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Digital Locks

Digital Locks

Mild Steel

Our gates are of high quality and sleek workmanship, reducing on visibility of wielding and uneven joints. Materials finishing focuses on mild steel, makes our metal gates extremely durable. We provide customisation options as well.

Features: Powder Coated, Durable
Material: Mild Steel
Addons: Customizable
Dimensions: Request from us

Available upon consultation
a custom-made product according to customer specifications


We are accredited with several management bodies and partners to assure you with a safe experience with us.

Completed Digital Lock Projects

Here are our completed works featuring our top grading digital locks which are of high-quality materials and workmanship. You may view more digital locks from our Facebook page.

Our Digital Lock Brands in Singapore

With the advancement of technology across the various spheres of life, we see a rapid increase in the functionality and convenience that various gadgets and products offer. With an aim to bring ease and convenience into the users’ lives, these gadgets and electronic devices have brought it an unmatched level of revolution in our everyday lives. One of these technologically advanced devices that have become increasingly popular among homeowners in Singapore are the digital locks. Digital locks Singapore provide a keyless entry into the premises through a much more secure and convenient manner. Contrary to popular belief, the level of security that digital locks offer far surpasses the security offered by traditional locks.

At GDW, we are home to a wide variety of digital locks in Singapore. Whether you have an HDB, condo, or a landed property, we assure you that we have the right kind of digital lock for your home. With their sleek designs and advanced technology, these locks can provide easy and smart access to the residents and are compatible with all kinds of main doors, fire rated doors and mild steel gates.

Digital locks come with a variety of underlying locking mechanisms including deadbolt, mortise lever handle, and others. Similarly, the smart access mechanism can work in several ways to verify the identity of the incomer including electronic passwords, biometric identification, RFID card access, and other ways. Contact GDW today and enhance your home’s security by choosing a particular digital lock from our wide selection of digital locks Singapore.

Philips EasyKey

Philips Gate Lock

Philips Digital Door Viewer

Philips Digital Locks

Philips EasyKey DV001 4


For more than 90 years, Schlage has been creating the strongest and most technologically advanced security products for homes, multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings. They have been meticulous designers, painstaking engineers, and proud craftsmen.

S-6000 2


At Hafele, keeping people safe is our number one business priority. Whether that is looking after our employees, our customers, our partners or the community around us, we pride ourselves on doing business in a safe and sustainable way.

Hafele Digital Door Lock 7600 3


Kaadas was born in Germany, Velbert. With more than 30 years of dedication in the lock industry, the company is known as the leading manufacturer of high-end smart digital locks.



Lockin secures a foothold in cutting-edge smart locks technology and deep manufacturing expertise, and aim to improve consumer lives through smart home.


Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Locks

The rise of smart technology has offered the world innovative solutions and products that aim to provide convenience and ease of use. Digital door locks offer a keyless entry to your home by allowing access through numeric codes, RFID card keys, biometrics including fingerprints, iris recognition, facial recognition, and other types of passwords. A digital lock can offer great convenience as people need not worry about carrying their keys around. Moreover, all members of the family can easily enter the home without worrying whether they have a spare key or not or if they misplaced their key.

Also, digital locks offer greater security since it is almost impossible for such a lock to be picked or tampered with. These locks can also be programmed with the overall security system of the house. Furthermore, many of them can be accessed through apps from your mobile or other smart devices, giving you a sense of control and convenience in your hands.

When talking about types of digital locks, there are two things to consider: the underlying locking mechanism type and the digital system that allows the lock to open in case the security check is verified. This way we can categorize the types of locking mechanisms in the following ways:

Mortise Lever Handle: The mortise lock is the most common type of lock used in Singapore. A rectangular hole is cut out from one side of the door where this lock is inserted and installed. It has a one-piece design with its own handle and locking mechanism. Any digital security system can be installed with this type of lock.

Deadbolt: A deadbolt is a type of cylindrical lock in which the handle is separate from the locking mechanism. For installing this lock, two holes are cut out in the door where the handle and lock are inserted and fitted. The deadbolt is considered a more secure and durable option than the mortise as it is made from a thicker and heftier material. A digital lock deadbolt is a popular choice of smart locks among homeowners in Singapore.

Rim lock: A rim lock differs from a mortise in that it comes with a separate handle and locking mechanism. The mechanism comprises a lock and latch system where the body of the lock is attached to the surface of the door. A bracket is inserted into the door frame where the lock gets locked. This is a relatively older type of locking mechanism. Nevertheless, this system can also be installed with a digital smart lock, especially for outer metal gates.

Gate Door Window sells all of these types of digital locks to suit all of your home security needs.

As discussed earlier, there could be different mechanisms through which a digital lock can verify before allowing entry inside. These different security mechanisms are discussed below:

Electronic Keypad: This is the most common type of mechanism used in digital locks where the homeowner has to create a security code – a few-digit long numeric code that will be used by the lock to grant access inside the home. To open the door, you simply have to enter the correct code upon which the door will open automatically. However, if the code is not right, the lock will not open at any cost. This is a fail-safe, secure, and relatively cheap digital lock option in Singapore.

Biometric: Biometric security mechanisms are used in some digital locks to provide added security to your main door and legitimate entry into the premises. Biometric options include fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, and retina recognition. These systems are relatively more expensive than electronic keypad systems.

RFID Cards: RFID or radio frequency identification is another innovative technology that uses radio frequency to lock/unlock a timber door. The radio frequency, when it comes in close proximity to the lock, will automatically open the door without you having to enter a passcode. Although it provides a keyless entry into the house, you still need to carry the card just like a key.

Bluetooth: Another innovative type of lock uses Bluetooth technology to grant access inside the premises. The Bluetooth lock has to be paired with a smart device that you possess, so whenever you are near the lock and have your device, the Bluetooth from the smart device will help unlock the door using this technology.

Unsure what you prefer? Book an appointment with us today and come down to our showroom to try out all these digital locks for yourself!

Advantages of digital locks

There are several advantages of using digital locks for your home or office.

Convenience: One of the most significant advantages of digital locks is the amount of ease and convenience they provide. They offer a keyless entry where you do not have to worry about carrying keys around or fearing being locked out in case you lose the keys. The door gets automatically locked when you exit the premises. The additional features and options further add to the convenience making them a preferred choice of locks for people in Singapore.

Security: Digital locks offer an added level of security since anyone can only open the door or main gate by providing the right access code or providing the right biometrics. There is no fear of the door keys being duplicated or any intruder gaining access through a duplicate key. Such locks can also be integrated with additional security systems to set off an alarm and alert the authorities in case someone tries to tamper with the system. Moreover, there are additional safety features in some locks like one-time access codes, dual entry options and others.

Customization: Digital locks offer a wide range of options to the users for customization such as changing the access codes on demand, allowing multiple entry options, and others.

Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing: Digital smart locks come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs, colors, and styles which give homeowners ample options to choose the ones that best go with the overall interior and exterior of their house. Check out these 5 trending HDB front door and gate design themes if you’re unsure of which style to get to match your new digital lock. These modern-looking locks can help enhance the house’s appearance and complement your metal gate, and make a style statement.

Multiple Authorizations: With a traditional lock, you would have to make multiple keys for all members of the house to allow them to enter and exit by themselves. However, with a digital lock, you just have to share the access code or save multiple biometric details in the system to allow all those people to enter the home whenever they want.

Reset Options: Digital locks offer further convenience through a reset option in case you want to reset the previous information and save new authorization data.

Disadvantages of Digital Locks

Although digital locks provide a number of advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well.

Costs: Digital locks come at higher costs as compared to traditional locks. Although one might find a few cheap digital locks in Singapore, they may not offer many features or may compromise on quality. So to choose a more durable option, you will have to go with an expensive lock that will cost you more than a traditional one.

Difficult Installation: Digital locks require expert installation skills that only qualified locksmiths can provide. All parts of the system must be installed precisely with accurate measurements to ensure proper function and avoid any malfunctions. Some locks are easier to install but still, not every locksmith can do it.

Malfunctions or Technical Glitches (non-recognition): There is always a chance of a digital lock malfunctioning and not recognizing the user, especially in fingerprint, voice, and face recognition features. If the electric lock runs only on the power supply, the whole system can shut down in case of a power failure which means you might get locked in or locked out of your home for indefinite periods of time till the power returns.

Forgetting the Access Code: In the case of a digital lock with a numeric access code, there is always a chance for you to forget the code, especially if you go on a trip for a few days and return later. In such a case, there will be the added nuisance where you will have to go through the process of resetting the system and finally be able to enter your home.

If you want to choose the best digital lock for your home in Singapore, you must keep in mind the following tips.

  • The first step for choosing the best digital lock for your home is to identify the type of lock already installed on your door. If you want to get a new lock and wooden door, then you have the option to choose freely from all the digital locks. Otherwise, the digital lock must match the type of lock already installed on your door be it mortise, rim, or deadbolt.
  • Another factor to consider while choosing a digital smart door lock is its price. Digital locks can range anywhere from S$200 to S$1000. The low price may tempt you but always check the security features and durability of the lock before making a final decision.
  • Another factor to consider is the security features of the digital lock. A numeric access code lock is easier to install and quite simple, but it may not offer the level of security that you may desire. You may opt for two-way authentication for added security. So keep this factor in mind and choose the lock that best fulfills your security requirements.
  • One more factor that is equally important to consider is the durability of the lock. You want the lock to last for years, so choose the lock that is able to withstand the test of time.
  • Lastly, choose a lock that you think would best resonate with the interior and aesthetics of your home. These days, digital locks in Singapore come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. So, choose the one that helps create a beautiful aesthetic for your home. You can also match your lock to the design of your HDB main door or color of your HDB gate to maintain the overall theme.

When choosing a digital door lock to buy in Singapore, you can choose from the most popular brands or visit trusted lock suppliers. Below are some of the most popular brands and digital locks in Singapore from which you can choose:


Samsung digital door locks are a popular option that comes in many different locking mechanisms including push-pull, mortise, deadbolt, and rim locks. The locks come in a variety of designs and unlocking methods including access codes, RFID cards, smart app integration, and a mechanical key. Moreover, some Samsung locks feature built-in alarm systems that can deactivate the system for several minutes in case of multiple attempts. Also, some models include built-in sensors to detect high temperatures and send alerts through the mobile app in case of a fire. Samsung digital locks price can be anywhere from S$300 to S$1000+ depending on the type of features they offer.

All in all, Samsung digital locks are a good choice because of their ease of use, value for money, innovative features, and stylish designs.


Philips is another trusted brand of digital locks in Singapore that provides users with a convenient and user-friendly way through its durable and ergonomic locks. The Philips EasyKey series allows up to 100 fingerprints to be stored in the system for allowing access. Through the automatic locking system, you can simply close the door while going outside and it would lock itself. Several different models are compatible with push-pull, deadbolt, and mortise-style locks. Through multiple entry options such as RFID, access code, fingerprint recognition, and mechanical keys, these digital locks are a must-have for your home.

Check out our Philips EasyKey models such as 51005100K61007300910092009300DV001.


Kaadas digital locks are a popular choice of homeowners in Singapore owing to their easy installation, sleek designs featuring aluminum and tempered glass, four smart access modes, and other options that provide users with a seamless and convenient experience. Kaadas locks are an affordable choice where you can get a bundle of door + locks in around S$700 and above. Check out our digital lock selection in Singapore, Kaadas K30 3D Face RecognitionKaadas K30 Digital LockKaadas RX-CKaadas R7-2Kaadas R6G (Gate)Kaadas R6Kaadas M9Kaadas L7Kaadas K9.


Bosch has been a well-known technology and engineering brand worldwide as well. Started since 1886, this German company has been producing cutting edge technology that can be used by everyday people, and their digital locks are no exception.


Yale has been in the locks business for many years now. Over the years, they have continuously innovated and revolutionized their products to provide state-of-the-art and technologically advanced solutions to users. Its models feature sleek designs, automatic locking, break-in alarms, fake IDs entry, and others. Moreover, some models even allow up to 30 different cards and 70 different pin codes to be created.


Another popular digital lock brand that features superior German technology is Starke. With its incredibly fast response time and multiple unlocking methods, this lock offers convenience and ease at your fingertips. It also features anti-malware protection that prevents the system from being breached in case of a hacking attempt. Various sensors detect the slightest abnormality and send notifications and alerts to the users.


Gateman is one of the more affordable brands of digital locks in Singapore with a durable and reliable lock coming at about S$400. It features multiple unlocking methods including RFID, fingerprint, and numeric passcodes. One of the most significant features of some of this brand’s models is the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Instead of a separate area for this sensor, the handle of this lock features the sensor on itself. Hence, you would not need to apply the fingerprint at the sensor first and then open the handle. You simply try to open the handle and your fingerprint would automatically be scanned during the process and allow you entry if a match is found.


Eazae digital locks are another popular choice of digital locks that homeowners in Singapore prefer. They come in a variety of designs and models, each featuring different unlocking access methods. With safety features like automatic locking, fire safety function, anti-theft alarms, and Google Home and Assistant integration over Wifi, this digital lock is second to none. Moreover, the aesthetically pleasing designs and colors of the various models give ample choice of selection to the users.

Many homeowners have the fear of being locked out of their apartment in case they forget their password or their RFID card etc. Although there are contingency ways in which a digital lock can grant access in such situations, another option is to utilize the services of a locksmith. As technological advancements in digital and smart locking systems improved, the locksmiths have adapted accordingly. Locksmiths now possess the expertise and technology to work with such digital locking systems.

In case you have a digital lock installed in your home in Singapore and now you wish to remove it and reinstall it in your new apartment, then that is possible. You can remove digital locks from one door and install it on any other door. However, since additional holes are drilled in the door while installing the digital lock, the door from where the lock is removed will have holes and something would need to be done to cover them up.

The terms digital and smart locks are often used interchangeably whereas in reality, they refer to different types of locks. A digital lock offers a basic security solution in which keyless entry is guaranteed into the premises through digital verification methods. On the contrary, a smart lock offers a more comprehensive and smarter security solution where it integrates with other smart home devices in your HDB or condo. Through bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration, these smart locks can get customized according to user preferences and allow remote access to the locking system to grant or deny access as required.

Although digital locks offer a wide range of enhanced security features, these locks need to be cared for properly to ensure that they keep on working fine. On average, you can expect a digital lock to work immaculately for 5+ years if cared for properly.

Not all digital locks need Wi-Fi for their operations; in fact, just some of the smart locks need a Wi-Fi connection for their full operations. Other types of digital locks usually use Bluetooth for connectivity with your phone or other smart device. Although Wi-Fi enabled smart locks offer many more comprehensive and advanced security features and integration, they are more susceptible to hacking.

A digital lock offers the same level of security as a traditional lock does and hence, can be used safely for the main door of an HDB, condo, or landed property in Singapore. However, the quality and material of the digital lock also play a very important role in deciding whether it offers the required security or not. Always make sure that you select a good quality digital lock of a reputed brand from authorized vendors for your doors.

While on the one hand, technological advancements have opened new horizons in all fields of life, the data and smart devices have become more vulnerable to hacking. A smart lock, just like other smart devices, can be hacked by an individual by gaining unauthorized access to the device through Wi-Fi or bluetooth. The hacker can then control the lock and make customized changes according to their own will.

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