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We provide HDB Fire Rated Doors and Commercial Fire Rated Doors of different fire rating standards.

Our doors comply with the authority’s requirement on fire rated door. We have plenty of options available, ranging from timber fire rated door to metal fire rated door.

Features: 30mins to 4 hours
Material: Timber to Metal
Addons: Customisable
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.


Here are our completed works featuring our top grading kitchen doors which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more works from our Facebook page which we update frequently.

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Catered to doors in both residential units and commercial spaces. We also provide HDB main doorsfire doors and non fire rated doors. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

Whether you are installing a new kitchen door in your newly constructed home or replacing the old one during kitchen renovation, a kitchen door can serve as the focal point in that space. It not only has to be aesthetically pleasing, but be durable and sturdy so that it can withstand the moisture and heat of the kitchen.


Gate Door Window is a premium supplier of kitchen doors as well as other types of doors, gates, and windows in Singapore. With our high quality of work and sleek craftsmanship, you can be assured that all your home needs will be met to exceed your expectations.


When it comes to kitchen doors, the material of the door you choose for your kitchen is of high significance. Each material has its own pros and cons that must be studied before choosing a particular kitchen door. Moreover, the style of the kitchen door also plays a vital role in creating a beautiful and appropriate entrance for the kitchen.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Kitchen Doors

Whatever material you choose for the kitchen door, it will determine the durability, appearance, and quality of the door. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages which are further discussed below.

Solid wood

Solid wood doors are strong and sturdy and come in a variety of natural colors and grains. This offers a versatile outlook that can be well-suited to any kitchen. However, solid wood is not a good option in terms of humidity as pure wood can expand in humid environments. This can become a problem especially in the humid environment of Singapore. Moreover, it is also an expensive option.

Wood veneer

Wood veneer is a great option when you want to get the look of solid wood but avoid the disadvantages associated with pure wood. Wood veneer doors comprise a thin layer of solid wood that is laminated onto a stable type of wood like MDF and the door faces are veneered. This way, you could get your choice of color and texture of solid wood on the door at a relatively cheaper price.


A revolutionary kitchen door material in Singapore these days is glass. Glass kitchen doors are stylish and modern and go really well with contemporary and minimalist interior design themes. There are many options available in glass for kitchen doors; you can have clear glass doors, tinted or frosted glass doors, or stained glass. These frosted and stained glass doors can come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors, giving you plenty of options to choose the one that best fits your kitchen design.


MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard that is a composite material made from wood fibers and resin. It is a highly stable material that does not warp or crack even in extreme conditions. It can easily be painted in any color of your choice to give a smooth finish. It is also a highly affordable option as compared to pure wood. However, it is not as strong as pure wood.


Laminate is a synthetic material that is made by compressing wood. It is a lighter alternative to wood and can mimic pure wood’s appearance. It is available in a variety of aesthetic colors and patterns, giving you many options to choose from. It is also much more affordable than wood and is scratch resistant. However, it is prone to damage caused by heat and moisture so might not be a durable option.


Aluminum is a good material to be used for kitchen doors. Aluminum doors are waterproof and rust-proof, so make a very good option for the kitchen. They are easy to clean and maintain as they do not get affected by moisture and water. They are also termite and heat resistant. However, they are not that strong and can bend or get dented in case of an impact.

Whatever material you choose for your kitchen door, you can incorporate it in a variety of door styles that are trending in Singapore. A typical door that swings at the hinges is quite common, so why not add a unique and creative door style in the kitchen?

Sliding door

A kitchen sliding door is a popular choice among homeowners in Singapore because of the convenience and uniqueness it offers. As opposed to a swinging door, a sliding door for kitchen entrance takes very little space, making it an ideal choice for small HDBs and BTOs. There can be different variations of a sliding door for the kitchen. Either you can have two doors where one is fixed and the other door slides over it when opened. Or you can have built-in hollow pockets on one or both sides of the sliding door inside the adjacent wall. Then when you slide the door to open, it simply hides inside the wall pocket to create an open space. These sliding or slide and swing doors can be made of wood, laminate, glass, or a combination of multiple materials.

Bifold door

Bifold kitchen doors are a creative and fun twist to traditional doors that have many added advantages. Firstly, bifold doors usually comprise two to four panels, so they can be used to create a partition, for example, in an open concept plan. Secondly, when these bifold doors open, they allow for a seamless transition from the kitchen to the living room area. Moreover, you can add these bifold doors as the balcony entrance door. If these doors are made of glass, then they will serve the purpose of windows as well. Kitchen bifold doors add a unique and creative touch to any kitchen and can be a great enhancement to the overall home’s interior design.

Slide and swing door

One more variation of a traditional door that looks like a sliding door is the slide and swing door. On first sight, the door comprises two panels and one would presume that one panel would slide over the other to open. However, this door does more than that. Its one panel can slide over the other and the whole door can swing as well like a traditional door. This provides dual functions; you save space and can just slide one panel to normally open or close the door. However, if you require more space to move stuff between the kitchen and the rest of the house, you can use its swinging option to open it and create a larger space.

Barn doors

Barn doors create a rustic and vintage look in the kitchen that can go very well in a similarly designed interior. Barn doors usually comprise the sliding style of doors but differs from other types of sliding doors in that its sliding mechanism is on the top instead of at the bottom. The sliding mechanism at the top features a very distinctive black metallic roller track upon which the door slides. Barn doors can comprise a single or a double panel depending on the amount of space available.

Kitchen doors come in a variety of styles, designs, materials, and finishes. Each type of door has its pros and cons that must be considered before finalizing your decision. When choosing a kitchen door, make sure you consider certain factors so that you are able to select the best door for your kitchen.

  • Select the right material for your kitchen door. Different materials have different durability, strength, and other characteristics. Choose the one that best fits your requirement.
  • Keep the color, pattern, and design variations of the material in mind too.
  • Consider the door style whether you want it to be bifold, sliding, slide and swing, or any other type. Then check if your desired style can be incorporated in that material of your choice or not.
  • Also check if everything you have in mind can be covered in your budget. If the material and style you chose for the door does not fit your budget, you will have to choose an alternate material or door style.
  • Also keep cleaning and maintenance requirements in the long run in mind too.
  • Make sure the door fits aesthetically well with the rest of your home’s interior design style.

Labeling a particular kind of door to be best for a kitchen is a challenging task since this is a rather relative process. Every kitchen is unique and so is a home’s interior design theme. Moreover, every person has personal preferences and requirements that can affect their choice for the selection of a kitchen door. So, whatever your requirements are, you should carry out a research about the available options in kitchen doors and choose the one that best fits your requirements. Nevertheless, laminate, MDF, and aluminum doors can be considered good choices for kitchen doors that are relatively affordable options.

Normally, a kitchen door in Singapore is sized at 3 x 7 feet; however, depending on the style of the door as well as the amount of door space in the kitchen, you can get different sizes for kitchen doors. For example, a bifold door can have different widths ranging from 18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, to 36 inches for each of its panels with a height of 80 or 96 inches. Similarly, a barn door may be sized at 36 x 84 inches or 42 x 80 inches. If you have a bigger area, you may choose a wider door size or an even smaller one in case of limited space.

The price of a kitchen door in Singapore can range anywhere from SG$ 300 for a simple door to SG$ 1,500 and above for more high-end designs and finishes. Aluminum doors come in the mid-range of SG$ 600 to SG$ 900 approximately whereas high-quality laminate or solid wood doors fall in the higher range of prices.

Every door has a door frame that is installed in the wall and that supports the doors through hinges. In Singapore, usually there are two types of door frames that are used: wooden door frames and metal door frames. In most of the HDBs, wooden door frames were installed before 1980. But for the HDBs built after 1980, metal door frames are usually installed. However, many homeowners change the door frames to wooden ones during their HDB renovation. Wooden frames are aesthetically more pleasing and do not rust or corrode. For an HDB flat, usually the thickness of a door frame is 3 4/8 inches whereas for a landed property, this thickness could be up to 6 inches. For some doors however, like barn doors, a door frame may not be required at all.

Kitchen doors are usually expensive because of the high quality material used in their construction as well as the different design styles in which they come. A kitchen door has to bear the brunt of heat, moisture, and humidity of its surroundings, therefore it is usually made from high-quality, durable materials that are stronger and long-lasting. This increases their costs quite considerably. Moreover, when their installation costs are added, the overall price jumps up. Of course, there are also cheaper alternatives available when it comes to kitchen doors such as those made with cheaper wood compositions and plastic or laminated wood. However, they will not be long-lasting and will cost you more in maintenance, repair, and replacement.

MDF doors are made from engineered wood which is basically when wood fibers are compressed together with resin to create a durable and strong material similar to solid wood but that comes at a relatively lesser cost. MDF doors are resistant to warping, stains, cracking, and infestation that make them a very good choice for kitchens. MDF doors can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years if taken care of properly.

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