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Gate Door Window

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Find Top Quality Gate, Door, and Window Products & Services with us

Main Doors

Give your entrance a new look

Gate Door Window

Main Gates

Enhance your entrance appearance

Gate Door Window

Window Grilles

Beautify the landscape from the interior

Gate Door Window Grilles

Bedroom Doors

Give your interior a sleek finish

Gate Door Window Door
Gate Door Window Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Door

We provide fire rated door from 30 mins to 4 hours. We comply with the authority’s requirement on fire rated door, ranging from timber fire rated door to metal fire rated door.

Philips Digital Locks

Premium quality originated in the Netherlands. Only one step to lock or unlock, patented full auto mortise makes in and out even easier. Innovation defines intelligence, Elaboration brings reassurance.
Gate Door Window Digital Lock
Gate Door Window Aluminium

Aluminium Doors

We provide top grading aluminium doors which are high quality and has sleek workmanship, They range from sliding to folding doors, which are widely available and suited for projects.

Unlimited Selections

We use laminates for our doors and they are of top quality with unlimited selections as shown in our catalogue. These laminates have high scratch resistance, water resistance, available at affordable factory rates.

Gate Door Window Colours Laminate
pet-friendly gate


Our products are compatible for pet owners who are looking to customise them for their homes. This includes doors, gates and windows, with various features and designs available.

Best Door Supplier in Singapore

We deliver what we promise with good before and after sales service. Our pricing is transparent with no gimmicks or hidden charges. 

Do check out our reviews from our past customers.

Gate Door Window Reviews Best Contractor

SME 500 Award 2021

Awarded based on business resilience, performance and cleared assessments, enjoy worry-free experience working with us!

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The door is the first thing that catches a person’s eye when they enter the room. It greets their vision and is responsible for the first impression any visitor or guests gets. A door may not be the foundation for your home’s interior design, but it may as well be the profile picture of your home.

An aesthetically pleasing door that can ward off sun, rain, wind and pesky pests is a must-have for all homeowners. Having a good door design that suits your home is important.

Many homeowners take their doors for granted, forgetting the responsibility and influence that doors have. The front door to your home is more than just a furniture or an entrance. It is a symbol of your home and a representation of what it means.

That’s why it is so important that it gives the right first impression to your family members and guest.

Attempting to save cost and cut corners when buying and installing a new door can be a dangerous game to play. If you are unwilling to pay the small price, you may end up paying for the ultimate price.

While a door’s main function is security, it is important to not compromise on security. 

Have your doors professionally installed by trustworthy door contractors in Singapore.

At GateDoorWindows, this is exactly what we do. We promise you quality service.
We design, build and install high-quality doors. All of our doors are guaranteed to be strong enough to provide maximum security and aesthetic appeal, and expertly installed by our professional door specialist. Your home door is in safe hands.

Be it your HDB main door, bedroom door, kitchen door or bathroom door, it is important to note that door dimensions differ. Unless you are experienced and have the required tools, it is likely that you will spend more effort than required in installing your door.

Only with professional and experienced door installers, will you know that your door will fit and function normally, without any unnecessary worries. With custom-made doors, the design possibilities are also endless.

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