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Best Choice Of Wood Used For Doors in Singapore

Are you thinking of changing your HDB gate or bedroom doors? Let’s dive into the different types of wood used in Singapore’s door making to narrow down your options for your own door.

Solid Wood

Firstly, as the name says, solid wood – they are strong and solid by nature with a firm feel, therefore sturdy and weather resistant. Solid wood is known to value add our home according to buyers due to it’s ability to provide high level of security and long lasting composition. Do note that wooden doors are not suitable for toilet doors as they will affected by water.


  1. Very strong, solid and sturdy
  2. Value add to the resale value of your home
  3. Good fire resistance
  4. Good insulation


  1. Expensive
  2. May go out of shape due to the changes in humidity level

Solid Core

Solid core doors are also known as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). They are considered engineered wood product made with wood fiber that are obtained from breaking down hard and softwood. Following which, the fiber are glued together with wax and resin adhesive. Comparing to plywood, MDF is a level above it. They are denser, stronger and more durable. Thus, it has mostly similar characteristics as solid wood door and they can be found in many households!


MDF doors are heavier in weight and they make the cut to provide high level of privacy, noise control and a touch of elegance. They can be used for main doorsbedroom doors, toilet doors, kitchen doors to Fire-Rated-Doors. Thus, solid core doors can be your best pick which fits perfectly in between the other two alternatives!


  1. Cheaper price point than plywood
  2. Smooth surface throughout without any woodgrains and knots
  3. Consistent surface, without splinters or voids
  4. Good fire resistance
  5. Good insulation
  6. Vast design selections


  1. Heavy in weight
Hollow Vs Solid Core Door

Hollow Core

Hollow core doors are made of plastic or paperboard core with wood shell. Mainly used for interiors only such as bedroom doors. They can be commonly found in new Build-To-Order flats in Singapore as they are light in weight and easy to install. One way to know if it’s a hollow core door would be knocking on the door and you can hear a distinct difference when you do it on solid core or wood doors.


  1.  Least expensive
  2.  Light in weight, easy for installation


  1. May feel cheap/ low in quality
  2. Does not provide enough insulation against elements and easy to break
  3. Poor resale value
  4. Low in fire resistance

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