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5 Trendy HDB Door & Gate Themes for A Stylish Welcome

There’s no better way to make a statement with the front door of your home. It’s literally the first thing people notice, so it should add value to your home’s design. Having complementary door and gate designs for your home’s entryway is the foundation of your home’s overall interior design.

What are the standard sizes and materials of HDB main doors?

HDB main doors come in two prescribed sizes, either single-panelled 3×7 feet doors or double-panelled 4×7 feet doors. The doors of most BTO units are made of hollow core, which is comprised of a plastic or paperboard material. As these materials are cheap and lightweight, they are usually less durable and less resistant to fires, unlike fire-rated doors.

What are the types and materials of HDB main gates?

Before choosing a metal gate, you’ll need to know that there are three main types of gates available in the market, namely:

  • Privacy Gates
louvre gate
Louvre gate for privacy lovers

Privacy gates obscure onlookers’ view into your home while still promoting good air circulation. These gates usually have angled mild steel louvres, which ensures undisputed privacy for you and your family.

  • Designed Gates
mild steel gate3
A uniquely designed mild steel gate

From mesh to fishbone gates, front gates are reflective of the homeowners’ personalities. Be it quirky or minimalist, there are a plethora of aesthetic choices when it comes to personalised designs for front gates.

cat proof grill gate2
Gates with vertical designs and small gaps are ideal for homes with pets

These gates keep your pet safe within your home and prevent them from running astray. Ideally, the material should not have sharp uneven edges that could potentially hurt your furry friend.

  • Wrought Iron Gates
Wrought iron gate image 2
Wrought iron gate design

Wrought iron gates have a rustic character to them, especially with their unique metallic ornaments. Traditional designs usually include aluminium gates, though these are more common in private properties. Find out which material best suits your home’s gates.

What is The Style of Your Home?

Is your home a Scandinavian-inspired design? Modern-style interior design trends have defined straight lines, making darker colours better complement the theme. Minimalistic rooms would appreciate a lighter tone and warmer colours.

Ultimately, you want the door to blend in with the rest of the house. That’s the critical aspect. Go with your gut feeling.

Where Will Your Door Be Placed?

Are you looking to have a new front door? Side Door? Interior Door? HDB Main Door? Toilet Door?

Different styles land themselves in other homes for various purposes. Hence, they will also have specific furniture set to best partner up with.

main door with gate12

Grand double doors were picked to make a statement for the main entrance design. A good tip would be to decide on the design of your front door and its colors according to Fengshui before weaving your way into the home. This is especially useful in helping you keep within budget, as you can spend the most significant portion on the most important part of your home before allocating the remaining amount to the rest of the design.

Always keep in mind that choosing a door should be a fun process. It is a lifelong addition to your home, so enjoy the process of thinking of your dream design and watching it materialize in front of you.

Here are some of the following products that we carry:

  • Aluminium doors. Our aluminium doors are of high quality and grade. We have various options, from sliding doors to slide and swing doors, to cater to any home interior design or project. With our professional workmanship, we assure you maximum customer satisfaction.
  • HDB Fire-Rated Doors. We provide fire-rated doors of different fireproof grading and materials. Our materials range includes timber and metal. All our fire-rated doors comply with the authority’s requirements.
  • Main Doors and Gates. We are proud to present our main door and gate product lineup.
  • Bedroom doors. Our bedroom doors and laminate doors are sure to suit your wants and needs. Each door frame in the house varies in size and dimensions. With our professional door contractors, you will be able to find the door that you want.
  • Windows. In addition to doors and gates, we also carry window grill products to suit your needs. We also have different kinds of window designs for your choosing! Have a consistent theme and product outlook when ordering your door, gate and window from us.
main door with gate5

Ideas For a Well-designed Door

A home’s front door is often the most delicate aspect. A good front door provides a lasting and positive impression for anyone who sees or enters the home. In recent years, more and more door options and designs are entering the market.

Due to this, it is harder to decide which door is used best for your house.

However, if you are looking for ideas for a well-designed door, you can consider the following options and questions:

  • Size of your house – Does your house have enough space to cater to your interior design needs? Most houses would benefit from a single-panelled doorway. Larger houses are better off with a two-panelled doorway if there have larger corridors and multiple storeys.
  • Aesthetics of the house – some houses come prefabricated and furnished. They have a preexisting theme to work with. Distinctive styles are versatile enough to welcome additional elements.
  • Location of the furniture. The location also plays a great part in designing a home. Looking for inspiration from existing culture or your interior designer’s portfolio can be a good starting point for maximizing the use of your home and its furniture.
  • Security requirements – A door’s primary function is to keep unwanted people and things out. Hence, the security aspect of a door should influence your choice of a door. It is never a good idea to skimp on security in favour of aesthetics. It is simply not wise.
main door with gate and lock1

Doorways made from strong materials like hardwood will be sturdier and last longer. Avoid plastic or vinyl options for your doors, as these doors are riskier and easier to break in. For the latter option, having a digital lock would help reinforce your door’s security function.

Trendy design combinations

Rustic Industrial

Characterised by a raw unfinished look, rustic industrial gates are easily identified through their deep colour contrast. The front gates are usually in a dark ravishing colour, while the door is in a pale, neutral shade of white, cream, beige or grey. A marble laminate design also pairs well with black gates.

main door with gate3
main door with gate10
main door with gate11
ustic industrial gate with black metal and white door


If you have a minimalistic interior design of the house, then the simplest yet most beautiful door design will be a simple white paneled wooden door with no other color or details. If you choose this for the front door, you can add a small glass window with a similar white frame so you can view who is coming. The beauty of this simple white door can further be enhanced by placing a red flower pot or a green leafy plant with it. The entryway’s colour palette is typically monochromatic to accentuate the modern yet tranquil vibes of the home.

White paneled door with window

Along with a simple yet quirky typographic print of the unit number, this exterior evidently scores with fans of the minimalist movement.

wooden front door with a dark metal gate featuring a quirky, stylized unit number
Minimalist entrance with quirky unit number

Going along with the minimalist theme, one can utilise analogous colours like white and light grey for their home front. Representing purity and cleanliness, white makes a fantastic choice if you want to make your home feel bright and airy right from the get-go. In addition, carving out the unit numbers on the gate itself means you have one less accessory to compete for space.

White door, light gray gate

White and wood

A classic combination that adds a homely feeling to your humble abode, crisp white and warm wood is a show-stopping theme to consider for your front door and gate. Apart from inviting more light into your house, this is a versatile blend of colours that goes well with any interior design style.

White front door with wood accents
White & Wood: A timeless entryway

Nautical style

If you enjoy the 3S (sun, sand and sea), why not make your apartment feel like a no-frills beach retreat? Your metal gate’s colour is of utmost importance when executing these types of themed facades, and the homeowners made waves with their home’s exterior. Just standing by the doorstep already gives you a dreamy and carefree feeling.

Nautical entryway with blue metal gate and white anchor
entryway with blue metal gate side view

Adding A Touch Of Gold

What is the one colour that comes to your mind when you think of luxury and royalty? It is Golden! Famed as the colour of extravagance and prosperity, it is no surprise why gold is a trendy choice for front gates and doors. Add a touch of gold to your existing or new door to give it a modern and luxurious finish. This could be in the form of gold-painted motifs, geometric gold designs, or panels framed in golden colour. Golden colour and design work well with dark wooden shades. So even if you cannot afford a new door, just paint your old one in a dark wood shade and add some golden motifs or intricate designs to elevate your entrance.It is a universal colour that can stand the test of time, pairing well with any other forms, shapes and shades. Adding depth and allure to your front gate, these gold-plated door knobs and handles go great with a bronze-hued wrought iron gate.

Black front door with a gold handle
Black front door with a gold handle

Contemporary Wood Door With A Twist

A wooden door has its class and grandeur but how do you get a unique wood door that is different from simple ones? Add a vertical or horizontal glass insert in the middle! Through this glass, you can even see who your visitor is if you use this door as the front door of your home. You can choose a large glass insert or a narrower one according to your preferences but it will surely add a touch of uniqueness to a plain wooden door.

Make It Grand With A 3-Panel Door

If the overall design of your house boasts grandeur and luxury, you can choose a heavy wood door in the middle with glass panels on the top and each of the left and right sides. This will create a beautiful aesthetic mix of tradition and modernism which is bound to enhance the overall beauty and elegance of the house.

Add Mirror To A Wood Door

Just as you would add a glass insert in a wood door, you can also add a mirror. But to give a new groove, do not insert the mirror in the middle of the door. Choose a rectangle panel moulding wood door and add a full-length rectangle vertical mirror on one side of the door. This will create a unique outlook and can be used in a modern and a contemporary design house.

interior white door

Add Contrasting Panels In A Wood Door

Another way you can transform a simple wood door into a door that makes you go Wow is to add contrasting colour panels in the door. These panels could be in the form of traditional squares or rectangle patterns or you can keep it a bit simple by adding sleek horizontal panels at some distance on the door. The contrasting colours of the wood and panels will create a unique illusion and enhance the interior design. For example, you can choose a rosewood door with white panels or a light oakwood door with black panels.

Mix And Match Of Wrought Iron And Wood

Another way you can add a unique character to a wood door is to add ornamental details of wrought iron in a wood door. You can create wood panels in the door and get ornamental patterns of your choice made in wrought iron to be installed in the wooden panels. To add extra depth to the design, you can add a mirror, glass, frosted glass, or fibreglass inside the panel behind the wrought iron ornamental detail. These elements will work together beautifully to create an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping door design.

Wooden Carvings

Wooden carvings, whether furniture or doors, never go out of style. They offer a timeless class that very few designs can match. Even in modern architecture, wood carvings give a luxurious and contemporary feel. The intricate designs and carvings in a wooden door boast the craftsmanship of the manufacturers as well as the design sense of the homeowner. Wooden carved doors as HDB gates offer an antique yet grand and luxurious outlook that can set the tone for any interior whether contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, or classical design.

Glass Doors

Another option indoors that can add a modern touch to your entrance is to use a glass door. Glass can also be used as a kitchen door. A glass door has specific pros and cons which should be discussed before reaching a decision. On the one hand, it creates a modern look that goes perfectly well with a modern or Scandinavian interior design. Still, on the other hand, it has the disadvantage of compromising privacy. This problem can be solved to some extent by using frosted or tinted glass which will still offer the grace of a glass door. You can choose different glass colours for the door and create some intricate designs in them. You can also create a mix of a wooden and glass door with some wood panels whereas some panels are glass.

Grill Work Doors

Another option for front gates is to make a steel or iron door with intricate grillwork. This will not only offer a strong and sturdy door but will also make a beautiful and elegant door. Metal grillwork can also be added to a wooden door in the form of panels or a new layer fused on top of the wooden layer. Instead of wood as a layer with the grillwork, you can also opt for fibreglass, making the grillwork stand out.

main door with gate14

Ceiling To Floor Doors And Panels

One way to add luxury and grandeur to your house entrance is to add huge doors and panels that run vertically from the ceiling to the ground. Even if the door is a simple wooden one, if it runs from the ceiling to the floor, it will automatically make the space appear grand and modern. If you do not wish to create such a tall door, you can keep it the normal height but add wooden panels on its sides and the top to create a grand appearance. These panels can be wooden, glass, or any other material you choose.

Create Sidelights With Existing Doors

If you are tight on budget and do not want to spend too much on a new door, you can just create a sidelight with the existing door that will give it a new appearance. The sidelight runs vertically on one side of the door and is usually of glass that allows sunlight to flood in through it. You can even make the sidelight wooden by adding shelves; put in some decorative items and light it up with spotlights to create a beautiful spectacle.

Wise Lighting And Luxurious Passageway

One last piece of advice on making a grand appearance for the entrance of your home is to elevate your front door by using clever lighting choices like spotlights, track lights, and recessed lighting. If there are panels in it, add recessed and indirect lighting to accentuate those layers of architecture, adding an elegant yet unique touch to it. Make the passageways luxurious by adorning them with art pieces and wall art so they will work together with the doors to create a spectacular view. Check out AT Electrical If you are looking for a HDB electrician for your lighting installation needs.

Smart Features Integration

Incorporating smart technology into home designs has become a trend over the years. Devices such as smart locks, video doorbells and biometric access control systems are some of the popular integrations for HDB door and gate designs used by homeowners. Pairing with home automation platforms allow seamless control of door and gate systems alongside other smart devices.

Low Maintenance & Energy Efficient

As HDB doors and gate designs are highly customisable, homeowners can express their individuality by creating unique designs such as having energy efficient materials or child-friendly designs. It is important to note that different door materials have different maintenance requirements. Choosing a HDB door and gate that align with your lifestyle and design can help minimise the need of replacement or repair.

Take your pick

Choosing your front HDB gate and HDB main door is a critical decision, with many factors to consider such as colour, material and design. The options out there are aplenty, but you can start off by shortlisting a few eye-catching options that take into account durability and security. Discuss it with a trusted and experienced door supplier for potential customisations. In the long run, this will also give your home a greater curb appeal.

At Gate Door Window, we focus on turning your dreams into reality. If you’d like more varieties of fire-rated doors, main gates, HDB room doors, digital locks or window grills, contact us either by emailing or calling our office number today. We’ll provide you with advice and more design, and material ideas to build your dream home!

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