A Quick Guide On Choosing Your Window Grilles

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A Quick Guide On Choosing Your Window Grilles

It is important to choose the correct type of window grille for your home.

Grilles are an aesthetic and functional decision. Like your main doors, you have to be able to balance the aesthetic aspect and the functional aspect of the grilles.

Window grilles are mainly for safety reasons. Homeowners with young children and/or pets would find it a reassuring factor of a house, as it prevents the young ones and pets from climbing out of the window. It also prevents animals like birds from entering the unit and harassing its inhabitants.

Every room needs proper ventilation, undoubtedly. Most contractors would suggest an average of 8-10% air ventilation. Proper window grilles can provide that for homeowners. They allow homeowners to open the windows without the fear of compromising on security and safety. Grilles are also easy to install, usually being installed in under a day.

How to Choose the Right Window Panel

If you are looking to redo and renovate your window, be sure to choose a suitable window panel. Aluminium windows can make a home look more attractive and impressive. It is a popular option across Singapore. They are strong enough to withstand usage for a few years and is absolutely essential for homeowners to have in their unit.

Choosing the Best Window Grilles

Window Grilles normally come in designs that are truly comfortable and refreshing to look at. And with the right set of fixtures and fittings, these rooms can effectively provide a substantial increase in overall property value as well as enhanced functionality.

A well-installed window grille can add an elegant look to your home design, due to its straight clean and minimalistic outlook. Victorian-inspired grilles often have more elaborate patterns that interior designers can play on for inspiration or design. Colonial grilles are the most common choice for grille layouts are they are able to make narrow and tall windows appear wider.

Window Grilles may come in a wide variety of materials, finish, texture, and other factors. So, to make sure that you obtain the right window grille for your home, below are some helpful tips that you can consider when making the choice.

Select the Best Material

GateDoorWindow Window Grille

To create a uniform look for your home, select and commit to a single style of window grille throughout your home. You can play with multiple patterns but try not to be too ambitious and have too much of a mix.   

Although there are different types of window grilles available, one of the most popular methods of choosing the right grille is to place the grille between insulated glass. This type of grille requires little to no maintenance and comes with the benefit of having an easy-to-clean glass surface.

Most window manufacturers carry grilles that are in the same colours as their windows. This is because complementary colours are popular, which is something worth noting for homeowners. You may also want to opt to finish your window grilles in various finishes, such as gold, metallic or silver.

Grille made of stainless-steel cord that makes it safe for everyone. This material prevents it from accumulating rust. That alone reduces the danger of it being a health hazard for pets. Pets might unknowingly lick or chew on grilles and suffer from health issues if there were to ingest rust particles.

Regardless of the material, a grille’s function is to keep everyone safe in the house. They create visual points of interest and are a relatively easy way to add a unique look to your home’s design.

Customise Your Own Design with Us

Select the Best Colour

Window Grille

Soft shades and dark shades would depend on the interior design genre of your home. What would be the perfect colour for your home? A good starting point would be to inspect the colours of the curtains that you use alongside the window grilles.

Does the colour of your curtain match the colour of the window grilles? Is it of the same colour tone?

The pattern of the curtain would also play an aesthetic role in determining the colour of the grille. For example, a hexagonal curtain design with sharp lines might benefit from the similarly straight and sharp lines of the window grilles.

Ultimately, you want your window and curtains to blend together to create the right tone and ambience for your home. The colour of your room makes up the ambience, and the window and curtains are meant to complement that by introducing a different type of colour into the mix.

  • Yellow and blue can mix well together to give the room a soft and calming atmosphere.
  • Red and orange are more ‘energetic’ in nature and can go well with yellow and pink. They tend to introduce a more vibrant theme and feel to the room.
  • Peaceful vibes can be found in the form of green or grey, but these two colours are difficult to match, so it is always suggested that homeowners consult interior designers on design advice.

A window colour needs to be able to suit the style of the room in order to enhance the ambience that the room creates. Choosing the right colours is a necessity for a nicely decorated room. Importantly, the window colour should also match the colour of your main door and room doors

It is also important to remember that you can have different colours for your grilles on the outside and inside. It does take more work and time, but it is still a possible aspect that homeowners can explore. Of course, the process to achieve that layer of complexity might also add on to its costs.


Gate Door Window assures you the slimmest, strongest, most solid and durable aluminium window grill in Singapore.

Window Grille 2 HDB

We offer lightweight and easy-to-install window grilles. The grilles panel are customisable and can be made to your liking. We also have wrought-iron grilles for any homeowners who are looking to make a larger design statement with their window grilles. Aluminium windows are also another flagship product of ours. Their simplicity gives them more room for an interior designer to play around them when designing a home.

Contact us for more details for your home doors, windows and main gates today!


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HDB Main Door Design Trends

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HDB Main Doors Design Trends

Social media, magazine issues and many other platforms are rife with designs that are in trend at the moment. This includes door designs, which should not be overlooked as they can make a striking first impression on your home, especially when it comes to your main door.

Painting can give you a quick and easy method to add a sense of personality to your home, and upgrade the look of your house is to paint the main door.

Here are some current door design trends that you can consider when designing your home.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design


Personalise your design.

Whether it’s a classy glass door, a uniquely patterned wood door or a gigantic door, you should be given the option to create a dream door that is accurate to what you want. There are plenty of ways you can personalize a door to make it such that you can uniquely call it your own.

As doors are the first part of your home’s design that guests see, it can create a deeply lasting impression. As such, large doors have become part of the trend right now to make a grand entrance. If you are looking to add more lighting to your space, as well as add a bit of colour to your surroundings, you can consider adding a decorative glass option that has glass with colour.

With over a thousand options to choose from and plenty of customisable designs available, any homeowner is sure to find the right fit of door design for their own personal taste.

Don’t be traditional.

Multi-functional door designs are becoming more popular recently. Compared to the less exciting design of a traditional door that swings out, unique designs like sliding doors and pocket doors are gaining popularity.

They can be used in different parts of your home, from your bedroom door to the washroom toilet door, and can help to add your personal style and charm to the design of your home. In modern designs, a pivoting door located at the entrance has also become rather popular.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Emphasise clean and sleek lines.

Contemporary interior design is fluid and flexible to change. However, one aspect that stayed in the design is the emphasis on clean lines. Flush doors are an example of this design aesthetic and can provide your home with a clutter-free and unique look and complement your window grille design choice.

You can personalise your flush door by picking the type of wood that goes into the design. This includes different layouts or incorporating multiple wood textures to create a door design that is truly one of a kind.


Wood is Good

Wood doors are a classic design choice for almost any home. Just like snowflakes, which are unique in each of their designs, each wood door design is unique and natural – a perfect addition to your home. Wood doors are also extremely durable and versatile in their design uses. There are even timbre fire-rated door variants.

Wood doors are available in a variety of colours and can be stained to take on a darker colour based on your preference. Whether it’s a barn-like aesthetic or a grand double door, wood doors can fit into several different types of homes.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design


Factors that Can Affect the Overall Condition of Your Doors

The performance of doors may not solely depend on their material, but it is a huge contributing factor to their service life. Doors that are made to be durable have material that can withstand and resist heat, moisture and blunt force. Dust, dirt and stains may also compromise the structural integrity of doors.

Poorly maintained doors have their security aspect compromised. This affects their quality and usability. That being said, no amount of cleaning and maintaining can help doors challenge the test of time and prolong their service life indefinitely. 

Ageing of doors weakens their durability and function, making it an immediate priority for homeowners to make the change.

Installation of doors, if done poorly, can also lead to a poor condition of your door. Consider hiring a reliable and professional door installer to assure your installation needs are carried out dutifully. A perfectly installed door can grant homeowners better cost savings, lesser worries and longer service life for your door.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Replacing Your Door

Whether you are replacing the HDB main door due to aesthetic or functionality, it is important to know that your next front door should be a huge upgrade.

Here are five things to consider when replacing your front door:

  • Material – The choice of which material you want to use is a crucial decision when you change your door. The exterior door will usually be made of either wood, fibreglass or metal. Each material comes with its own benefits and costs.
  • Lock. Doors locks are commonly overlooked and forgotten. You have to consider – do you need to change your lock? Re-install the same one? Or upgrade to a keyless digital lock? Do you need an additional aspect to your door security? Your door also has to provide you with sufficient privacy. Pay extra attention to the material and door openings that might affect this aspect of your door.
  • Aesthetics – What first impression do you want your home to give your visitors? Does it mix well with your window grille? Customised front doors can give your home a different unique vibe to your home. Embrace and dive into the various colours, frame designs and materials available for you.
  • Budget. There are so many different types and options for homeowners. However, they will float at different price points. Take a few moments to access the flexibility of your budget before making a purchase.


A front door should add value to your home. Together with the gate, homeowners should utilise its material to give your home the best value in terms of security, aesthetic and durability.

Of course, aesthetics matter but make sure the above are ticked off your list before making a purchase. With so many different types on the market, choosing the right design will definitely be tough – homeowners may face decision paralysis! After all, the front door is one of the first things people see and a wrong choice can ruin curb appeal or even take a chunk off your home’s selling price.

Hopefully, this article helped narrow down your choices.

Talk to our professional door suppliers at GateDoorWindow to help you with any further enquiries.

The Best Feng Shui Colors For Your HDB Main Door

Colourful doors choose HDB main door

The Best Feng Shui Colors For Your HDB Main Door

A peaceful and contented life is all about creating harmony, balance, and positive vibes in all aspects of a person’s living. Among other things, this includes the house that he or she lives in and how it is designed to produce positive energy and calming effect.

After all, it is the place where one spends the most time, so it is only logical that it should be an abode where one feels calm, contended, and at peace.

When one talks about creating harmony and balance, the concept of Feng Shui comes to mind. Feng Shui is the traditional practice, which has its roots in China, that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Incorporating Feng Shui elements into your house can help to create the perfect balance of harmony and elegance that will make your house the perfect abode.

When designing an HDB home based on Feng Shui principles, there are several areas where you can incorporate its rules and elements. One of such areas is the doors of the house, particularly the main door.

The main door of your HDB sets the mood for you and others when you enter. It is also the last thing that you see when you leave your house for work and other activities. Therefore, you would want it to be the perfect blend of harmony and balance so your mind can be soothed and be at peace before entering or leaving the house.

One of the most important aspects of designing a front door is to choose its colour. Colour plays a very important role in Feng Shui principles and can help to produce good energy and positive vibes. Below, we will describe some of the ways in which you can choose colors so that not only are they attractive and go with the overall theme of the house but also be of significance from Feng Shui perspective.

Brown – Balance and Stabilization

This is the colour we are most familiar with in Singapore. For us, the default HDB main door comes in a certain shade of brown. The brown color is connected to the “Earth” element in Feng Shui.

It represents the balance, stabilization, and nurturing of Mother nature. Brown is an earthly colour that automatically connects you to nature and you feel a sense of balance and harmony that you

see all around in nature. Brown colour as a front door or bedroom door can help you connect with your family through the stability and harmony that it offers. It also acts as an attractor of positive energy.


Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Black – Wisdom and Depth

In Feng Shui, black colour is connected to the “water” element and is representative of wisdom and depth. Water flows easily and takes the shape of its container which represents networking and social connections.

Black absorbs and attracts, therefore it attracts and brings in positive energy. It can be a supportive colour for building friendships and relationships. A black front door also looks quite sophisticated and elegant while giving out positive vibes.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Red – Warmth and Passion


Red colour, in Feng Shui, is connected to the “fire” element which is representative of warmth, passion, and inspiration. It is considered to be a powerful colour for protection which can ward off negative energy. Red is a very bright and bold colour that is easily visible from a distance.

If you want your front door to stand out among the other doors, then red is the way to go. From a Feng Shui perspective, it attracts opportunities and positive energy and helps you get noticed by making a bold statement.

Yellow – Stability

The yellow colour is also connected to the “Earth” element in Feng Shui, but it offers a relatively different vibe than brown because of its bright and fun side. In addition to adding the stability and grounding properties of Earth, the yellow colour in the front door of your HDB is also able to uplift your mood and give a very cheerful welcome whenever you enter your home through this front door.

Green – New Beginnings

In Feng Shui, the green color is connected to the “wood” element which is representative of new beginnings and growth. It also connects you with nature and makes you feel the peace and calm that one would experience in the company of mother nature.

Having a green door as your main door is like inviting new opportunities for growth and prosperity in life. It gives you positive energy that lets you see new horizons and opportunities to expand. From an aesthetic point of view, green color is neither too bright nor too dull and gives a very neutral and balanced outlook.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Gray – Joy and Purity

The gray color, just like white, is connected to the “metal” element in Feng Shui which represents joy and purity. The gray color is also considered a supportive color for inviting helpful people and benefactors into your life. It also represents travel, thus helping to open up more opportunities for travel.

If you think that the white color of the metal element is just too plain and washed out for you, then try opting for gray. It will add a bit of depth to your design while still offering all the properties of white color and more. It will not look too dull and definitely does not appear too bold and bright, thus creating the perfect balance of harmony and sophistication.

White – Cleanliness and Purity

In Feng Shui, the white color is connected to the “metal” element which represents cleanliness and purity. This metal element is related to communication and joy. By adding a touch of white in any element of interior design, you are sure to add a touch of joy and purity. If you want to invite joy, positive energy, and communication into your life, then painting your home main door with this colour is the best option for you.


Blue – Growth

The blue color is connected to the “wood” element in Feng Shui which represents growth and new beginnings. Apart from that, blue is also the color for knowledge and self-cultivation. It enables a person to acknowledge his skills and helps support their cultivation and opens up opportunities to invest in those skills.

You can use any shade of blue but the deep shades of blue are usually representative of these qualities. If you feel that a deep blue shade gives a very dull and boring outlook, then you can go for a relatively bright shade of blue which will represent all these qualities without making you feel blue!


Salmon – Harmony

The salmon color is a combination of yellow and orange or yellow and red which creates a unique combination of earth and fire elements.

This combination is quite harmonious which helps to bring in good energy and wards off negative energy. Choosing a salmon-coloured front door can help you create a sense of abundance and encourage conversation in a positive and harmonious environment.

Lavender – Calm and Peace

This is a mix of blue and purple, thus it combines the qualities of both these colors to offer a sense of calm, spirituality, contemplation, and quiet.

If you want to add a very calm, peaceful, and spiritual space in your home, try choosing a lavender front door for your HDB.


Turquoise – Liveliness

Turquoise is a combination of blue and green colours, thus it connects with both the wood and water elements in Feng Shui.

It offers the growth qualities of blue and the liveliness quality of green, thus making it a perfect front door option for someone who wants a space that allows movement and growth.

By choosing any of the above-mentioned colours for your main door, you can add an element of style to your interior design. Of course, colour is just one element when choosing the front door of your HDB.

There are several other elements that play a role as well such as the construction material of the door, its shape and size, its other design details and fixtures.

Other things such as colour coordination with your main gate will also be crucial to the overall aesthetics and perceived feng shui. 

However, if the colour is not right, then all the elements of the door design will also go to waste and they will not be able to offer the type of energy and balance that you expect.

If you’d like more in-depth and thorough fengshui, you can also consider colours for your home window grille or bedroom door as well. 

Disclaimer: All materials in this article are not intended to replace professional advice from a qualified Fengshui or Buddhist practitioner. The practices and information listed in this article are to be used at the reader’s own discretion and liability. This website and blog article assumes no liability of damages or responsible in any manner for damage of property or bodily harm resulting from any information or materials provided herein. 

How to pick an HDB Bedroom door?

HDB bedroom door Gate Door Window

How to Pick a HDB Bedroom door?

Select The Best Material

Bedroom doors may come in different materials. Wooden doors and timbre doors are popular options as they do not warp easily, even in a warm climate country like Singapore. Steel doors, on the other hand, introduce a modernised metallic look that is unparalleled in nature. However, being metal products, they remain prone to rust and corrosion.

HDB bedroom door Gate Door Window

Take the Mainstream Selection

If you are not sure what HDB main door design you want for your bedroom door, choose the commonly selected options. Whether if it is a wooden or metallic door, pick a door of popular material, colour and texture. Consult our professionals and we can help you create a door that will fit into a wide variety of designs for your home.

A bedroom should be a relaxing and safe space.

If your door design and colours are too bold and bright, it can often cause unneeded distractions and draw you away from the peaceful solace of your bedroom. Hence a classic design is almost always the safest option to fall back upon.

Contemporary HDB Bedroom Doors

Contemporary Interior Design is a popular option for Singapore homeowners. Many HDB homeowners fancy the clean and sleek lines that are usually employed in this interior design genre. For a contemporary bedroom door design, you can personalise doors with organic materials such as glass or marble tiles to create a unique and one-of-a-kind bedroom door.

Frost glass doors are another option to help increase the amount of privacy for your bedroom. They are often available in many designs and have customised patterns to help you have better control over the type of HDB bedroom door you want.

Bedroom Door

Multi-use Bedroom Doors

While the traditional approach has always been a linear one, multiple application doors are becoming increasingly popular. New home designs and remodels begin to introduce various applications to the house.

Sliding doors are a common feature to be incorporated with bi-fold doors and pocket doors. Half sliding doors are becoming more of a norm in order to save precious home space.

Customise the Outlook of Your Door

When you choose a personalized, high-quality door from us, you can expect it to stand the test of time. Apart from the size, shape, colour, material and design of your door, you can still have a very large range of options to customise your door.

With virtually endless possibilities for door design, it can be slightly overwhelming for homeowners. You might face decision paralysis. Hence it is important for you to contact door professionals to guide you on your door design journey. You will also have to take into account the design and colours of your main gate that is in front of the door. 

Save Space with BiFold Doors

Installation of custom bi-fold doors is a viable option for homeowners that are looking to save space and create more storage area for their home needs. Bifold doors have a slim profile in the way they open and fold, which can help you optimise for an HDB home that has limited space.

Hinged doors, a common option, on the other hand, has lesser room for space-saving. However, they are easy to find and install and can hold significant aesthetic value, due to the common nature of hinged doors. They look to be in their natural habitat, no matter which interior design they are in.

Sliding doors are inspired by Japan, with the most popular sliding door being the Japanese shoji. Recent years have seen Thai and Korean sliding doors introduced into the market to revolutionise the door design industry. Sliding doors create a larger door area and space for you to move around, as compared to hinged doors.

Gate Door Window Aluminium Door HDB BTO



Get the Right Dimensions

When choosing the best bedroom door for your home, you must obtain the exact dimensions of your door opening and space allowance. There are instances where homeowners would miscalculate and provide the wrong dimensions of their space allowance and end up with a door that is larger than the allocated area. This could lead to disappointment and delay in project deadlines.

Without knowing the required door size, you easily risk wasting your time, money and effort. Hence, the exact dimensions of your internal doors must be considered and obtained before committing to a door purchase. 

The height of your door can be obtained by closely measuring the left, centre, and right portions of your existing door frame. The width can be investigated by measuring horizontally at the bottom, middle, and top of the door frame. Any discrepancy across the three portions is a worrying symptom of your door frame is expanded, damaged or misaligned.

The door frame could be installed poorly or the material could have to suffer from damage due to the constant opening and closing action of the door. This is extremely common for hinged doors.

Consider the Door Swing

For sliding doors, consider the swinging direction of the door as it can affect the space and layout of the room. Doors must swing and open without knocking into other furniture. Bedroom doors are worthy of a closer look as the bedroom is likely to be placed with plenty of furniture.

In choosing the door swing, you must consider the preferences and habits of the homeowners and inhabitants, to ensure they are able to get used to the function of the door. Doors can swing right-handedly or left-handedly. A word of caution to avoid allocating door swings to narrow hallways or crowded, furnished areas, especially for fire-rated doors.

Internal doors of home properties are designed to provide privacy and control over rooms, hallways and spaces. Almost all areas of the home are integrated with doors to effectively separate the spaces of these rooms from others. Doors exist to complement the appearance and design elements of the home and rooms that they are responsible for covering.

GateDoorWindow Bedroom Door

It is important to care for and protect your doors. For more quotations on doors, feel free to contact us today. We provide high quality doors, gates and window products to homeowners in Singapore. 


Choosing a Fire-Rated Door

Gate Door Window Fire Rated Door

Choosing a Fire-Rated Door

What Does Fire Rated Door Mean?

The term ‘fire-rated’ means that, when properly installed, the door is not supposed to combust or burst into flames during a certain time frame in the average fire.” While time ratings vary, standard fire ratings are usually in intervals of 30mins.

Fire-rated doors are famous for their use in commercial buildings – shopping malls, hospitals, offices and many more. They have an important part to play in safety aspects, especially in buildings with multiple floors. This explains why you commonly see them in many other buildings.

Nevertheless, fire safety doors are not there just to reassure members of an office or users of a building. In an unlikely event of a fire breaking out, fire doors make it possible for the occupants to evacuate safely and swiftly.

As per HDB rules and regulations, most HDB flats have to have a fire-rated doors. Therefore, having some knowledge on this subject better would be useful for many homeowners, as you might find yourself in a need of replacing the door in the future.

Gate Door Window Fire Rated Door


How Do Fire Doors Work?

Fire-rated doors act as an anti-fire and preventive measure by obstructing the spread of fire and smoke. While they are still susceptible to being burned and damaged during a fire, they can still buy valuable time and prolong the fire hazard from harming the residents, giving them enough time to exit the building and get to safety.

In addition, smoke inhalation is often misunderstood and underestimated. In fires, it is the leading cause of death. Fire-rated doors can reduce the invasion of smoke and protect residents from this safety hazard for a short period of time.

Ultimately, fire-rated doors are a staple and should be used to ensure the protection of the property and its inhabitants.

Replacing a fire-rated door requires a special permit that only HDB contractors can apply for. Only HDB-certified contractors are able to carry out fire-rated door replacement works. Strict penalties are in place for those who don’t comply with government rules and regulations. If convicted, a homeowner can get a fine of up to $10,000 or even a few months of imprisonment.

Gate Door Window Fire Rated Door Commercial


How Would You Be Able To Tell If a Door is Fire rated?

The critical component to look for is the circled “UL” or “WH” on the door itself.

On wooden or timber doors, the fire label can be on the hinge side or top of the door.

For older doors, the label may have been painted over or peeled off. Hence, be sure to check carefully for any raised surfaces to locate the hidden label. The label is commonly located on the top or bottom of the door.

Do I Need a HDB Fire Rated Door?

HDB regulations dictate that you replace the initially installed HDB fire door with a fire door of the same calibre. Unlike other doors such as bedroom doors, HDB fire doors need to comply with the standard textbook requirements and have a self-closing device, in accordance to HDB rules and regulations.

The purpose of these additional devices is to close the door after it has been open. This is to prevent the further spread of fire.

For dual fire doors, the door stopper, or closing device, has to be fit onto the larger ones. The doors should be of a size no less than 850mm and be able to be fully opened at an angle of 90 degrees.

If the two sheets are of equal width, they both have to comply with the requirement, having self-closing devices combined with a sequential door closer.

Find a fire door that is designed properly such that it does not clash with the aesthetic nature of your home, or clash with the colours of your gate.

HDB fire door

Fire Doors Requirements in Singapore

Units, where entrance doors are within 3 meters of the lift lobby or staircase, need to be equipped with one. This is to ensure that the lift lobbies and staircases are well protected in an event of an evacuation.

Unit types that do not require HDB fire rated doors include units that have openings into external corridors. Otherwise, every residential unit is designed as a fire compartment, with concrete walls and floors to help prevent the spread of the fire across the hallway or into the unit.

HDB blocks are equipped with additional fire safety features. Staircases and lift lobbies of HDB blocks are prepared with good cross ventilation to ensure a swift dispersal of harmful smoke in an event of a fire.

Exit staircases are also spaced out evenly to ensure all units have a viable exit plan in an event of a fire. Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire engine access roads are also factored into consideration during the planning and construction of an HDB flat.

Having fire-rated doors adds to the security and fire safety aspect of a home. While not a must, having a fire rated door is definitely a welcomed added bonus.

Get your fire door today with GateDoorWindow. We cater to your needs and wants for doors. We carry room doors, HDB main doors, as well as HDB main gates and windows.

Choosing a Suitable Door For Your Home

Gate Door Window HDB Main Door

Choosing a Suitable Door For Your Home

Choosing the right door for your home may seem like an impossible task. There are simply too many options to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and paralysed by the choices you have available.

Hence, it is important to remain focused and ask yourself some questions in order to redefine the scope of your selection.

What Is The Style of Your Home?

Is your home of a Scandinavian inspired design? Is it going for a minimalistic design? How would your Tiber door fit into a modern interior design themed house?

Only when you have chosen your style, can you narrow down your options? Modern-style interior design trend to have defined straight lines, making darker colours a better complement to the theme. Minimalistic rooms would appreciate a lighter tone and warmer colours.

Ultimately, you want the door to blend in with the rest of the house. That’s the important aspect. Go with your gut feeling.

Where Will Your Door Be Placed?

Are you looking to have a new front door? Side Door? Interior Door? HDB Main Door?

Different styles land themselves in different homes for various purposes. Hence, they will also have a specific set of furniture to best partner up with.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design


The first impression matters. While it’s natural to want every door to stand out, it’s actually more ideal to pick a door that should attract the most attention. This usually extends to back doors and front doors, since they govern the main entrances to your home and would strike the deepest impression on your guests. To make a statement for the main entrance design, grand double doors were picked. A good tip would be to decide on the design of your front door first before weaving your way into the home. This is especially useful in helping you keep within budget, as you can spend the largest portion on the most important part of your home before allocating the remaining amount to the rest of the design.

Finally understand how to start? While there are many factors to take into consideration, so long as you stick to the basics, you will be heading in the right direction. Always keep in mind that choosing a bedroom door should be a fun process. It is a lifelong addition to your home, so enjoy the process of thinking of your dream design and watching it materialize in front of you.

Not only do we cater to the demands of residential units, but we are also well equipped for commercial spaces. We have an experienced portfolio in both residential & commercial projects, with designs that remain ageless and never go out of style.

Here are some of the following products that we carry:

  • Aluminium doors. Our aluminium doors are of high quality and grade. We have a range of options, from sliding doors to folding doors, to cater to any home interior design or project. With our professional workmanship, we assure you maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Fire Rated Doors. We provide fire rated door of different fireproof grading and materials. Our materials range includes timber and metal. All our fire rated doors comply with the authority’s requirement.
  • Main Doors and Gates. We are proud to present our main door and gate product lineup as well.
  • Bedroom doors. Our bedroom doors are sure to suit your wants and needs. Each door frame in the house varies in size and dimensions. With our professional door contractors, you will be able to find a door that you want.
  • Windows. In addition to doors and gates, we are also carrying window grille products to suit your needs. Have a consistent theme and product outlook when you order your door, gate and window from us.

Well Designed HDB Door


Ideas For a Well-designed Door

A home’s front door is often the most delicate aspect of the home. A good front door provides a lasting and positive impression for anyone who sees or enter the home. In recent years, more and more door options and door designs are entering the marketing.

Due to this, it is harder to decide which door is used best for your house.

However, if you are looking for ideas for a well-designed door, you can consider the following options and questions:

  • Size of your house – Does your house have enough space to cater to your interior design needs? Most houses would benefit from a single-panelled doorway. Larger houses are better off with a two-panelled doorway if there have larger corridors and multiple storeys.
  • Aesthetics of the house – some houses come prefabricated and furnished. They have a preexisting theme to work with. Distinctive styles are versatile enough to welcome additional elements.
  • Location of the furniture. The location also plays a great part in designing a home. Looking for inspiration from existing culture or from your interior designer’s portfolio can be a good starting point on how to maximise the use of your home and its furniture.
  • Security requirements – A door’s primary function is to keep unwanted people and things out. Hence, the security aspect of a door should be one that influences your choice in a door. It is never a good idea to skimp on security in favour of aesthetics. It is simply not wise.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Doorways made from strong material like hardwood will be sturdier and last longer. Avoid plastic or vinyl options for your doors, as these doors are riskier as they are easier to break in. For the latter option, having a digital lock would help reinforce your door’s security function.

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