Choosing a Suitable Door For Your Home

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Choosing a Suitable Door For Your Home

Choosing the right door for your home may seem like an impossible task. There are simply too many options to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and paralysed by the choices you have available.

Hence, it is important to remain focused and ask yourself some questions in order to redefine the scope of your selection.

What Is The Style of Your Home?

Is your home of a Scandinavian inspired design? Is it going for a minimalistic design? How would your Tiber door fit into a modern interior design themed house?

Only when you have chosen your style, can you narrow down your options? Modern-style interior design trend to have defined straight lines, making darker colours a better complement to the theme. Minimalistic rooms would appreciate a lighter tone and warmer colours.

Ultimately, you want the door to blend in with the rest of the house. That’s the important aspect. Go with your gut feeling.

Where Will Your Door Be Placed?

Are you looking to have a new front door? Side Door? Interior Door? HDB Main Door?

Different styles land themselves in different homes for various purposes. Hence, they will also have a specific set of furniture to best partner up with.

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The first impression matters. While it’s natural to want every door to stand out, it’s actually more ideal to pick a door that should attract the most attention. This usually extends to back doors and front doors, since they govern the main entrances to your home and would strike the deepest impression on your guests. To make a statement for the main entrance design, grand double doors were picked. A good tip would be to decide on the design of your front door first before weaving your way into the home. This is especially useful in helping you keep within budget, as you can spend the largest portion on the most important part of your home before allocating the remaining amount to the rest of the design.

Finally understand how to start? While there are many factors to take into consideration, so long as you stick to the basics, you will be heading in the right direction. Always keep in mind that choosing a bedroom door should be a fun process. It is a lifelong addition to your home, so enjoy the process of thinking of your dream design and watching it materialize in front of you.

Not only do we cater to the demands of residential units, but we are also well equipped for commercial spaces. We have an experienced portfolio in both residential & commercial projects, with designs that remain ageless and never go out of style.

Here are some of the following products that we carry:

  • Aluminium doors. Our aluminium doors are of high quality and grade. We have a range of options, from sliding doors to folding doors, to cater to any home interior design or project. With our professional workmanship, we assure you maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Fire Rated Doors. We provide fire rated door of different fireproof grading and materials. Our materials range includes timber and metal. All our fire rated doors comply with the authority’s requirement.
  • Main Doors and Gates. We are proud to present our main door and gate product lineup as well.
  • Bedroom doors. Our bedroom doors are sure to suit your wants and needs. Each door frame in the house varies in size and dimensions. With our professional door contractors, you will be able to find a door that you want.
  • Windows. In addition to doors and gates, we are also carrying window grille products to suit your needs. Have a consistent theme and product outlook when you order your door, gate and window from us.

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Ideas For a Well-designed Door

A home’s front door is often the most delicate aspect of the home. A good front door provides a lasting and positive impression for anyone who sees or enter the home. In recent years, more and more door options and door designs are entering the marketing.

Due to this, it is harder to decide which door is used best for your house.

However, if you are looking for ideas for a well-designed door, you can consider the following options and questions:

  • Size of your house – Does your house have enough space to cater to your interior design needs? Most houses would benefit from a single-panelled doorway. Larger houses are better off with a two-panelled doorway if there have larger corridors and multiple storeys.
  • Aesthetics of the house – some houses come prefabricated and furnished. They have a preexisting theme to work with. Distinctive styles are versatile enough to welcome additional elements.
  • Location of the furniture. The location also plays a great part in designing a home. Looking for inspiration from existing culture or from your interior designer’s portfolio can be a good starting point on how to maximise the use of your home and its furniture.
  • Security requirements – A door’s primary function is to keep unwanted people and things out. Hence, the security aspect of a door should be one that influences your choice in a door. It is never a good idea to skimp on security in favour of aesthetics. It is simply not wise.

Gate Door Window HDB Main Gate Design

Doorways made from strong material like hardwood will be sturdier and last longer. Avoid plastic or vinyl options for your doors, as these doors are riskier as they are easier to break in. For the latter option, having a digital lock would help reinforce your door’s security function.

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