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hdb white window grilles with blinds

Window Grilles Singapore

Premium window grilles, HDB grilles done by HDB licensed contractor

Mild Steel

Our windows grilles are of high quality and sleek workmanship, reducing on visibility of wielding and uneven joints. We also provide grilles which are often found in residential units,. Customisation options are also available.

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a custom-made product according to customer specifications

We Are A BCA-Approved HDB Window Contractor for Singapore Homes

Our HDB windows grilles are of top quality, being fully customisable for design and dimensions. Here are some of the most common designs that we provide to our customers. We are catered to both residential units and commercial projects.

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Catered to doors in both residential units and commercial spaces. We also provide HDB main doorsfire doors and non fire rated doors. Get in touch with us now for promotion deals & bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Window Grilles are lightweight and easy to uninstall and install. Their grilles panel designs include horizontal or vertical bars and most styles come with a white powder-coated finish.
  • Wrought-Iron Grilles are also an excellent addition to homes who are looking to have a larger aesthetic role for their windows. They offer a different outlook that may complement your interior design
  • Aluminium Window can feature geometrical or abstract patterns, giving you more room for design. You can even come up with a customised unique design.

Our company is BCA Approved and we are a HDB registered contractor. We provide quality before and after sales service so you can have a peace of mind. Our pricing are transparent with no hidden charges or extra fees. You can check out our reviews from our past customers.

The window grilles price in Singapore usually ranges from $200 to $2000 for a window grill.


It is possible. Having window grills is an excellent way to make your windows more stylish and elegant. Given the advanced technologies in the world today, several manufacturers provide standard and customised configurations between panes and simulated dividers on the glass’s exterior to give off a more traditional feel.

The window grills served an important role where they held multi-paned windows together.

The window grills are served mostly for decorative purposes, and are placed in the middle of the panes of windows to give off a unique look or complement the designs of other windows. It is a way for owners to make their windows stand out from the rest of the homes.

Steel, Aluminium, and Iron are the most commonly used materials when making window grills. However, window grills are now usually made of steel due to their high durability and sturdiness.

Having window grilles in your HDB home in Singapore is not necessary. The Minister of State under the National Development and Defence stated that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) does not give window grilles a conventional function in HDB flats, whether sold or rented out. This is because they are not needed. 

It is possible to remove the HDB window grilles if there is an emergency under the HDB Singapore renovation regulations. However, they can only be removed temporarily until a new window grill is installed. This removal is allowed when there is damage to the grill, and the damages involved could be shattered and bent bars, dents and corrosions.

  • We are an HDB -licensed contractor for window grille replacement, installation and removal
  • Check our niche grille design and contact us if you are looking for a different or customised style
  • We can help you with the overall selection process, installation and grille replacement 
  • Installing and replacing window grilles keeps your family and home safe, placing a stronger sense of security. Having a sturdy grille provide safety and security for your home and office. 

A Quick Guide On Choosing Your Window Grilles

Choosing the correct type of window grille for your home is essential.

Grilles are an aesthetic and functional decision. Like your main doors, you have to be able to balance the aesthetic aspect and the practical aspect of the grilles.

Window grilles are mainly for safety reasons. Homeowners with young children or pets would find it a reassuring factor of a house, as it prevents the young ones and pets from climbing out the window. It also prevents animals like birds from entering the unit and harassing its inhabitants.

Every room needs proper ventilation, undoubtedly. Most contractors would suggest an average of 8-10% air ventilation. Proper window grilles can provide that for homeowners. They allow homeowners to open the windows without fearing compromising security and safety. Grilles are also easy to install, usually installed in under a day.

How to Choose the Right Window Panel

Choose the right window panel if you want to redo and renovate your window. Aluminium windows can make a home look more attractive and impressive. It is a popular option across Singapore. They are strong enough to withstand usage for a few years and are essential for homeowners to have in their units.

Choosing the Best Window Grilles

The designs of window grilles are usually easy and refreshing to see. These rooms can effectively increase the overall property value and enhanced functionality with the right set of fixtures and fittings.

A well-installed window grille can add a classic feel to your home design due to its straight clean, and minimalistic outlook. Victorian-inspired grilles often have more elaborate patterns that interior designers can use for inspiration or design. One of the most used options would be colonial grilles for grille layouts, which can make narrow and tall windows appear wider.

Window Grilles have a vast range of materials, finish, texture, and other factors. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you select the most suitable window grille for your home. Below are several tips and tricks to think about when making a choice.

Select the Best Material

If you want to have a uniform look for your house, select and commit to only one design style of window grille for your entire home You can play with multiple patterns, but try not to be too ambitious and have too much of a mix.
Placing a suitable grille between the insulated glass has become one of the most popular methods, even though there are several window grilles to choose from. It needs almost or even zero maintenance and allows for easy cleaning of its glass surface.
The majority of window manufacturers who carry grilles would be the exact colours of their windows. This is because complementary colours are popular, which is something worth noting for homeowners. You may also want to opt to finish your window grilles in various finishes, such as gold, metallic, or silver.
Grille is made of stainless-steel cord that makes it safe for everyone. This material prevents it from accumulating rust. That alone reduces the danger of it being a health hazard for pets. Pets might unknowingly lick or chew on grilles and suffer from health issues if there were to ingest rust particles.
Regardless of the material, a grille’s function is to keep everyone safe in the house. They create visual points of interest and are a relatively easy way to add some uniqueness to your home’s design.

Select the Best Colour

Soft and dark shades would depend on the interior design genre of your house. What would be the perfect colour for your home? A good starting point would be to inspect the colours of the curtains you use alongside the window grilles.

Does the colour of your curtain match the colour of the window grilles? Is it of the same colour tone?

The pattern of the curtain would also play an aesthetic role in determining the colour of the grille. For example, a hexagonal curtain design with sharp lines might benefit from the similarly straight and sharp lines of the window grilles.

Ultimately, you want your window and curtains to blend together to create the right tone and ambience for your home. The colour of your room makes up the ambience, and the window and curtains are meant to complement that by introducing a different type of colour into the mix.

  • Yellow and blue can mix well together to give the room a soft and calming atmosphere.
  • Red and orange are more ‘energetic’ in nature and can go well with yellow and pink. They tend to introduce a more vibrant theme and feel to the room.
  • Peaceful vibes can be found in the form of green or grey, but these two colours are challenging to match, so it is always suggested that homeowners consult interior designers on design advice.

A window colour needs to be able to suit the room’s style to enhance the space’s ambience. Choosing the right colours is a necessity for a nicely decorated room. Notably, the window colour should also match the colour of your main doors and bedroom doors

It is also important to remember that you can have different colours for your grilles on the outside and inside. It does take more work and time, but it is still a possible aspect that homeowners can explore. Of course, achieving that layer of complexity might also add to its costs.

Gate Door Window assures you the slimmest, most substantial, solid, and most durable aluminum window grill in Singapore.

We offer lightweight and easy-to-install window grilles. The grilles panel is customisable and can be made to your liking. We also have wrought-iron grilles for homeowners looking to make a more significant design statement with their window grilles. Aluminium windows are also another flagship product of ours. Their simplicity gives them more room for an interior designer to play around them when designing a home.

Contact us through email or our office number for more details for your home doors, windows, and main gates today!

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We deliver what we promise with good before and after-sales service. Our pricing is transparent with no gimmicks or hidden charges. Do check out our reviews from our past customers.

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