation costs.


The average cost of replacing bathroom or bedroom doors ranges from $155 to $688. For sliding cosets, French, or double doors, replacing them would be between $383 and $1,711. Typically, the prices for doors only would be from $50 to $500, and the labour costs range from $100 to $300.

It is not allowed as HDB rules have specified that the appearance of the flats should not be changed in any form. This includes the paint outside the HDB flats, window ledges, corridor walls, and ceilings.

The HDB flats in Singapore obey the different fire safety standards when built. A fire-rated door will be provided if needed under the Fire Code. For instance, fire-rated doors would be given to flats where the main doors are within three metres of lift lobbies or staircases.

Many materials can be used when making doors. Some of the best materials would be 2wood, glass, aluminium, uPVC, and fibreglass.

It would be ideal to think about your budget, floor space, sound insulation needs, and individual preferences when deciding on the perfect bedroom doors suited for you. More fancy models such as a barn or french door would be perfect for master bedrooms. For smaller bedrooms, simple flush and panel doors would be good choices.

The ideal material for entrance doors would be steel. This is because it is highly secured and durable since steel is much stronger than other materials such as wood and fibreglass. Hence, having steel doors would not allow them to crack too easily.

You would be able to change interior and exterior doors yourself if you have the basic carpentry skills. It would be a good weekend project for people who would like to do it themselves. However, do note that professionals could do a quicker job, and it would be wise to engage them to ensure they are done well. Hence, you may consider hiring a door contractor in Singapore.

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