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Mild Steel/Wrought Iron

Mild Steel/Wrought Iron

Our gates are of high quality and sleek workmanship, reducing on visibility of wielding and uneven joints. Materials finishing focuses on mild steel, makes our metal gates extremely durable. We provide customisation options as well.

Features: Powder Coated, Durable
Material: Mild Steel/Wrought Iron
Addons: Customizable
Dimensions: Request from us

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a custom-made product according to customer specifications


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Completed Metal Gate Projects

Here are our completed works featuring our top grading metal gates which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more metal gates from our Facebook page.

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Mild Steel Gate

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Gates are an important element of any home whether it is an apartment or a landed property. Gates not only provide the necessary security but also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the interior and exterior. When it comes to main HDB doors or entrance doors in Singapore, many homeowners opt for a metal door because of the increased security it offers. It is normal in a Singapore home to find a wooden main door and a metal gate on top of it for increased protection. For this purpose, metal gates are becoming more and more popular in Singapore and come in a variety of materials, designs, and structures.

Gate Door Window is a leading supplier of HDB metal gates in Singapore. We offer a complete range of metal gates ranging from mild steel to aluminum to wrought iron gates. Each type of metal gate offers a different type of aesthetics and protective features. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose a particular type of gate for your home. Moreover, you can get the gate customized in line with your design theme and personal choices. Talk with us today to get just the perfect metal gate in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Gates

Metal comes in a variety of forms when considering gates. Each form has its own pros and cons, and you can choose the one which is best for you if you have a thorough understanding of these various types. In Singapore, metal gates can be made from one of the following materials.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is the most popular choice of homeowners when choosing gates for their HDBs in Singapore. It has a maximum of 2% carbon and very few traces of other alloys. Mild steel is highly machinable and malleable, so it can be molded into any design and shape. Moreover, it has high weldability and tensile strength. It is also quite affordable compared to its counterparts, making it a preferred choice for homeowners.

However, due to their low carbon strength, mild steel gate is lighter than other metal gates, thus reducing their strength and durability. Depending on its size, design and complexity, mild steel gates in Singapore costs around $600 to $1,500 for standard gates and around $2,000 or more for intricate designs.


Aluminum gates are another affordable type of metal gate that requires low maintenance and does not rust. They do not degrade much over time but may require paint touch-ups over the years. These gates can be designed in beautiful shapes and intricate details, thus giving a timeless and high-end appearance.

However, as aluminum gates are lightweight, they lack strength as compared to wrought iron and cast iron gates. This factor can compromise the security of the premises. Moreover, many different qualities of aluminum are available in the market, making it difficult for homeowners to determine their quality and choose accordingly.

Aluminium gates typically cost around $800 to $1,200 for standard size while larger or intricate designs can go around $1,500 or more. Prices may also vary depending on its type of locking mechanism, hinges and other accessories.

Cast Iron

Cast iron can be considered the strongest form of metal. In its purest form, it is very brittle and cannot be bent or welded. However, in cast iron gates, malleable cast iron that contains some alloys is used. This makes the material machinable yet still provides the necessary strength and toughness. These gates can be a good choice from a security point of view because of their strength and durability. However, due to it being too hard and brittle, it cannot be shaped into many different designs and shapes, thus limiting the variety of choices one has.

You can find cast iron gates for as high as $1,200 to $2,500 for standard gates and around $3,000 for larger and more intricate designs. This type of material is more expensive than aluminum or mild steel due to its durability and weight.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another type of low carbon content steel with a 10% chromium content. The chromium allows stainless steel to be strong and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel gates are easy to clean and maintain. Although lightweight, they are long-lasting and can easily be customized according to personal preferences.

Stainless steel gates have the disadvantage of being quite expensive due to their durability, low maintenance and resistance to corrosion. They cost around $1,200 to $2,500 for standard gate and around $3,000 for larger ones.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gate is also one of the popular choices of gates in Singapore for HDB homes. Wrought iron has very low carbon content, around 0.08% – 0.2% which gives it a high tensile strength and elasticity. Wrought iron can be heated and reheated several times to shape it into any design. This makes it an excellent choice for gates of HDB homes as you can customize these in ornate designs and carvings. These gates are extremely strong, low maintenance, and durable.

However, they come at a high price of around $1,000 to $2,500 for standard ones and around $3,000 for more intricate designs.

While metal gates are very secure and strong, they may be difficult to install and not provide enough privacy through them. There are several advantages and disadvantages of metal gates that must be kept in mind before choosing one for your home.

Advantages of Metal Gates

Metal gates have some very clear advantages that make them a good choice for HDB doors and gates in Singapore. They are a preferred choice for gates in Singapore because of their durability, strength, and other advantages. These advantages include the following:


Metal gates are highly durable and can withstand the test of time. They are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant to much of an extent especially if they have been painted and primed properly. Moreover, they are also resistant to insect infestation, unlike wood, thus saving them from such destruction and allowing them to last for many years. They are also not much affected by extreme temperatures and climate.

Design customizations available

Metal gates can be customized into many designs of your choice. From intricate Victorian carvings to minimalist geometric designs, metal gates can be created in complex and artistic designs. They can also be painted in different colors to match the exterior of your home. Thus, metal gates can be extremely aesthetically appealing and beautiful.

Low maintenance

Another significant advantage of metal gates is that they are extremely low maintenance and can easily be cleaned and taken care of. Contrary to a wooden door which requires regular cleaning, sanding, infestation treatment and painting, metal gates do not require any regular maintenance or treatments. You just need to occasionally clean them and oil the hinges and they are good to go for the next many years.

Unmatched strength

There is no second opinion on this matter that metal gates are probably the strongest types of gates that are available. They are highly resilient and resistant to dents and shock damage. Some types of metal gates are also fire resistant, showing just how strong and resilient they are. We can see metal gates from even the 13th and 14th centuries still today which are just a testament to their unrivaled strength and durability.

Added security

With the great strength and resilience of metal gates comes the added benefit of offering increased security and protection for your home. Since metal gates are very strong, they could not be broken into, thus saving you from burglaries and thefts. Moreover, you can install different types of smart digital locks with these metal gates to provide you with added convenience and security features for your HDB home.

Beauty and elegance

We have touched on this aspect before as well that metal gates have a beauty and elegance of their own. Along with HDB main doors, metal gates can go with different types of interior designs including Victorian, rustic, contemporary, minimalist, luxurious, and many other design styles. You can even keep them in simple black color and still, they would match with any type of interior to further accentuate its appearance and glamor.

Adds value to the property

A gate that offers unmatched security, beauty, and durability to a house is bound to increase the value of the property. And this is exactly what a metal gate can do for your home. It can add value to your house in case you want to put it on the market. Prospective buyers always prefer those houses that have good security measures in place in addition to the beauty and elegance aspects.

Disadvantages of Metal Gates

With all these advantages of metal gates come some disadvantages as well. One must be aware of the disadvantages of metal gates and weigh the pros and cons and decide accordingly. Some of these disadvantages are discussed below:


Metal gates can be a bit expensive when compared to their counterparts such as wood, laminate, vinyl, or other types of doors such as timber doors. Although they may prove to be cost-effective in the long run considering their low maintenance costs and longevity, homeowners do have to pay the initial buying price which may seem expensive. Moreover, their installation also required professional expertise, which adds to the overall cost.

Sensitive to temperature

One more disadvantage of metal gates is that they are sensitive to temperature. In the winters, they can become extremely cold and in the summers, extremely hot. This can become a bit inconvenient as you may have a hard time even touching or locking/opening the gate in such extreme temperatures.

Lack of privacy

Metal gates have the disadvantage of lacking privacy for homeowners. Since metal gates usually comprise grills and intricate designs with large, hollow spaces between them, they are not a good choice if privacy is a concern. Anyone can completely look inside the premises in case of a metal door.


Because of the sheer weight and nature of the material, metal gates can be quite noisy. Even if someone bumps into it slightly, it will make a lot of noise. Not to forget the noise that it makes during the locking, unlocking, opening, and closing of the gate. If the hinges are not oiled regularly, they will also make a lot of noise during opening and closing movements.

No sound or heat insulation

Because of the open design of metal gates with large hollow spaces between their grills and panels, these gates are unable to provide any sort of sound or heat insulation. In the case of a HDB door, if you want to insulate your house from sound and heat, you will have to install an additional vinyl or wooden entrance door with a metal door to provide the necessary insulation.

Difficult installation

Metal gates and doors are relatively difficult to install as compared to other types of doors. For one thing, metal gates are quite heavy which makes it even more difficult to handle them during installation if you are not properly equipped. Moreover, if the gate is not installed properly, it can cause damage to even the house walls. So, professional gate experts’ help should be sought for metal gates’ installation which also adds to the overall costs.

Not eco-friendly

Another disadvantage of metal gates is that they are not eco-friendly in that metal is not biodegradable. With more and more awareness about environment-friendly and sustainable options, homeowners now prefer to make sustainable choices as much as possible.


Since a door serves several purposes, it is prudent that you consider your own preferences of what you want to achieve from your door. If you want a strong door that can allow protection from any kind of break-in or burglary attempt, then you need to opt for some kind of metal gate. Other features of the door such as the thickness of the grills, the locking mechanism, and the weight of the door will further allow you to narrow down your choices.


Another factor that you must consider when choosing a metal gate is its weight. For one thing, the weight needs to be considered in terms of installation; the heavier the gate, the more difficult will be its installation. Moreover, the weight of the gate should also be in accordance with the house’s walls and foundation strength.

Noise and heat insulation

A gate or door of an HDB can also be considered a barrier to noise, heat, and cold. If you want your HDB gate to provide you with the necessary sound or heat insulation, then a metal gate is a bad choice. A metal gate should only be considered if noise and heat insulation is not a requirement.

Design and protective properties

Another factor that should be considered while choosing a gate is its design and decorative properties. When opting for a metal gate, you can search for the different design properties of various types of metal gates. Then according to your home exterior and interior design, the main gate should be selected.

Locking mechanisms

Different types of locking mechanisms are now available for gates and doors. For example, the latest kinds of smart locks are a preferred choice for most homeowners in Singapore because of the convenience, added security, and customization that they offer. However, particular types of smart digital locks can only be installed on some particular types of gates and doors.

So always choose a gate wisely keeping in mind the kind of digital lock you wish to install in your home and then check to see if the lock is compatible with the gate that you intend to choose.

Fire Resistance

This is another important factor that must be taken into account when choosing a gate. Entrance gates and doors should ideally be fire-resistant. If that is one of your prime requirements, then you are better off choosing stainless steel or mild steel gates. Stainless steel is the best option for a fire-rated door since it cannot ignite and does not even melt until the temperature reaches 1400°C. Mild steel can also withstand fire for a considerable period of time but may lose its rigidity once cooled. Cast iron and wrought iron are the worst option in terms of fire resistance since they can break down into small pieces and fragments when the material cools down after a fire.

For homes and HDBs, there are many different options of gates available including wrought ironmild steel, aluminum, wood, and glass. Out of these options, metal gates (wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel) are the strongest as they provide homes with the necessary security and protection that homeowners require. The major factors that must be considered while choosing a gate are reliability and durability. Metal gates are able to fulfill both these requirements quite well.

Metal gates are highly durable and strong. A good metal gate installed with good craftsmanship by professional gate specialists can last many decades. We can even see metal gates as old as 800 years across the world, showing how long metal gates can last if properly fabricated and installed.

Metal gates are highly durable and long-lasting. They require little to no maintenance over the years. Therefore, you do not need to spend much on their maintenance or treatment like you would spend otherwise for a wooden door. This makes metal a popular choice of material to be used in gates.

In terms of durability and longevity, both aluminum and steel can be considered good choices. However, over time, steel can start to rust in some areas especially if the steel is not galvanized. On the other hand, aluminum is rust-resistant. We have also come up with an article if you want to compare the difference between mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron gates.

Metal gates are probably the strongest type of gates available. Although wooden doors are also considered very strong, their strength cannot be matched with a metal gate. It would require an extremely strong thing to be banged with much force into a metal gate to cause even a small dent in the gate.

Although metal gates are durable and long-lasting, they can rust over time. Especially the places where metal elements are welded or screwed together are more prone to rusting if protective measures are not taken effectively. In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, it is very important to take preventative measures against rusting for metal gates, otherwise, corrosion and rust can cause irreversible damage to the gates.

The cost of building a metal gate depends on various factors including the size of the gate, the material chosen, the design and patterns that you want in the gate, and its installation charges. A steel gate will be the most affordable followed by an aluminum gate. Wrought iron tends to be the most expensive form of metal gate because of the many designs and finishes it is available in. If you want a digital lock installed with the metal gate, it will increase the overall cost.

A metal gate can get quite heavy especially if it is a wrought iron gate. Aluminum and mild steel gates can be relatively lighter but still their installation requires professional expertise and therefore, should not be done yourself as a DIY project. If a door or gate is not installed correctly, it will cause the gate to get damaged much more quickly. Hence, professional installation should be carried out for the metal gates. Wrought iron gates are the heaviest type of metal gates and they should only be installed by professionals to reduce the risk of injury or incorrect installation.

A metal gate looks extremely classy as an entrance gate or door. However, this also means that it has to bear the harsh weather conditions in the form of sunlight, humidity, moisture, rain, and snow. If a metal gate is not cared for properly, it will start to deteriorate and may become too damaged for repair. In that case, you might have to replace the gate altogether. Therefore, it is always better to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of the gate to ensure it stays in its perfect shape for years.

Take into account the following tips as part of regular cleaning and maintenance of your metal gate:

  • Regularly clean the gate with a dry and damp cloth to remove all kinds of dirt from it.
  • Use a household soap or detergent to clean the gate once in a while. Be wary of strong chemical cleaning agents and abrasives.
  • Check for rust or corrosion regularly on the gate. If you notice even the slightest rust, remove it so it does not spread any further.
  • Make sure you apply a protective coating or primer to the gate. These rust-resistant paints and primers prevent rust from accumulating on the metal surface. Redo the paint or primer after every few months when you notice that they are starting to chip off.
  • Lastly, lubricate all the hinges, screws, and manual locks on the gate so they continue to move and operate smoothly.

Although wooden gates tend to be quite expensive as compared to other types of doors, if you choose a high-end metal gate like that of wrought iron gate, it may be even more expensive than a wooden gate. However, there are many affordable options in metal gates in the form of mild-steel and aluminum doors.

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